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Architects in Singapore


Malay homes and Black and White Bungalows are examples of Singapore’s traditional architecture. The Arts House by Architect George Drumgoole Coleman was built in Neo-Palladian style and intended to serve as a government facility but currently used as a multi-disciplinary arts venue earliest example of construction. The Marina One Residences by Ingenhoven Architects, the newest addition to Singapore’s skyline, is a remarkable illustration of how contemporary technologies may use.

Who is the best architect in Singapore?

TCA Think Tank Design & Build


CA Design & Build, positioned as Singapore’s No. 2 expert, is dedicated to delivering unparalleled design and construction services. Prioritizing client satisfaction, the company offers a comprehensive range of services, including Submissions, Design, A&A (Alteration and Addition), Renovations, Rebuild, and Interior Design. With a commitment to going the extra mile, TCA specializes in various aspects such as renovation, metal works, A&A, rebuilds, and crafting innovative interior designs. The company takes pride in its unique approach, actively listening to clients’ distinctive needs, collaborating on challenging ideas, and transforming these ideas into tangible, beautiful spaces.


Hyla Architects

Hyla Architects can provide what you require if you prefer clean, minimalistic lines. They want to build incredibly accurate tropical modern architecture, carefully considering each design in ground level. When their clients ask for anything, they always fully comply with any requests. They are a preferred option for both residential and commercial projects because of the positive reputation they enjoy with customers.

Who is the best architect in Singapore

The Room Without a Roof in Siglap Plain is one of their home constructions. Although this project contains an exterior courtyard and pool, it seems like a typical brick house with a gabled roof. They have completed building designs for well-known brands like Microsoft and Honda for their commercial projects design stage.


If you want stunning aesthetics, contact Spark, an architecture firm renowned for its cutting-edge and creative ideas. Researchers and designers who work for them based in Singapore, Shanghai, and London. They created structures with various elegant designs, such as stores and civic buildings, using the ongoing growth of modern life as inspiration. Their workforce has expertise in brand design, urbanism, interior design, and landscape design complement architecture. Large glass panels, asymmetrical geometries, and open  aesthetic spaces are common characteristics of Spark’s creations. Clarke Quay in Singapore, the Shanghai International Cruise Terminal, and the Starhill Gallery in Kuala Lumpur are a few of their well-known and award-winning projects. You can also look at their endeavours outside of Asia, such the Rihan Heights in Abu Dhabi and the Ranfurly Cochrane Garden Rooms in Scotland.

K2LD Architects

Some of the most well-known architects in Asia and elsewhere can found at K2LD Architects. Their architects come from a variety of backgrounds and have experience in a range of fields. With more than 20 years of experience, they have completed a various projects, including residential, commercial, and community constructions. Instead of focusing on one particular architectural style, they encourage fresh ideas for beautiful houses while still sticking to their client’s objectives. They can provide interior design process services in addition to performing public works.

HKS Architects

HKS Architects, one of the leading architectural firms, is well-known both inside and outside Singapore. Working with their experts will ensure that you obtain the great designs possible. This firm’s interior designers and architects have extensive experience backgrounds and are well-known throughout Southeast Asia. The company has also won several prizes for its plans and numerous projects.

The company provides various services in addition to architecture and interior design. The company also employs several people with backgrounds in research, healthcare, urban design, graphic design, and other fields. Their staff’s diversity enables them to create buildings that may meet the objectives of any client, from life science centres to residential Project Type.

Ming Architects

Ming Architects specialises in residential building designs, can construct your ideal home. The firm’s work is known for having edgy and sophisticated interiors. These characteristics have qualified the homes for inclusion in several Singaporean and international publications on architecture. They can create incredibly detailed exterior and interior features that are also physically solid by combining manual sketching and 3D software. To ensure that their clients will be happy with every element of the design, they also consider the texture and surfaces of the materials.

TOPOS Architects

The TOPOS Architects’ customers can pick various architectural and interior design options. Their structures are renowned architecture firms  for having straightforward, roomy designs that help customers make the most of the available space. They provide home, business, and hospitality interior design as part of their award-winning interior design services. Research, design concepts, the incorporation of any client requests, details, and implementation are all included in all their services.

Famous Singaporean architects who are leaders in their fields make up the internationally recognised, award-winning architectural practice

architectural firm Topos Architect. The following spatial design solutions consistently delivered by their projects to the highest standards. They produce plans for homes, businesses, and healthcare buildings. They take care develop a straightforward and roomy design so the property’s tenants may make the most of the available space. Along with creating a beautiful building it is practical and affordable.

Aamer Architects

Aamer Architects can produce projects that appear to be pieces art since they use current forms in their designs. The designs they have developed combine modern architecture with tropical features like light, shade, and landscape openness. They can attract clients and embark on numerous public and private residential and commercial projects this distinctive design. The company also offers interior design, conservation, landscaping, and master planning. The company, Aamer Taher, is a master of modern design. He views every project as a piece of art, an “Archisculpture,” to fuse beauty and functionality in the design, supported by outstanding service and working in the best interests of each client. Each project stands out and is consistent with the client’s expectations by incorporating tomorrow’s trends into today’s designs. For other services like Master Planning, Landscape Architecture, interior design, and conservation, you can speak with Aamer.


