Yew Tee Primary School

by | May 30, 2022

Yew Tee Primary School

Yew Tee Primary School Computer Lab

Learn all you need to know about Yew Tee Primary School 

Yew Tee Primary School get founded to suit the requirements of the rapidly expanding Yew Tee neighborhood. The Yew Tee Primary School welcomed 214 students from the community on January 2, 2000, and was temporarily housed in Unity Primary School while the school building gets built. On February 10, 2001, the Yew Tee Primary School relocated to its current location at 10 Choa Chu Kang. Mr. Yeo Cheow Tong, former Minister of Transport and Member of Parliament for Hong Kah GRC, proclaimed it open on July 20, 2002.

Meta description:

On January 2, 2000, Yew Tee Primary opened its doors to meet the needs of the growing Yew Tee community. The School celebrated its 20th birthday, In 2019.

  • School Vision

Gracious Citizens, Reflective Learners

All YTPS students are encouraged to be Reflective Learners who are confident and expressive inquisitive about learning yet discriminating resourceful, and adaptable.All Yew Tee Primary School Students embody the school values of Integrity, Responsibility, Respect, Perseverance, and Care as Gracious Citizens.

  • School Mission

Inspiring Growth through Engaging Minds, Touching Hearts, and Engaging Minds 

The school mission guides our instructors in cultivating students’ enthusiasm and love for learning, developing critical thinkers and self-directed learners, and instilling strong moral values in our students. Develop each student in the areas of citizenship, creativity, leadership, action, and service; recognize the potential in each child, and believe that every kid can and wants to learn.

The Curriculum

English Language, Mathematics, Science, Mother Tongue Language, and InfoComm Tech are part of Yew Tee Primary School’s empowering curriculum. At Yew Tee Primary School, there are also CCLAS (Co-Curriculum) activities.

Unique Programs & Services 

The Applied Learning Program at Yew Tee Primary School strives to help students develop and evolve as reflective learners via collaborative activities.

Co-curricular activities (CCAs):

Physical Sports

  • Badminton
  • Floorball
  • Football
  • Sport Climbing
  • Wushu

Uniformed Groups

  • Boys’ Brigade

Visual and Performing Arts

  • Art Club
  • Choir
  • Dance – International
  • Ensemble – Angklung / Kulintang

Clubs and Societies

  • Infocom Club
  • Library
  • Robotics Club

Rules and Regulations at School

  • Singaporean students are required to sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge. The Pledge will take with the right fist over the heart.
  • Students must attend all school activities on time.
  • On school days, students get required to attend class. A valid Medical Certificate (MC) or another related document must show when a student is absent from Yew Tee Primary School.
  • Students must have a pleasant and tidy appearance. Male students must shave and nicely present themselves.
  • Except for a fundamental pair of ear studs for female students with pierced earlobes, pupils should refrain from wearing jewelry and accessories.
  • Only students who get grant permission to bring their phones to Yew Tee Primary School are allowed.
  • Without the School instructor’s consent and classmates, students get not permitted to film or photograph them.
  • Students must present themselves in a FASHIONABLE manner.                   Always student should always keep their fingernails short and tidy.
  • Students must wear the specified school uniform, and any changes to the uniform are not permitted.
  • The student’s name tag should wear above the school badge (Iron-on Name Tag).

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