The Continuum Condo

The Continuum Condo Highlight

  1. Unbeatable Connectivity – Minutes away from Mountbatten MRT Station, ensuring seamless transportation.
  2. High Investment Potential – Positioned within the URA Master Plan for exponential growth.
  3. Exceptional Amenities – Proximity to popular shopping malls like Paya Lebar Square for unparalleled convenience.
The Continuum at Thiam Siew Avenue
The Continuum Garden
The Continuum gym pool view

The Continuum Condo at Thiam Siew Avenue: Comprehensive Review of the Freehold Condo in Singapore – Unveiling the Distinctive Charm of District 15

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The Continuum Condo Project Factsheet

Name The Continuum Condo
Developer Hoi Hup Realty and Sunway
Status Condominium
Address 8 Thiam Siew Avenue Singapore 436846
District 15
Site Area 263,794 sqft
Floor Area 831,586 sqft
Plot Ratio 2.8
Tenure freehold
T.O.P. Date on OTP TBA
Expected T.O.P. Date 2027
No. of Blocks 4 Block of 17th Storey & 2 Block of 18th Storey Residential Development
No. of Storeys TBA
Units per Floor 1-4 Bedrooms
No. of Units 2 Towers / 816 Units
Architect P & T Consultants Pte Ltd
C&S Consultant BC Koh & Partners LLP
MEP Consultant Rankine & Hill
Project ID 2nd Edition Pte Ltd
Landscape Architect STX Landscape Architects
Greenmark Consultant TBA
Project Account TBA

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Brochure 2 1

The Continuum Condo

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The Continuum Condo Singapore

If you’ve been searching for your dream condo in Singapore, the wait is over. The Continuum is the latest project to emerge in the city, offering luxurious living in the heart of Haig Road. The Freehold Continuum Condo, developed by Hoi Hup and Sunway, is set to become a landmark in the area, with its prime location and impressive amenities.
Situated at Thiam Siew Avenue, The Continuum is within walking distance of Haig Road, Paya Lebar Square, and Katong Complex. This means you’ll have easy access to shopping malls, schools like Haig Girls, and many other parts of Singapore. The joint venture by Hoi Hup Realty Pte Ltd and Sunway Group sets the bar high with their innovative designs and top-notch facilities.
The Continuum’s strategic location, surrounded by a plethora of amenities and within walking distance to various attractions, makes it an unbeatable investment opportunity. With a variety of unit options available, this new project is expected to be in high demand. Don’t miss the chance to make The Continuum your new home sweet home.

The Continuum Condo: A New Freehold Residential Development in Singapore

Imagine a place nestled in the heart of District 15, on Thiam Siew Avenue. This place, The Continuum Singapore, is a hot launch of 2022. It’s a freehold residential development, a freehold condominium that is making waves. Picture a luxurious living experience at the Continuum Condo, where every day feels like a dream come true.

The Developers: Hoi Hup Realty and Sunway Developments

The Continuum is the brainchild of a joint venture between two industry giants, Hoi Hup Realty and Sunway Developments. They are no strangers to the Singapore property scene, having a strong track record of high-quality residential projects. For instance, Hoi Hup & Sunway are the masterminds behind the prestigious Sophia Hills and Amber Park projects. As a niche property developer in Singapore, their work speaks volumes about their commitment to quality.

The Continuum Garden 1

The Continuum Garden

Amenities and Connectivity

The strategic location of the Continuum at Thiam Siew Avenue makes it a beacon of convenience and accessibility. Think of it as your personal oasis in the heart of Singapore, equipped with smart home features and ample facilities. Being close to major transportation hubs like the Paya Lebar MRT station and the Dakota MRT station, residents of the Continuum have easy access around Singapore.

Imagine stepping out of your luxurious unit and walking to the nearby Kong Hwa School or Tanjong Katong Primary School. Or, picture yourself taking a leisurely stroll down to the East Coast Park for a weekend picnic. With the Continuum’s convenient location, all of this is possible.

