Zhangde Primary School

by | May 30, 2022

Zhangde Primary School

Zhangde Primary School Students

Know About The Zhangde Primary School

We will get dedicated to our children from the moment they join the Zhangde Family, providing them with a complete educational experience that will help them grow into the best version of themselves. It is not simply the school’s job; it is our children’s right to a well-balanced, engaging, and joyful education.

Meta Description:

Every kid gets valued as a massive contribution to our family, school, community, society, and nation at Zhangde Primary School. 


We think that each kid has students’ inherent qualities and capabilities – and we will do everything we can over their six years with – us to guarantee that they are all exposed to an academically and culturally distinct and dynamic Zhangde Experience. Our students are the genuine VIPs of the school since it is in their hands to develop and accomplish Singapore’s future.

School’s Purpose:

To develop thoughtful citizens and courteous citizens.

Philosophy, culture, and ethos in the classroom:

Through the strategic thrusts of Nurturing Self-directed and confident learners, Developing Exemplary Character & Active Citizenship, Building Quality Staff, and Forging Partnerships, the school’s goal of ‘A Learning School with a GIVER3S Heart’ gets achieved. They serve – as guidance for the school’s dedication to creating unique, engaging, inspirational, educational experiences.

We follow the school’s GIVER3S values of Graciousness, Integrity, Versatility, Empathy, Responsibility, Respect, Resilience, and Sincerity, which align with the school’s goal of “nurturing thoughtful individuals and gracious citizens.”

Code of Conduct at School:

The Zhangde Primary School Code of Conduct serves as a guide for students to guarantee that a school is a safe place for all students to learn.


The STELLAR Perspective

Children Who Enjoy Reading and Have a Strong English Language Foundation Children’s tales and texts used to teach English with specific grammatical teaching. Students are allowed to express themselves in a setting – entertaining and productive for language acquisition. Students receive an opportunity to talk extensively in class while reading fascinating stories, debating, and sharing their perspectives with the teacher and their peers. The vital goal is to increase students’ confidence in speaking and writing while also improving their language skills.

Learning Assistance Program (LSP)

The LSP is a specialised early intervention program for students entering Primary 1 with low reading skills. Pupils with LSP get identified through a comprehensive screening approach in Primary 1.

Learning Support Coordinators gets certified teachers, and they have stood appointed by their schools to administer the LSP (LSCs). MOE HQ provides further training to LSCs – they can implement the program with specialised knowledge and abilities.

Reading Remediation Program (RRP)

The Reading Remediation Programme (RRP) designed to help P3 and P4 kids having difficulty reading. Students taught decoding and reading comprehension abilities by specially qualified EL teachers who deliver targeted and focused courses.


Environment Education gets included in the teaching and learning of all courses to provide our pupils with a more comprehensive awareness of environmental protection. Our themed gardens also support Environment Education by offering rich, genuine learning opportunities – for kids through trails, observation, and sketching activities.

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