Wallflower can create what its clients require, whether exterior or interior designs complete architectural services. They are renowned for creating spectacular, original designs depending on the interests of their customers. They offer feasibility studies, designs, and implementations as parts of their services. These services make the essential measures a business brings to complete its projects. The company has completed projects and offered building and interior designs to clients in sector retail, health and beauty, and development.

How many architects are there in Singapore?

In 2019, 156 individuals applied to take the Professional Practice Examination (PPE), while four candidates requested spots in the professional interviews required by Sections 15(2)(b) and 15(2). (c). In 2019, 93 architects in total registered. As of December 31, 2019, there were total 1727 architects on the annual registration of practitioners and 2148 architects on the register of architects.

Are architects in demand in Singapore?

An architectural bachelor’s degree takes five years to finish. Most architects have to complete an internship before they can start working. Architects must also pass the architecture projects Registration Exam to be licenced. It advised that they continue their education after receiving their bachelor’s degree by earning a master’s. Depending on the university and the student’s background training, a master’s degree could take one to five years to complete.

The building and construction sectors play a significant role in the employment of architects. Surprisingly, the industry fluctuates along with economic expansion. Architects may have trouble finding work if the economy is weak. In contrast, they will gain if the economy is growing.

Are architects in demand?

Future potential for architects is enormous. There are currently only about 1.2 lakh architects in India, but there will soon be a great need for fresh architects and construction designers. Architects can work for development companies when asked to take on the role designer. A designer initially expected to understand specific requirements clients and strike a balance between aesthetics and practicality. A planner with skills can also assist clients by offering advice on how modify their needs for appearance, financial planning, and timeliness in absolute form.

Are architects in demand in Singapore

Some draughtsmen even work for themselves and gain clients through consulting fees, which entirely depend on their skills, background, and work insight. Many engineering jobs are available in government organisations, such as the Ministry of Public Works, the Archeological Department, the Ministry of Defense, the National Building Organization, the Town and Country Planning Organization, and so forth.

Planners that operate independently have a lot of purchasing power. However, the inherent risk of independent practise is that the expert must complete a lot of work alone must make decisions about and estimate the cost of the structure, among other things. Additionally, since there would be no one to assist when he works with a development business would need excellent models and designs. A career as an architect and the function of an architect developing more quickly than ever before due to the rapid expansion of the technologies are currently available, cutting-edge software, and the incorporation of new approach to architecture in structures.

Is Singapore good for architects?

Singapore has become a hub for international design. The Lion City, an island nation and city-state in Southeast Asia is home to a new class of skyscrapers, parks, and recognisable landmarks. While buildings like the Safdie’s Jewel Changi Airport or OMA’s Interlace are well-known in the design community, Singapore has also constructed several new public and municipal buildings in addition to massive land reclamation projects. Singapore’s architecture is a product of the country’s diverse cultural spaces and ethnic heritage. The sustainability of modern architecture in Singapore is highly valued, and numerous examples of integrated landscapes incorporated into high-rise structures. Given its humid environment, Singapore’s architecture places a particular emphasis on green design and ventilation.

Given that Singaporean architecture of excellence has long had high awareness of the importance of green areas, Singapore is increasingly establishing itself as a City in Nature. urban planning and architects have conscious decision to include plant life in any way, whether through green roofs, flowing vertical gardens, or verdant walls, across the city as it continues to uproot new structures and developments.

What qualifications do architects need?

Academic qualification in architecture

The following academic credentials required by Section 15(1) of the Architects Act for applicants:

A Master of Architecture from the National University of Singapore, the Singapore University of Technology and Design, 

or a Bachelor of Architecture (before 2001) from the National University of Singapore;Any other degree, diploma or qualification the Minister may, following consultation with the Board and publication in the Gazette, authorise to grant the holder such a qualification the right to register under this Act0

Other legitimate and approved architectural training that satisfies the Board is also acceptable, as does passing any required oral or written tests.

Having the necessary practical human experience for architectural work

What qualifications do architects need

By Section 15(2), the candidate required to obtain the following practical experience in architectural work in addition to the academic qualification that has approved:

  • Having completed the professional practise test required by the Board [under Section 15(2)(a)] and having at least two years of practical experience in architectural work, including a continuous period of at least 12 months in Singapore;
  • A minimum of five years of relevant experience in the field of architecture
  • It must include passing the oral or written examination set forth by the Board [under Section 15(2)(b)] and having a minimum of two years of prescribed practical experience in architectural experience work in Singapore
  •  Accrue over a continuous period of at least 12 months within the five years immediately preceding the date of application for registration.

The following individuals may also submit an application for registration under Section 15(2)(c):

  • Acquired at least ten years of recognised by the Board practical expertise in architectural practise;
  • Received a citation or prize from a professional organisation whose architectural design degree or qualification acknowledged by the Board, an international architectural event, or both; and
  • Passed the required written or oral test administere the Board.

What do architects do in Singapore?