The Continuum offers more than just a home; it offers a lifestyle. It’s a place where every resident can enjoy unparalleled convenience and access to an array of amenities. From shopping at the nearby malls like Parkway Parade and City Plaza, to dining at the vibrant Joo Chiat food centres, living at the Continuum is an experience in itself.

What to Expect from Continuum Condo

The Continuum Pool View

The Continuum Pool View

The Continuum is more than just a residential development; it’s a lifestyle choice. With a wide range of units, from cosy 1-bedroom size to spacious 5-bedroom units, there’s a perfect fit for everyone.

Each unit in the Continuum is designed with meticulous attention to detail. Picture yourself in a luxurious 5-bedroom unit, with a living space that’s both stylish and comfortable. Or, imagine waking up in a premium 2-bedroom unit, with a breathtaking view of the city skyline.

The Continuum also boasts full-fledged facilities that cater to every resident’s needs. From a state-of-the-art gym to a refreshing swimming pool, these are more than just amenities; they are parts of your new lifestyle.

The Continuum at Thiam Siew Avenue is a beacon of luxurious living in Singapore. With its prime location, comprehensive facilities and developed by Hoi Hup Realty and Sunway Developments, it’s more than just a home; it’s a lifestyle. So, if you’re searching for a freehold property in the heart of District 15, the Continuum could be the place for you.

The Continuum Condo Video

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The Continuum Condo Condominium

The Continuum Condo at Thiam Siew Avenue: A Luxurious Living Experience

the continuum typeE facade


The Continuum Condo, is a luxury high-rise complex located at Thiam Siew Avenue. This hot launch of 2022 is a freehold residential development set to redefine luxurious living in Singapore. It’s not just a condo; it’s a lifestyle. The Continuum offers a unique living experience, merging comfort and convenience in a single package.

A Range of Facilities for All Lifestyles

The Continuum Living and dining

The Continuum Living and dining

The Continuum is not just about premium units; it’s about a lifestyle that caters to your needs. Picture yourself starting the day with a workout in the state-of-the-art gymnasium. Or, imagine hosting a BBQ party at the pits, with the city skyline as your backdrop. For those who love swimming, there’s a lap pool waiting for you. And for the sports enthusiasts, the tennis court serves as the perfect arena. With the Continuum’s full-fledged facilities, every day is an adventure.

A Variety of Units and Strategic Location

The Continuum 3D Map

The Continuum 3D Map

The Continuum offers a variety of units, catering to different lifestyle needs. From a cozy 1-bedroom size unit to a spacious $5,217M 5-bedroom unit, there’s something for everyone. Each unit is a masterpiece, offering a unique blend of style and comfort. For instance, the 4-bedroom 1,518 sq ft unit offers ample space, perfect for families.

Location is everything in real estate, and the Continuum ticks all the boxes. Located along Thiam Siew Avenue, it’s close to major roads like Marine Parade and Tanjong Katong Road, ensuring easy commuting for residents. Moreover, MRT stations like the Paya Lebar Central and Dakota MRT Station are just a stone’s throw away.

The Continuum Condo at Thiam Siew Avenue offers a unique blend of luxury, convenience, and style. With a variety of units, top-notch facilities, and a strategic location, it’s more than just a condo; it’s a lifestyle. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned investor, the Continuum is a choice you won’t regret.



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The Continuum

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The Continuum Condo Location

Google Maps

The Continuum Land Parcel

The Continuum Land Parcel

The Continuum: Prime Location and Accessibility

Located at Thiam Siew Avenue, the Continuum, a hot launch of 2022, boasts easy access to Paya Lebar Interchange MRT Station and Dakota MRT Station.

The Continuum near Dakota MRT Station 1

The Continuum near Dakota MRT Station

The Continuum near Eunos Bus Interchange

The Continuum near Eunos Bus Interchange

Amenities at Your Doorstep

The Continuum nearby Bus Stops

The Continuum nearby Bus Stops

The Continuum Condo Distance to MRT

The Continuum near Eunos Bus Interchange 1

The Continuum Near Eunos Bus Interchange

The Continuum location map reveals nearby amenities like PLQ Mall and Singpost Centre. Food enthusiasts can explore dining options at Joo Chiat Road.

