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Less than 15% of people in the north get reported to be Christians in 1997, and God has given these pioneers the vision and mission to establish a church that will make a difference in housing development.

Yishun Methodist Mission (YMM) had an odd beginning because the organization convened in a container on a church construction site on St. 11 of Yishun. Only in September 1997, when God gave us a Bigger stake, did YMM relocate to the GV Yishun 10 Cinema. It became apparent to YMM that we were to make a “TERRITORIAL COMMITMENT and CLAIM” on this Yishun residential estate and be ready to invade and convert it.


You can read about the Yishun Methodist Mission Church’s history here.

Nine Methodist Christians arrived in the island state’s “north” in 1994 to start Chinese mission work under the direction of the Rev. Chua Ooi Suah. When Rev. Chua assumed leadership of the Hinghwa Methodist Church in 1995, the congregation formally accepted The Mission Point. The pioneering effort to reach out to the dialect- and Mandarin-speaking populations in Yishun gets then given to Pastor Niam Kai Huey.

In 1997, a team of English-speaking members from the Hinghwa Methodist Church headed north to the same place and began the English mission effort under the direction of Pastor Benny Ho. Since the preaching point’s Chinese name has not changed, its English name has changed to Yishun Methodist Mission.


Under the direction of Rev. Gordon Aw, the Chinese and the English congregation embraced a more integrated strategy as one church beginning in 2000. Since then, the group has impacted the neighborhood by working with kids and youth in schools and learning facilities.

The Methodist Church in Singapore’s Chinese Annual Conference added YMM as the 17th local church on November 25, 2012. Chinese Service moved into its own space in A’POSH BIZHUB #05-17/18 on December 29, 2013, after meeting all legal conditions for the non-exclusive and restricted use of light industrial structures for religious purposes. English Service relocated to A’Posh #05-10/11 on April 13, 2014.


Children Ministry

As an intergenerational church, YMM welcomes kids in all facets of church life. Every second to fifth Sunday, they hold Sunday School Classes in addition to the services at 9 and 11. They will use Zoom to conduct Sunday School on the first Sunday of the month. At 3 o’clock, all kids get invited to join online.

Youth & Young Adults Ministry

The goal of the Ignite Youth and Young Adult Ministry is to develop youth into disciples who reflect Christ’s likeness. Ignite is envisioned as a group of young people who experience a sense of belonging to the ministry, connect through Christ’s love, get strengthened for work in YMM and His Kingdom, and go forth and lead others to Christ.

The Ignite Ministry holds monthly combined ministry meetings, quarterly outreach events, and twice-weekly cell groups for youth and young adults.

Connect Groups

Through community, growth, and long-lasting life changes, YMM helps people in Yishun connect, satisfy needs, and realize their full potential. To better meet each person’s needs, they create various link groups.


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