Yishun N Park Treehouse Playground

Yishun N Park Treehouse Playground Ground

Understand more about the Yishun N Park Treehouse Playground

If you’re searching for a quiet refuge, head to Yishun Neighbourhood Park, which gets built on an old rubber estate. The park, which has a hill with open grass at the summit facilities such as a children’s playground and workout equipment, is ideal for families looking for a fun day out. Before going for a jog around the Yishun N Park Treehouse Playground, fitness addicts can warm up at the exercise stations. Picnics with friends and family are also possible on the open lawn at the top of the hill.

Yishun N Park Treehouse Playground Singapore

Playground designs are leveling up :

This new playground gets located in Yishun N Park Treehouse Playground and boasts one of the most unusual designs in Singapore, with colorful playhouses on stilts. Its park location is also one of our favorites, with plenty of green places nearby. The Treehouse Playground gets split into two areas that are adjacent to each other. A set of playhouses and some hammocks make up the small part. There are two sets of playhouses, swings, trampolines, and tunnels in the essential area.

Yishun N Park Treehouse Playground Fitness

An additional bonus: 

Directly adjacent to the Treehouse Playground is an older playground with plenty of fun play options for the kids!

Colorful Playhouses on Stilts:

The Treehouse Playground’s essential feature is three sets of colorful playhouses on stilts, each consisting of three to four playhouses connected by net bridges. You’ll have to climb up nets or poles to access the playhouses. After reaching the top, make your way down over the net bridges. The youngsters may find getting through the playhouses difficult at first, but once they get the hang of it, they’ll be flying through them in no time. Fortunately, each playhouse set has a variable height to allow children with varying climbing abilities. Younger children should begin with the simple playhouse set. Take on the highest playhouse set when you’re ready, which features an excellent spiral slide that leads you back down so you can go again! The medium-height playhouses get located in the Treehouse Playground’s smaller area. You can also take a break on the hammocks here.

Yishun N Park Treehouse Playground Directory

Open areas and fun play components:

In addition to the playhouses, the Yishun N Park Treehouse Playground has built-in trampolines, swings, and tunnels for children to enjoy. The kids will have plenty of room to run around and play here.

Close to the Treehouse Playground is an older playground:

The Treehouse Playground connects to an older playground that includes various entertaining play activities such as climbing nets, slides, and swings. A fitness facility is also available, which is excellent for parents who want to work out while keeping an eye on their children. In the toddler zone, toddlers can enjoy several kiddie rides.


HomeTeamN8 is close to the Yishun N8 Park. Khatib is a local park that serves as a gathering place for neighbors, children, and families. The Yishun N8 Park playground is composed of brightly colored stilted homes, which is also really cool.

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