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Need To Know about foods in Yew Tee Point

YewTee Point is a thriving suburban food and lifestyle centre in Singapore’s northwest. It serves the nearby YewTee MRT Station and is easily reachable via the Kranji Expressway. YewTee Point, which puts convenience at customers’ doorsteps, is home to the Koufu food court and FairPrice supermarket. There interest food kiosks, such as Tenderfresh Xpress, PrimaDéli, and other well-known F&B tenants, including Eighteen Chefs, Toast Box, and Subway. To meet the needs of the locals, the two-story mall also provides a wide range of beauty, healthcare, fashion, leisure, and educational services in Yew Tee Point.

YewTee Point Hospital

YewTee Point’s nursing station is spotless, well-lit, and embellished with charming animated figures. The nursing area includes all the required family-friendly amenities, including a sink, padded diaper changing mat, and a hot and cold water dispenser in Yew Tee Point. Nursing mothers can express or breastfeed in peace and privacy in the private, lockable breastfeeding area, which cosily furnished with a big armchair and three electrical outlets. Although the sliding door to the nursing area is a little translucent, the entire room may locked from the inside. You must activate the intercom to enter the room as an additional security precaution.

Time Out 

Think of this thriving suburban food and lifestyle hub as a huge supermarket and food court all in one, providing convenience to northwesterners. For families in this quiet neighbourhood, the mall also houses a wide variety of reasonably priced beauty, healthcare, fashion, and lifestyle stores and educational facilities like Mind Stretcher Learning Centre. Additionally, you may reward yourself with a post-shopping treat at reputable F&B establishments like Toast Box and Eighteen Chefs.

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Take-Out Salad (YewTee Point)

Muscle Food Salad

 Brown rice and romaine lettuce served with cajun chicken, grilled chicken breast, sliced eggs, broccoli, button mushrooms, garbanzo beans, sweet corn, and cashews. Parmesan cheese includes.

Tropical Salad

Over romaine lettuce, with yoghurt vinaigrette drizzled, smoked chicken breast, jalapeño, tropical pineapple, dried mango, mandarin orange, and green apple are scattered.

Beef Lover Salad

Fusilli served with a marinated handmade beef ball, smoked pepperoni, onions, black olives, red and green peppers, cherry tomatoes, and black beans.

Go Vegan Salad

Silken tofu, romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, kidney beans, shredded carrots, and Japanese carrot dressing ingredients.

Low-Calorie Salad

Tuna, onions, sweet corn, silken tofu, mandarin orange, broccoli, beets, and shredded carrots served on a bed of romaine lettuce.

Subway (YewTee Point) 

Roasted Chicken Sub

Feel like some chicken? Try our oven-roasted chicken breast instead. On freshly baked bread, a succulent, boneless chicken breast patty served with your choice of fresh vegetables and toppings that my mother used to cook.

Yew Tee Point Shops 

Subway Melt Sub 

Subway Melt Sub Picture a slice of tender turkey breast, chicken ham, or chicken bacon melted on top of freshly baked bread.

Tuna Sub

Dolphin-safe One of the most cherished comfort dishes in the world made with tuna and rich mayonnaise.

Turkey Sub 

Why not act now rather than later? Currently enjoy a Savory Turkey Breast Sub. Gourmet-style sliced turkey breast that is lean and tender served with your choice of fresh veggies and sauces.

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