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Everything you need to know about the Woodlands Civic Centre

Woodlands Civic Centre Facade

The Woodlands Civic Centre gets constructed in the year 2000. It has several public agencies, giving local citizens and other members of the public a convenient location to access and utilize different government services. One of Singapore’s largest neighborhood libraries, the National Regional Library is housed in the Woodlands Civic Centre. It has four stories, a large hall, a café, and study spaces. The library gets regarded as a one-stop information and referral center for information seekers in the northern portion of the country because its extensive collection of books and information resources includes a full-fledged reference collection and service. The regional library in the Woodland Civic Center is a fun destination for bookworms.

Woodlands Civic Centre Signage

Woodlands Civic Centr Location

The Woodlands Civic Centre is a commercial building located at 900 South Woodlands Drive in District D25. Office leasing and sales are the essential uses of Woodlands Civic Center. The Woodlands MRT Station is close to the Woodlands Civic Centre (NS9). There are several close-by bus stops, including those at Woodlands Avenue 5, Opp Woodlands Civic Center – 46329, Woodlands Avenue 5, Woodlands Civic Center – 46321, Woodlands Avenue 2, BLK 370 – 46339, and Woodlands Avenue 2, BLK 511 – 46331. Services close to Woodlands Civic Center The Woodlands Civic Centre contains several restaurants, including MacDonald Cafe and Foodcourt at Causeway Point. Cold Storage Supermarket gets conveniently located next to Woodlands Civic Center. Additionally, nearby is Causeway Point, which has a range of amenities like grocery stores, shops, banks, and more. South Woodlands Drive, South Woodlands Way, and Woodlands Avenue 5 all lead to the Woodlands Civic Center.

Woodlands Civic Centre Directory

About Woodlands Civic Centre

The Woodlands Civic Centre is home to several eateries that offer delicious domestic and international fare and promise a unique dining experience at reasonable costs. You may count on well-known restaurants like Cafe Galilee, Jack’s Place Restaurant, Jollibean, Kaffe & Toast, McDonald’s, Sakae Sushi, and Starbucks to satisfy your appetite with delicious meals ranging from local food to Asian to Western cuisine. The Woodlands Civic Center was the first regional services building attempt to consolidate all the major governmental agencies in one central location, with a construction budget of $140 million.

Woodlands Civic Centre Library

When handling numerous government-related tasks, the Woodland Civic Center serves as a one-stop-shop for the needs of the local populace and the general public. Banks like the Standard Chartered Woodlands Branch and the Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) are located inside the center and offer various banking services. The building also contains educational organizations and a furnishing store called The Green Furnishing to serve the locals and those around them. The Cold Storage Supermarket and the Food court at Causeway Point offer various necessary services to the general public and are close to the Woodlands Civic Center. Additionally, several schools, including the Marsiling Primary School, Woodlands Secondary School, and Marsiling Secondary School, are nearby (0.71 km). Hours of Operation: Mon-Sun: 7:00 am to 10:00 pm (Daily)

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