Nearby Renowned Schools

The Continuum nearby Primary Schools

The Continuum nearby Primary Schools

Families will appreciate the proximity to Kong Hwa School and Tanjong Katong Primary School.In conclusion, the Continuum offers convenience, accessibility, and a prime location for both first-time buyers and experienced investors.


The Continuum Condo Location Map On Street Directory

The Continuum Condo Street View

The Continuum Condo Units For Sale

The Continuum Condo Floor Plan



The Continuum 1-Bedroom Floor Plan



The Continuum 2-Bedroom Floor Plan



The Continuum 3-Bedroom Floor Plan



The Continuum 4-Bedroom Floor Plan



The Continuum 5-Bedroom Floor Plan

Diverse Unit Sizes at The Continuum

The Continuum floor plans offer a wide variety of unit sizes. This caters to differing needs and preferences, making it suitable for singles, couples, or families.

Efficient and Comfortable Living Spaces

What sets the Continuum units apart is the efficient use of space. The well-designed units provide a comfortable living environment, ensuring each square foot is put to good use.

Luxurious Features for Enhanced Living

In addition to the efficient layout, some units come with additional features. These enhance the luxurious experience for residents, making living at the Continuum more than just a home.The Continuum floor plans are a testament to thoughtful design and efficient use of space. They offer a variety of unit sizes and additional features, catering to diverse needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable home or an investment property, you’ll find what you need at the Continuum.

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The Continuum Condo Site Plan

the continuum site plan

The Continuum Site Plan

Strategic Location of The Continuum Condo

The Continuum Condo, hot launch of 2022, is strategically located at Thiam Siew Avenue. This offers easy accessibility for residents, making it a prime choice in Singapore’s competitive property market.

Capturing the Prevailing Wind

The blocks at the Continuum are thoughtfully designed. They capture the prevailing wind, providing a comfortable living environment. This strategic design ensures natural ventilation, enhancing the luxury high-rise living experience.

Exclusive Amenities for Luxurious Living

The Continuum site plan includes exclusive amenities. These ensure residents enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. From a state-of-the-art fitness centre to a serene pool area, the Continuum offers unmatched convenience and comfort.

The Continuum Condo’s site plan offers a well-thought-out design that emphasizes comfort, accessibility, and luxury. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced investor, the Continuum provides a living experience that stands out in Singapore’s real estate scene.

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The Continuum Condo Appreciation Analysis

Geylang marine parade Ura Masterplan 2 1

Geylang Marine Parade Ura Masterplan

The URA Master Plan and The Continuum

The Continuum Condo is part of the URA Master Plan for the Tanjong Katong area. This plan aims to improve connectivity and public spaces, which will enhance the quality of living for the residents.

geylang marine parade master plan

Geylang Marine Parade Master Plan

Proximity to Upcoming Developments

The Continuum’s proximity to the upcoming Paya Lebar Central commercial hub will further boost its value. This commercial hub is expected to increase the demand for housing in the area, leading to potential growth in property value.

The Continuum Condo presents a promising investment. With the URA Master Plan, and the proximity to upcoming developments, the potential for appreciation is high. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a first-time buyer, the Continuum Condo is a choice that promises a good return on investment.

In Principal Approval

The Continuum Condo Showflat

The Continuum gym pool view 1

The Continuum Gym Pool View

Booking an Appointment

Potential buyers can book an appointment to view the Continuum Showflat. This offers a firsthand experience of the condo’s quality, design, and overall ambiance.

Experience the Condo’s Quality and Design

Visiting the showflat allows potential buyers to experience the condo’s quality and design. They can see the layout, finishes, and fittings, and get a feel for the space.

Advised to Book in Advance

It is advised to book an appointment in advance due to varying operating hours. This ensures a smooth visit and allows potential buyers to fully appreciate the Continuum Showflat.The Continuum Showflat offers potential buyers a chance to experience the condo’s quality and design firsthand. Booking an appointment in advance ensures a smooth visit and allows for a thorough exploration of the condo. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced investor, visiting the showflat is a crucial step in the buying process.


