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Bukit Sembawang

Property developers in Singapore


Singapore quickly evolved from a low-income nation with little industry or infrastructure before gaining independence in 1965 into one of Asia’s Biggest centers for trade and finance. However, the purchase price of real estate in Singapore has increased along with the country’s GDP. Singapore boasts one of the most expensive property markets in the world, second only to Hong Kong.

Selecting a top-notch developer is crucial because if you want to purchase real estate in Singapore, you will almost surely spend top cash for it. Since Singapore gets significantly more developed than most neighbors, foreign buyers frequently experience a false sense of security when buying a condo in Singapore.

How many property developers are there in Singapore?

In Singapore, there is around 100 residential property development, each specializing in a specific market and having a distinctive value proposition.

Who is the Biggest Developer in Singapore?


The Singapore-based CapitaLand company is a nationwide household that has expanded into one of Asia’s primary real estate developers since its founding in 2000. Several residential, commercial and retail properties get developed by CapitaLand all around Asia. However, the company’s involvement in significant shopping mall notable projects, like ION Orchard and the newest Jewel Changi Airport, makes it the most well-known in Singapore.

A small number of the company’s luxury residences are available in Singapore, although most of CapitaLand’s residential units are in China. For instance, The Interlace’s staggered structures and eco-friendly features provide inhabitants with a distinctive urban living experience

The Victoria Park Villas, close to Singapore’s renowned Botanic Gardens, also provide quiet semi-detached houses. Given CapitaLand’s penchant for distinctive and opulent architecture, their residence’s allowable development costs a fair amount – even by Singaporean standards. The Interlace charges more than $1 million for two-bedroom apartments. While at Victoria Park Villas, apartments can cost as much as US$3 million. Nevertheless, given CapitaLand’s stellar reputation as one of the leading Singapore real estate solutions, the price might get justified.

City Developments Limited

The second-largest property developer in Singapore is City Developments Limited or CDL. With assets in more than 25 countries, including Singapore, China, the US, the UK, and Australia, CDL is a highly diversified multinational firm. Millennium & Copthorne Hotels get also owned by the business.

Although CDL has a wide range of properties and investments, its residential developments in Singapore are its source of revenue. Various national and international honors, including the BCI Asia Top Ten Developer designation, have been bestowed upon CDL for properties like Lush Acres and Echelon.

In addition, City Development Limited is well known for its dedication to corporate social responsibility and sustainability. CDL was named the top Singaporean firm in the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations rating by its environmentally friendly business operations and property development journey.

On the CDP Global A-List for Corporate Climate Action, it is the sole business from Singapore. The only Singaporean company to appear on Bloomberg’s Global Gender-Equality Index twice in a row is CDL. The price of CDL’s properties is possibly the sole drawback, similar to the other developers on this list. Spending more than US$1 million is required if you want to purchase a CDL condo.

Far East Organization

Far East Organization, one of the biggest developers in the world, must be included on any list of the best real estate company in Singapore.

Far East Organization, one of Singapore’s first real estate development companies, was founded in 1962. In addition to having numerous projects and companies across the globe, including the Sino Group in Hong Kong, the company’s impressive portfolio comprises over 750 real estate developments in Singapore alone.

Far East Organization is renowned for its high caliber of work in addition to its extensive reach throughout Asia and the world. It is the only developer in the world to have received ten FIABCI World Prix D’Excellence awards, the top accolade for international developers.

Apartments, condos, and semi-detached quality homes in different styles are among the residential developments in Singapore developed by Far East Organization. Scotts Tower, Alana at Sunrise Terrace, and Bijou are among its more prominent residential constructions. This developer charges differential premiums for its high-caliber work, much like its rivals. Far East Organization, however, can offer real estate rentals, unlike other Singaporean developers. Occasionally, smaller units can be found for considerably under US$1 million.

MCL Land

MCL Land is a reputable company with exceptional developments in Singapore. MCL, the Jardine Matheson Group and Hong Kong Land division, was established in 1963 for residential real estate development.

MCL Land is smaller and less globally oriented than some of its competing property development companies in Singapore. But its enormous impact on the state’s home construction market speaks for itself. In bidding wars for land, the group—which has more than 20 residential developments in Singapore—has outbid much Bigger corporations. Hallmark Residences, Estuary, and the Palms At Sixth Avenue are among its most prominent constructions.


