Woodlands Primary School

by | May 30, 2022

Woodlands Primary School

Woodlands Primary School Classroom

Programmes In The Woodlands Primary School For Students

At Marsiling Road, Woodlands Primary School was a four-story structure with 24 classrooms and four rooms. In both sessions, a total of 41 courses were active. Five rooms, a dental clinic, an aviary, a huge canteen/assembly hall, and a small playing field were available. Until later, when more than a third of the school field was bought for the construction of a new secondary school, the school field was adequate for the needs of the students. Only in 1980 was an AVA room established.  Woodlands Primary School was transferred to Woodlands Avenue 1 on November 24, 1986, due to a lack of room and better facilities. It was around three times the size of the previous structure on Marsiling Road, and it was upgraded.

Programs for CCE

CCE (Character and Citizenship Education) has always been at the centre of Singaporean education. Several programmes, including Civics and Moral Education (CME, 1992), National Education (NE, 1997), the Community Involvement Programme (CIP, 1997), and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL, 2005).  Woodlands Primary School implements to instil values and develop competencies in our students to help them grow into good individuals and useful citizens. Furthermore, programmes such as ECG (Education and Career Guidance), SEd (Sexuality Education), and Cyber Wellness (Cyber Wellness) cater to students’ developmental requirements. The 21st Century Competencies Framework relies heavily on CCE. It emphasises the interconnection of values, social and emotional competencies, civic literacy, global awareness, and cross-cultural abilities for character and citizenship.

Under the ALP, there are some signature programmes.

Our ALP takes a holistic approach, with distinctive programmes for students in English and their mother tongue languages. It reinforces students’ learning and increases the influence of the programmes on Woodlanders’ enthusiasm for language learning. Woodlanders participate in Readers’ Theatre in Lower Primary (P1-P2) to enjoy performing and gain confidence in the use of language to improve their English and Mother Tongue Language presentation skills. They read the screenplay aloud to their professors and discuss it thoroughly to ensure they understand it on both literal and figurative levels. They learn how to communicate the nuances of the storyline and characters in the story using gestures and facial expressions, and they rehearse and practise their lines.

Overview of the Mathematics Department:

The school carefully follow the MOE Mathematics Curriculum Framework and its Key Focus on developing our Woodlanders’ mathematical concepts and skills for lifelong learning. It aims to instil confidence in our Woodlanders and an understanding of mathematics in their daily lives. Our Woodlanders expose to various learning experiences, including hands-on activities and technological tools to grasp concepts. During their learning experience, our Woodlanders gave opportunities to engage in thinking, reasoning, communicating ideas, and working with one another. 

ICT Framework

We use the 6-E method to harness technology at Woodlands Primary. All students at Woodlands Primary School participate in ICT-enhanced sessions to help them learn more effectively. ICT courses are designed to provide students with basic ICT abilities, allowing them to build and develop unique projects using their knowledge and skills. Teachers can create more engaging classes by incorporating technology into their teachings.

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