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We are an all-inclusive company that will care for all your painting needs. Our company has grown to excel as one of Singapore’s leading housing service providers with humble beginnings. Our services include a vast array of housing needs, including painting, and all our services are available for industrial, commercial, and residential buildings.

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Our professional team of painters is well qualified to consult you in choosing the colors and the type and amount of paint you may need to cover your requirements. We provide fully customizable services, so we don’t have a one-size-fits-all policy. We understand that each client’s needs are different, so you can come to us for services that are uniquely tailored to fit your requirements.

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Our mission

When it comes to our painting services, we want our clients to know that we understand the importance of colors in any space or surface. They evoke emotions, and hence, both parties must know the aesthetic goal of the project. This is why our expert team of painters works two jobs- to consult our clients about their visions for the space and make this vision a reality.

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What we do

Inspection and survey:

Once you schedule an appointment with our team, we send out our in-field professionals to take a survey of the space. We gather information on the floor plan and other details to draw up a rough estimate of how much paint is needed and how much the final bill may cost.

Understanding that our clients will want full disclosure, we make sure that we appropriately calculate all the expenses that the project might incur before carrying on with the project. After this step, we can outline how the painting process will go and start with the actual painting service.


We make sure to let our team of experts appointed for your painting service understand your goals for this project. This consultancy session will include discussions about the basic concept of the space, the function of the space, the budget for the project, the timeline for the people, and future plans so that the service can be as efficient as possible for both parties.

Quick and transparent payment process:

We know budgeting for a big project can be complex, so we care about the billing process. Our staff makes sure you are informed every step of the way. Each detail in the invoice is verified to avoid surprises regarding the final bill payment. We also give our clients a rough estimate of how much the final cost will be after the consultation.

On-site build:

After the first step in understanding each other’s ideas, we take it into space and see what the concept might look like in real life. We know that it’s not an easy and simple task to choose a color for a space that will be in use for multitudes of purposes which is why we have our consultancy team visit the site along with our clients to get a fair idea of what the concept might look like on-site.

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Why choose us?

Our expertise in painting services:

We have employed only the most qualified and highly experienced people to care for all your painting needs. Whether you need the service for a home, office space, commercial space, or industry-grade painting, we will fulfill your needs.

We have done our research on the top paint brands and paint types so that we have the power to educate our clients on the same. With an unlimited array of color options, you will not be disappointed in our painting services.

Clear cut communication:

Every client’s vision is unique, so we hold customer satisfaction as the highest priority. We make sure that there is no miscommunication between the consultancy group and our clients by providing the option to schedule an appointment with our experts. You can have an in-depth conversation about your goal for this project and watch our experts bring your dreams into reality.

Consultation service:

We take the job of communication seriously when it comes to painting services. Since the color of a space can give off different energies to different people, we make sure to understand what the client wants before starting with the project.

For example, we consult the clients on what they need the space for to discuss possible color schemes suitable for the area and the type of paint that will be more apt for said space. These conversations are necessary to bring out the best efforts from both parties, resulting in the perfect revelation of our client’s needs.

Special equipment:

Our staff is trained to use special painting equipment that makes the job more accessible, efficient, and faster. These unique features come at reasonable pricing that is always upfront and transparent with no hidden expenses for our clients. You can rely on our service to exceed your expectations using only the top-quality products and brands for the painting service.

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