Guocoland, a corporation established in the 1970s, rose to prominence in the Asian real estate industry. The Singapore-based business is currently active in China, Vietnam, and Malaysia, where it is involved in numerous residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects development.

Guocoland recently acquired notoriety for its first integrated development, the Tanjong Pagar Center, which houses the US$80 million Wallich Residence penthouse. The company’s recent property development activities have won the Green Mark Award for their sustainability, and it gets well recognized for its pursuit of eco-friendly projects.

Guocoland has also received several other honors for its work, such as many EdgeProp awards for the Wallich Residence and a FIABCI World Prix D’Excellence award for the Leedon Residence. Guocoland customers have access to a wide range of affordable options even though the company is primarily known for opulent penthouses and condominiums.

The Wallich and Leedon Residences undoubtedly have the most pricy starter condos, some of which can reach millions. But purchasers seeking a little less money can look at homes like the Sims Urban Oasis.

Bukit Sembawang

Bukit Sembawang is Singapore’s oldest real estate developer; it was established more than a century ago, in 1911. While real estate developers frequently come and go, Bukit Sembawang has established itself as a constant in Singapore’s real estate market through its careful planning and development.

Bukit Sembawang

In contrast to its rivals, which often construct dozens of high-rise condo developments in Singapore, Bukit Sembawang Estates Limited offers a modest number of upscale housing projects, including terraced houses and apartment buildings like one-bedroom apartments. They frequently purchase freehold land in the city in a selected manner. Luxus Hills and Mimosa are two of Bukit Sembawang’s most prevalent projects that give foreign purchasers the chance to own freehold terraced homes in Singapore. In addition, the business constructs a few high-end residential projects, such as the opulent 8 St. Thomas tower.

Buying a Bukit Sembawang property is not inexpensive because the developer concentrates on opulent freehold properties. The company’s smaller condos can fetch prices of up to US$2 million, and terraced homes frequently top US$4 million. Due to this developer’s stellar reputation and preference for freehold ownership in Singapore, overseas purchasers often flock to Bukit Sembawang despite its exorbitant price tag.

Allgreen Properties

The real estate division of The Kuok Group is called Allgreen Properties. The real estate developer was later acquired in 2011 by Brookvale Investments Pte Ltd, another member of the Kuok Group incorporated in 1986. From terraced homes at Chestnut Green to high-rise condo towers like D’Lotus, Allgreen Properties offers a range of residential options. Allgreen Properties Limited, a luxury property developer, frequently focuses on luxury houses, like most developers on the list. And it received several honors for its efforts.

Since 2013, the business has won the BCA Quality Excellence Award annually; in addition, one of its more recent projects, the Sorrento, was honored with the 2017 FIABCI Grand Prix D’Excellence award. A condo or other type of residence in Singapore can get purchased from Allgreen’s wide range of properties. Although the Housing Developer’s luxury homes are unquestionably not inexpensive, some of their older properties are far more accessible on the resale market.

The developer has been less active in Singapore lately, concentrating on preserving its current portfolio and pursuing fewer high-end projects like Juniper Hill. Allgreen nevertheless upholds its position as one of Singapore’s leading developers despite the company’s declining activity.

Frasers Property

Frasers Property started up as a property division of Cold Storage Limited in 1980. Frasers Property is the only choice if you’d want to engage with a primary real estate developer. The year 1990 marked the first year that Frasers Property was owned subsidiary of Frasers & Neaves Limited (F&N) and later separated to become a standalone real estate developer. Additionally, it has more than 40 residential projects in Singapore alone. The inventory of Frasers Property’s purchasers to Singapore and from all over the world. The company provides a range of residential buildings in Singapore, including high-quality starter apartments and opulent condos.

For instance, Caspian at Lakeside View offers high-quality, helpful apartments outside the city center, and 8-@ Mount Sophia boasts iconic shopping malls along Orchard Road. However, Fraser’s extensive portfolio is not just broad but also exceptionally well-rounded. The Seaside Residences and RiverTree Residences are only two of the projects for which Frasers Property Limited received multiple EdgeProp Awards. 