Some architects decide to focus on creating spaces for a particular sector, including healthcare, education, or employment. In addition to directing the creation of their designs, architects are responsible for making sure that the public may use the structures safely. The way an architect’s creations; fit into the context they placed is one of main concerns.

Three crucial facets of an architect’s job are:


The architect uses technical expertise and creativity to create in-depth designs of a notion or idea that the customer wants to pursue. Assuring that the plans adhere to safety, planning, and environmental requirements is a part of this element.


At this point, the architect creates precise sketches of their plan. It contains construction documentation that outlines specific guidelines and technical requirements for personnel working on the design’s construction.


The architect supervises this step process and goes to the construction site frequently. They might be in charge of approving components work, haggling with contractors, and handling problems when they come. Because of the multitude tasks an architect must complete, they frequently operate in settings. Architects typically work out most of the design-related components of their jobs in an office with Scope of services. Whether a person works as a freelancer or for a particular firm generally determines the kind of office they have and where it located. While those work for a corporation often has an office at their workplace, freelancers frequently work out of an office in their own home. Additionally, architects meet with city planners, visit clients at their offices, and go on-site inspections. They may also go to architectural conferences, either nationally or globally, as part of their continuing education.

What to do to become an architect?

Obtain an architecture bachelor’s or master’s degree.

You must earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in architecture from an accredited architectural institution evolve licenced architect. This degree programme is the initial requirement for pursuing licensure and aids students in developing fundamental knowledge of Architecture and Sustainable Design ideas. A master’s degree requires an extra two to three years after you finish a bachelor’s programme, whereas a bachelor’s programme typically takes four to five years to complete. Obtaining your degree demonstrates to a potential employer that you have the necessary training in architecture blends and are capable of performing quality work.

Successfully meet the professional practise test.

Singapore requires architects to pass the professional practice examination, a written and oral test. The test assesses the knowledge and abilities of potential architects in the field of architecture. Candidates for the professional practise test apply if they have Architecture graduate from an accredited architectural programme. A student can take the professional practice exam and pay the necessary costs when they accepts their application.

Satisfy the professional standards of the Board.

Every architect in Singapore must be a “fit and proper person,” according to the Board of Architects. The typically means that the Board evaluates your entire competency and health to make you can work as a licenced architect without endangering anyone’s safety. Although the Board reserves the right to decide who can obtain a licence, most applicants can sit for the exam if they match the requirements. The Board evaluates your qualifications and fitness after you submit your application before making a judgement.

How much do architects cost in Singapore?

Hourly fees

Some architects in Singapore charge by the hour. The cost often ranges from $60 to $125. There will undoubtedly be fees in other parts of the nation, particularly in large cities. If your project is modest and you already know what kind of design you want, this can be the ideal choice. You might choose to establish a time limit, but once that period has passed, you’ll need to start over. The hourly rate may change based on who is in charge of your project if you’re dealing with a firm rather than a single architect. The cost might be twice as high as a young architect with only a few years of experience if they are the leader.

The Percentage of construction cost

Another choice is to charge a flat rate, which typically ranges from 5% to 15% for new construction and 15% to 20% for remodels. Since remodelling entails addressing pre-existing problems, it is more challenging than new construction. When looking for an architect, one drawback of charging building expenses could not fully understood.

Billing by the square foot

Some architects in Singapore even bill by square foot. It will be challenging to estimate the cost beginning because of how much this rate varies. If your project is little, like remodelling your kitchen, the cost per square foot must be high enough to cover the architect’s time and effort.

What to do to become an architect

Fixed costs and combination fees

Some architects in Singapore take a hybrid approach, billing per square foot once hourly rates have been exhausted. Others decide on a fixed cost for the entire project. With a fixed fee, you have the assurance of knowing exactly how much you’ll pay, but make sure you know what that fee includes upfront. The contract will make clear that this is the case. With a price range of $2,014 to $8,375, the average fee is $5,126. Prices, however, could be significantly more expensive depending on the size and intricacy of the assignment for land development.

How long does it take to become an architect in Singapore?

Two years of relevant experience, including a continuous period of at least 12 months spent working as an architect in Singapore and passing the professional practise exam required by or approved by the Board. A minimum of five years of relevant experience in the field architecture schematic must entail passing the oral or written examination set forth the Board. Having at least two years of mandated practical experience in architectural work in Singapore achieved over at least 12 months before the date registration application

In order to call oneself an architect, is registration required?

Yes. Unless a person registered with the Board of Architects in Singapore, they may not use the word “architect” or any of its derivatives in conjunction with a company designation that will give the impression that they are architects.

Can foreign architects practice in Singapore?

Yes, native-born and foreign individuals must register under the Architects Act’s statutory regulations. According to Lawrence Wong, Minister for National Development, the Architects (Amendment) Bill will allow any architect licensed by the local Board of Architects to practice in a participating overseas jurisdiction.

The Board of Architects will be able to negotiate agreements with its overseas colleagues thanks to the new law. These will acknowledge that more than 1,500 Architects & Building Designers are registered in Singapore and permit them to work there. Additionally, for them to work here, the board would have to accept international architects registered in those jurisdictions.

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