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The Continuum Condo Price

The Continuum Condo Pricing

1 Bedroom + Study 559 sqft $1,448,000 $2,586 psf
2 Bedroom 645 sqft $1,671,000 $2,587 psf
2 Bedroom + Study 700 sqft $1,820,000 $2,600 psf
3 Bedroom 872 sqft $2,300,000 $2,637 psf
3 Bedroom + P 1066 sqft $2,759,000 $2,588 psf
4 Bedroom Compact 1226 sqft $3,207,000 $2,614 psf

Competitive Pricing at The Continuum Condominium

The Continuum Condominium stands out with competitive pricing for its freehold units. The reasonable land acquisition cost ensures good value for investors and potential buyers, making it a prime investment opportunity in the hot launch of 2022.

Strong Rental Yield Potential

Investing in the Continuum does not just mean owning a luxurious unit. Thanks to its prime location and the high demand for housing in District 15, the Continuum units have strong rental yield potential. This makes it an attractive option in the competitive property market.

The Continuum Condominium is more than just a residential project. It’s a valuable investment opportunity that offers competitive pricing and strong rental yield potential. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced investor, the Continuum is a choice that delivers value for your money.

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The Continuum Condo Unit Mix

Bedroom Type Typical Unit Type Size (Sqft) No. of Units
1 Bedroom + Study AS 560 68
2 Bedroom B 646 – 667 170
2 Bedroom + Study BS 700 – 721 136
3 Bedroom Compact CC 872 – 958 102
3 Bedroom C 1,066 – 1,087 136
4 Bedroom Compact DC 1,227 – 1,292 68
3 Bedroom + Study + Private Lift CP 1,227 – 1,249 72
4 Bedroom + Utility + Private Lift DP 1,690 32
5 Bedroom + Private Lift EP 1,894 32
Total     816

New Launch Buying Steps

Arrange A Financial Planning Session

Determine your financial strength by speaking with a consultant and finding out the purchase and loan quantum you are eligible for based on your monthly financial commitments and property portfolio.

Apply For In Principal Approval

Work closely with your consultant to ensure that you obtain the best rates and receive an Approval in Principle from the bank of your choice.

Schedule Appointments To Visit Show Flats

Before visiting a show flat, be sure to schedule an appointment with a real estate agent consultant ahead of time to assist you during the visit.

Submit An Expression Of Interest

Once you have decided to purchase, the developer will provide an Expression of Interest form to complete and submit together with a blank and unsigned cheque.

Sign The Option To Purchase And Pay Booking Fee

After selecting your unit, you must pay the booking fee by filling up the blank cheque you've submitted. You will be granted an Option to Purchase (OTP) after.

Exercising The Sales And Purchase Agreement

You should work with a lawyer while waiting for the Sales and Purchase Agreement to be delivered. When it arrives, you can sign it, and your lawyer will hand it to the developer.

Progressive Payment

Your lawyer will work with you to settle other fees, including a down payment, stamp duty, mortgage payments, and any Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty (ABSD) that may apply.

Collect Keys Upon TOP

Upon TOP, you may now collect your keys from the developer. Inspect your home unit right after receiving the keys, whether you plan to move in immediately or not.

The Continuum Condo Developer


Hoihup Reality Sunway Logo

Joint Venture Between Hoi Hup Realty and Sunway Developments

The Continuum Developer is a joint venture between Hoi Hup Realty and Sunway Developments. These are two highly reputable developers with a strong track record in residential developments.

Developer Past Project Parc Canberra

Developer Past Project Parc Canberra

Delivering High-Quality Living Spaces

The partnership aims to deliver high-quality living spaces. They do this by focusing on quality design and construction, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Developer Past Project Sophia Hills

Developer Past Project Sophia Hills

Commitment to Excellence

Their commitment to excellence further strengthens their presence in Singapore’s Central Area. This shows their dedication to providing high-quality, comfortable living spaces.

The Continuum Condo, developed by a joint venture between Hoi Hup Realty and Sunway Developments, promises high-quality living spaces. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that the Continuum Condo stands out in Singapore’s real estate market. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced investor, the Continuum Condo is a promising choice.