EL Development

One of the newest real estate development firms gets established in 2005 by EL Development. However, despite being a newbie, EL has established itself as one of the leading real estate developers in the city. EL Development’s parent business, Evan Lim Group, a reputable general building contracting company in Singapore, has contributed to the company’s swift ascent to the top.

Thus, EL Development’s success and ranking as one of Singapore’s top real estate developers get fueled by Evan Lim Group’s extensive knowledge of Singapore’s real estate market. Rhapsody, the business’s initial undertaking, was completed in 2010. It has since finished 7-further projects in Singapore, including the Symphony Suites and Parc Riviera. High-rise condo and apartment buildings have been EL Development’s primary project types.

Even though EL Development’s most recent development, Pullman Residences, has condos with prices starting at $3 million and above, you might want to keep an eye out for their projects if you’re searching for affordable condo developers in the $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 bracket.

Oxley Holdings

Oxley Holdings is a further newcomer to Singapore’s real estate market. The company, founded in 2010, created waves by finishing dozens of projects in less than ten years, placing it among Singapore’s leading real estate developers. While most of the developers on this list typically concentrate on high-end, opulent condos, townhomes, and residences, Oxley Holdings has a unique strategy for its development, focusing instead on young professionals looking for inexpensive private housing.

The company’s founder Chiang Chiat Kwong has acquired the moniker “shoebox king” thanks to his emphasis on small and affordable dwellings. Despite having a reputation for providing small housing, Oxley’s developments offer much more than teeny studios and one-bedroom flats. The standard apartments, lavish penthouses, and even landed homes get found on the grounds of Affinity at Serangoon. Naturally, there are several possibilities available to buyers within Oxley Holdings’ properties.

Although Oxley Holdings has just started operations, the group’s success can already get seen in the fact that the property development experience has expanded internationally, with operations now in places including the UK, Australia, and China.

Who are the Biggest Property Developers?

Sunac China

Primary Chinese property developer Sunac China Holdings Limited, also known as Sunac, has its headquarters in Tianjin. The company’s primary concentration is on large-scale, upscale real estate developments. It operates in Tianjin, its home market, and in Beijing, Chongqing, Wuxi, and other places. The second-largest real estate transaction in Chinese history at the time involved Sunac’s $9.3 billion purchase agreement to acquire Dalian Wanda’s hotels and tourism-related projects.

China Evergrande Group 

China Evergrande Group (CEG) is a real estate investment properties holding firm. The company works on real estate development, investment, management, and construction projects. Additionally, it is involved in the operation of hotels, financial services, online businesses, and the health sector. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen are just a few top-tier cities where CEG has projects. 

Tishman Speyer

The real estate development company and landlord Tishman Speyer was established in 1978 by Jerry Speyer and his father-in-law Robert Tishman. The company holds properties in Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the United States.


Hines is a privately held international real estate investment, development, and management company established in 1957. It has offices in 285 cities across 28 countries, manages $90.3 billion in investment assets, and offers third-party property-level services for more than 114.2 million square feet of assets.

New World Development Co. Ltd

The key business areas of New World Group, a premium brand with a distinctive personality, include investing in real estate and property development, operating highways, leasing commercial aircraft, building, providing insurance, operating hotels, and other strategic industries.

Greystar Real Estate Partners

Greystar Real Estate Partners is a global developer and property manager with its headquarters in the US. Greystar was active in nine countries as of April 2019 and managed gross assets worth $32 billion. With over 669,000 residential infrastructure units, Greystar was the largest apartment management firm in the US in 2021. The company’s business strategy is allegedly aggravating Ireland’s housing crisis.

Wheelock and Company Limited

The property group Wheelock and Company Limited (“Wheelock”) has its main office in Hong Kong. The group gets dedicated to making long-term investments, building on a commercial properties legacy that dates back to 1857. As of December 2021, the group’s total assets were HK$454.0 billion.

Who owns the most property in Singapore?

Far East Organization (commonly referred to as FEO) is most well-known property developer in Singapore, with 750 properties within its own country. The company has two principal subsidiaries, including Far East Orchard Limited. By successfully growing its net income by +26%, FEO reached $29.99M in 2018.

