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As a very prominent aircon servicing company in Singapore, we provide unmatched services for a higher quality lifestyle. We have housed a team of aircon servicing experts who are well-versed in the system and know all the procedures necessary to repair and replace anything regarding aircon in Singapore.

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We have an extensive understanding of the weather conditions in Singapore, which is why our list of aircon servicing is comprehensive. With a team of the best qualified professional aircon technicians, we offer various chemical cleaning, repair, maintenance, and installation services.

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Our mission

We understand that all our customers’ needs are different; hence, we make it a point to cater to everyone’s needs. Our services are reliable, affordable, and certified to give you the best service you need for your air conditioning needs at home or in the workplace. We are confident in our team of experts and the services they provide that they will be able to satisfy all your requirements with efficient, quick, and easy solutions.

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What we do

Detailed report:

Our aircon technicians thoroughly survey your units upon booking our service and provide you with a fully detailed diagnostic report. We run various checks on your air conditioner to determine the faults and errors in your unit before starting the repair.

Post repair, multiple checks are set in place to ensure that the system works as well as it should, with a follow-up maintenance service so that our clients can enjoy a fully functional aircon unit any time they want.

Deep cleaning:

We know the importance of a deep cleansing when it comes to aircon repairs, so we provide our customers with various cleaning services such as chemical cleanup and deepwater cleanse. Each component of your aircon unit is thoroughly inspected and cleaned, including the panels, filters, and covers. Our clients can choose from any of our cleaning packages to suit their requirements for aircon servicing.

Top-notch maintenance service:

Our maintenance service is one of the best features of our wide array of aircon services that keep customers coming back. We have a fully experienced team dedicated to helping properly maintain your aircon units at home. From troubleshooting and educating about preventive measures to keep the aircon in perfect condition to replacing broken parts, our team makes sure that each unit is fully functional for use anytime.

Our aircon technicians have well versed in the specifications of all aircon units thanks to years of experience in the aircon industry. You can rely on them to give you the best quality service for repairing, installing, replacing, or maintaining your aircon unit in its best condition.

Quality customer service:

The customer service team that we have in our company is a well-trained group of experts in the aircon industry, so they can answer your every query and provide you with easy and quick solutions for all your aircon problems. You can quickly contact them and schedule an appointment with our infield team of technicians to come to inspect your units in case you need help. We do our best to be as productive as we can with our services so that our clients can enjoy the best experience.

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Why choose us?

Responsive service:

As one of the leaders of aircon service providers in Singapore, we take pride in our qualified team of aircon technicians who are devoted to our customers’ satisfaction. To make sure that every one of our clients can enjoy the convenience of air conditioning units in their homes and workplaces, we have responsive services that you can employ for your benefit.

Quick and easy service:

Our aircon technicians are ready to visit your doorstep and check your aircon for damage. The inspection process is thorough but quick to have your aircon unit up and running as soon as possible. This will also help draw up a complete diagnosis of your air conditioning unit and what components might need to be changed or replaced. Accordingly, our technicians will get your unit back to its original state and running in tip-top condition.

Expert diagnosis:

With the expertise of our professional team of aircon technicians, we can provide efficient solutions for all your aircon problems. Starting with an accurate diagnosis of the issues, we can get started on repairing, replacing, or cleaning your air conditioning unit as soon as possible. We also try to give our experts’ opinions on adequately maintaining your air-con for maximum usage and longevity of the appliance.

Cleaning service:

Even if you do not need aircon replacement, installation, or repair, you can use our services to clean your aircon. Our team is experienced in deep cleaning air conditioners. Choose a water-only cleaning or chemical deep cleanse. This will ensure you enjoy the maximum efficiency of the machine.


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