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Yishun Christian Church (Anglican and Lutheran) Singapore

A Singapore CC is the Chinese Congregation of the Yishun Christian Church (Anglican and Lutheran). Yishun Ave 5, Postal 768991 is where the company’s registered office gets located. Keep reading to know Yishun Christian Church (Anglican and Lutheran) Singapore.


You can learn more about the history of the Yishun Christian Church (Anglican and Lutheran) here.

Yishun Christian Church (Lutheran)

On August 25, 1985, the YCCL officially became a congregation. The church has since expanded and now offers services in English, Mandarin, and Hokkien by the grace of God. Additionally, they run a child care facility and collaborate with St. Luke’s Eldercare to offer outreach at its Chong Pang center.

The oldest Protestant denomination in the world and possessor of a long history of tenets and customs is the Lutheran Church. At the YCCL Divine Service, a traditional Lutheran liturgy gets used. This reverent ceremony is built around and infused with God’s Word.

They refer to worship services as “Divine Service” because they hold God Himself is the one who summons people to worship and provides the Word and Sacraments, to which they respond in prayer, adoration, and service to others. They anticipate seeing you at Divine Service, one of their ministries, or one of their activities; they hope you find their website useful.

Yishun Christian Church (Anglican) 

St. Peter’s Church, Sembawang, the predecessor to the current Yishun Christian Church (Anglican), was founded in 1979. A church structure on Admiralty Road was left behind when the British Army evacuated Singapore in the early 1970s. In1977, the Singaporean government made the church available to the Diocese.

The late Mr. Joseph Kanniah gets dispatched by St. Andrew’s Cathedral to run the church as a Parish Worker. The prayer and praise service got underway. On December 11, 1977, 23 people participated in the first communion service. Holy Communion was celebrated alternately by late Canon Frank Lomax, then-vicar of St. Andrew’s Cathedral, and Rev. Tom Hill, chaplain of the NZ Forces SEA. The Cathedral’s mission outpost soon attracted a large number of new converts. The congregation gradually started to expand.

On May 29, 1987, Bishop Moses Tay officially dedicated the church, with Bishop Daniel Chong representing the Lutherans. The Synod had already decided it should be a fully pledged Parish when YCCA was planned back in May 1985. The first vicar of the Parish of Yishun Christian Church was appointed and installed as Rev. Gerald Khoo (Anglican).

Services available

Daily Prayer Services

Most daily prayer services are founded on biblical concepts and are deeply rooted in scripture. A church member can show up in the morning or evening for a daily prayer service to worship God, hear Bible readings, sing, and develop. Women’s groups, kid’s classes, and small-group Bible studies are possible additional weekday activities.

Sunday Service

The Sunday service may occasionally coincide with other occasions like Easter or Christmas to reflect the season. Sunday is set aside for the Eucharist in the Catholic church. 

Holiday Services

The Sunday service involves singing, acts of fellowship, and other activities in addition to a specific sermon or message appropriate for the occasion. 


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