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The Continuum Condo Review

The Continuum, a hot launch in 2022, is a one-of-a-kind, luxurious freehold condominium development by Hoi Hup Sunway. Located in Singapore’s District 15, it comprises 816 units across six blocks of 17 and 18 levels.

This development stands out with its innovative design. It is the only condo in Singapore featuring an open-air overhead bridge connecting two separate sites. The Continuum hosts a unique blend of old and new with two clubhouses, a conserved bungalow, and a contemporary glass house. The development is also committed to environmental sustainability, aiming for the Green Mark Platinum certification with features like solar panels and ceiling fans in every unit.

The Continuum offers a diverse range of unit types, from 1 Bedroom to 5 Bedroom units. The 2 Bedroom + Study Type B4 unit, for example, is 721 sq ft in size and offers a smart, space-efficient layout. It also offers larger units, such as the 3 Bedroom + Study Type C9 unit, part of the exclusive Prestige Collection, complete with private lift access and marble tiles in common areas.

The Continuum’s location is a key selling point. Within 1 km of three popular primary schools, including Haig Girls School, Tao Nan School, and Chung Cheng High School, it is also a short walk to amenities such as shopping malls and dining options. Accessibility is easy with Dakota and Paya Lebar MRT stations around 10-12 minutes away and easy access to the Pan-Island Expressway and Kallang Paya Lebar Expressway.

The Continuum is a compelling option for prospective homeowners. Its unique design, luxurious units, and prime location make it a worthy investment opportunity in District 15. With its freehold status, The Continuum not only provides a comfortable living environment but also a legacy-worthy investment.

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The Continuum Condo Conclusion

In conclusion, the Continuum Condo, set to be a hot launch in 2022, is a promising real estate investment in Singapore. Developed by the joint venture between Hoi Hup Realty and Sunway Developments, the project is expected to offer luxurious units with an extensive range of condominium facilities. Buyers of the Continuum can anticipate quality living spaces within a full-fledged facility condominium, surrounded by amenities and reputable schools like Haig Girls’ School and Dunman High School.

Furthermore, the Continuum is located in Prime District 15, close to the city centre and a short walk from the Mountbatten MRT Station. The condo project is also within driving distance to the Central Business District (CBD) and Marina Bay, making it an ideal location for those working in these areas. With the upcoming Paya Lebar Quarters and the URA Master Plan, the area is expected to see continued demand for office space and housing, boosting the potential growth of the Continuum.

Potential buyers can visit the showflat for a firsthand experience of the condo’s quality and design, and access direct developer prices for various unit types. With its strategic location and high-quality offerings, the Continuum Condo is set to be a new shining beacon in Singapore’s real estate landscape.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is The Continuum located?

The Continuum is located at Thiam Siew Avenue, in District 15, near Paya Lebar, Tanjong Katong Primary School, and Kong Hwa School.

Who is the developer of The Continuum?

 The Continuum is jointly developed by Hoi Hup Sunway.

What are the amenities around The Continuum?

The Continuum is close to various amenities such as shopping malls, MRT stations, primary schools, and East Coast Park.

Is The Continuum a freehold condo?

Yes, The Continuum is a freehold condominium.

What are the transportation options around The Continuum?

The Continuum is within walking distance to MRT stations and has easy access to major expressways such as the East Coast Park Expressway.

What are the available facilities at The Continuum?

The Continuum offers a range of facilities including luxury high-rise complexes, Air-Space, and a range of amenities for residents to enjoy.

Where can I find the site and floor plans for The Continuum?

 You can find the site and floor plans for The Continuum on the official website or through a showflat visit. Additionally, an e-brochure is available for download.

What is the expected launch date for The Continuum?

The launch date for The Continuum is yet to be announced. However, you can register for a preview date to get the latest updates.

Are there any specific unit plans available at The Continuum?

The Continuum offers various unit mix options, including units from the Prestige Collection and Signature Collection. You can also inquire about monthly maintenance fees and resale projects.

Can I find reviews of The Continuum?

Yes, there are reviews and information available about The Continuum. You can find more details on the continuum review on various platforms related to real estate and property developments.

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