Far East Organization

Who are developers in Singapore?

  • Allgreen Properties Limited
  • Bukit Sembawang Estates Limited 
  • Capitaland Residential Singapore
  • CEL Development Private Limited 
  • City Developments Limited (CDL)
  • Far East Organization
  • Fragrance Land Private Limited
  • Frasers Property EL Development
  • GuocoLand Limited
  • Hiap Hoe Holdings Private Limited 
  • Hoi Hup Realty Private Limited
  • Hong Leong Holdings Limited
  • HPL Properties Private Limited Keppel Land Limited
  • Kheng Leong Private Limited
  • Lendlease
  • MCL Land
  • Oxley Holdings 
  • Qingjian Realty
  • Roxy Pacific Holdings Led
  • SC Global
  • Singapore Land Limited
  • TG Development
  • TEE Development
  • Tong Eng
  • Tuan Sing Holdings
  • UOL Group Limited
  • Wing Tai Holdings Limited

What does a property developer do?

The task of managing the architect, builder, real estate agent, and other third parties to ensure that they get all cooperating to design, acquire approval for, build, and sell the new properties falls under the purview of the property developer to provide the short answer.

How Does a Developer Increase the Value of Real Estate?

How Does a Developer Increase the Value of Real Estate

  1. Enhance an existing property through renovation, expansion, redecoration, or other means.

Homeowners may decide to perform this task on their own. So people can enjoy living there. Perhaps secondly, to give their family more room. Lastly, to raise its worth, they decide to sell it.

A developer might purchase an outdated house and restore or remodel it with the intention of either reselling it for a profit or renting it out.

  1. Find land or property, repackage it, and then sell it to a different developer or real estate investor after negotiating a transaction.
  2. Invest in undeveloped land and construct a residential or commercial structure. They can then decide whether to sell or rent the freshly created property. Since the value has improved since the original investment, they can frequently get their money back by refinancing.
  3. Purchase a property and make changes to increase its worth, such as turning a big house into several smaller flats. Another option is for a developer to purchase an outdated office (commercial) building and transform it into a modern apartment (residential).
  4. Invest in a property, demolish it, and create something new.

When a property cannot be renovated or converted, the developer may decide to demolish it and erect a new structure. For instance, if it has a dangerous design or is a complete eyesore!

Although they occasionally perform these roles, project managers and general contractors are distinct from property developers.

The developer directs the installation of the operational structure – and the beginning of operations with the operator and asset management. The real estate developer leaves the project after development – gets finished unless they choose to remain the operator.

Property developers start new development projects and are in charge of their conception, conceptualization, implementation, coordination, handoff, and closeout – until the developer’s withdrawal from the project.

Reports on the status of the project’s construction get created by the developer. The depictions provide information on the ongoing property development to stakeholders, including the developer’s management, project financiers, potential investors, and others.

With the investors and the operator taking over property management for the owners after the developer exits, the developer negotiates the disposal of the developed property and project exit.

Developers, lenders, investors, and operators must work together to integrate sustainability into real estate development projects from the planning stages through the closing phase.

How do I research the reputation of a property developer?

Ground report

Going out for field research is still a Smart idea, though. Speak to local agents and clients who purchased apartments in former developments. A further indication of the builder’s reputation is the current market price of the completed projects in contrast to competitors in the same area. 

Track record

It is safer to purchase from a seasoned builder with solid track records of delivery since he is more likely to have a more professional approach with systems and processes in place. Additionally, you may look at his past work to see how successfully the projects he has worked on get completed. 

Quality certificate

The 9001:2008 accreditation requirements for a quality management system get founded on eight principles, including customer attention and satisfaction. Because of this, it is a good idea to check this before deciding on a house project. An ISO 9001:2008 audited and certified builder is more professional in his approach.

Realtor ratings

The Crisil Real Estate Star Ratings (Crest), established in 2010, offers city-specific evaluations of real estate projects and may be used to compare and find high-quality developments in a given city. Additionally, they offer a National Developer Rating list that assesses developers according to criteria like a solid track record of transferring clear titles, upholding legal and construction requirements and timely project completion.

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