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Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange

Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange parking 3

What to Know About Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange

The Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange (WTBI), which serves the nearby industrial regions of Marsiling, Admiralty, and the residential town of Woodlands, is situated in Woodlands Town Centre. The Woodlands Regional Library, the Causeway Point Shopping Mall, and other amenities can be found close to the Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange.

The interchange started running on March 12, 2016, when it took over the Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange’s bus service. Most bus routes were moved to the new interchange after Woodlands Integrated Transport Hub opened on June 13, 2021, except Services 925, 950, 961, and 965 and their corresponding route variants, which remained at the previous interchange.

Rail connections along the North-South Line, North-South Line (NSL), and Thomson-East Coast Line are available through Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange.

Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange parking 4

The Interchange

A sizable temporary bus interchange is located in the Woodlands and is called WTBI. The facility is close to the North-South Line (NSL) with Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) stops at Woodlands MRT Station, making it simple to switch between the rail network and the many bus services at the interchange.

The interchange was constructed as a temporary stand-in for the Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange. The previous bus interchange would undergo substantial renovations along with the TEL’s construction. These upgrades would include adding a completely air-conditioned concourse, an underground link to the TEL station, and expanding the bus park to make room for more buses.

The passenger concourse encircles the perimeter of the bus park, which is situated in the middle, as is typical of temporary interchanges. The parking bay offers space for 51 articulated buses (18 metres) and ten rigid buses (12 meters), with many of these articulated bus bays having been changed to double-parking vehicles to reduce parking. congestion and with the fleet of articulated buses gradually dwindling. There must be just one combined vehicular entrance and exit to access Woodlands Square.

There are ten sawtooth boarding berths and a long alighting berth that can hold seven buses (similar to the old interchange). Two passenger elevators were added—one at the main entrance and one at the east entrance—to increase accessibility for the handicapped (near the alighting berths). Before this, only wheelchair ramps and stairs were available.

The Woodlands temporary bus interchange has unique features.

Several features are in Woodlands’ temporary bus interchange, which opened on Saturday (March 12). These features range from free electric buggy services for those who need assistance getting around to cameras informing staff how long queues are so that more buses can get deployed.

Additionally, there will be wheelchair ramps connecting the interchange to the MRT station and Braille assistance on railings to help the blind find waiting places. A SMART bus guidance system additionally displays information on substantial digital boards. For bus captains returning to the interchange, it is important to know which alighting berths and parking bays are available. As a result, there are fewer available lots to wait for.

Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange waiting area 

As the Woodlands Regional Interchange gets upgraded and builds an underpass, a temporary bus interchange will be in use until 2019. Approximately 400,000 passengers use the Woodlands bus routes each day.

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