Woodgrove Primary School

by | May 30, 2022

Woodgrove Primary School

Woodgrove Primary School Students

Procedures Followed In Woodgrove Primary School

The school’s Strategic Thrust centre on providing education through the development of a Learner-Centred and Caring community believes that children learn best when they are meaningfully engaged, challenged yet supported in school, and given opportunities to participate actively in the community in which they live. By strengthening staff capability and improving the learning environment, the Woodgrove Primary School will continue to improve the quality and variety of school experiences.

Meta Description 

Total enrolment of 660 children in 17 classes, Woodgrove Primary School, began operations in January 1999 on the Woodlands Ring Primary School.


We think that every Woodgrovian can become an excellent and confident communicator at Woodgrove Primary School. Through engaging and purposeful programmes that encourage multiliteracies and appreciation for the language hope to cultivate discerning readers, empathic communicators, and creative inquirers. Our English Language department focuses on the development, reinforcement, and extension of language skills through an enjoyment of the language and the promotion of extensive reading, as well as leveraging oracy, reading, and writing skills to develop knowledge and independent use of the language, per the English Language Syllabus 2020. These designs allow Woodgrovians to utilise English creatively in various circumstances and contexts. We also want Woodgrovians to become multi-modal.

Program of Applied Learning (ALP)

In 2017, Woodgrove Primary School launched the Applied Learning Programme (ALP) to improve literacy skills, build a spoken culture, and develop students’ talent in the spoken language. Roleplay, improvisation, Readers’ Theatre, scriptwriting, and play production will help students develop their creativity and creative powers as producers, performers, and evaluators. Drama brings language to life, allowing students to engage in meaningful, fluent English interactions while also learning a variety of pronunciations, new vocabulary, and structures.

ALP’s objectives are to:

  • providing students with structured oral skills development training;
  • through a learner-centric approach, provide chances for pupils to develop social and personal leadership; and

CCA Procedures

All students in grades 2 through 6 are strongly encouraged to part in at least one CCA. At the beginning of the year, P2 students will participate in a Talent Identification programme in the areas of Sports and Performing Arts. Students gifted in more than one area allow engaging in up to TWO CCAs with the agreement school. All CCAs will administer over 30 weeks. After CCA sessions, students must immediately return home.


The attendance of students constantly monitored. The attendance of students is a constant monitor. Students who have completed at least 80% of their CCA attendance receive letters of recommendation and commendations. Students on medical leave must notify their primary teachers.


In 2011, we launched our Dance Life-Long Learning Program. The curriculum introduces kids in grades 1-6 to the benefits of dance. In Woodgrove, the 3E approach to dance – Expose, Experience, Express – allows our students to knowledge and understand various dance styles for six years.

Values and character education are also components of the Dance program’s success. Students gain self-confidence and mutual respect for one another as they work towards a common objective at the end of each year’s programme: showcasing their dance routines to the entire level.

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