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Cheap Condo for sale in Singapore

Cheap Condo for sale in Singapore Price updated Important : GENUINE updated price direct from the developer. Cheaper pricing found on other sites are outdated.[TS_Advanced_Tables id="2" table_formatting="metadata" table_scope="tablesaw" show_name="false"...

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80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing Your Spare Income (Or your Savings!) Overview A lot of people in the world listen to the word "investment," and they feel already out of place. Most regular folks think that investments are just something reserved for rich people...

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8 condos that are in walking distance to MRT

8 condos that are in walking distance to MRT 2018 edition Overview Living Around the Future A property decision in Singapore is dealt with and sealed only if the discussion about transport is complete. As a blind testament, properties around the MRTs are valued to be...

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Top 10 tips for getting into good school in Singapore

Top 10 Primay Schools In SG & Tips To Get Into ThemOverview Primary education is the foundation stone of a child’s academic pathway. Therefore, every parent in Singapore undergoes a stressful time to select the best school for their child because academic...

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Buying your Second Property in Singapore

Buying your Second Property in Singapore After you bought your first property and followed all the procedure for buying a private property in Singapore, you might feel really confident with real estate investments, since when you bought your first condo you researched...

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Property Taxes in Singapore

Taxes in Singapore   When you are buying a property in Singapore you have to go through several steps in order to fulfill all the requirements needed for it, one of which is the payment of taxes. Now, property tax in Singapore is quite peculiar as it varies...

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TOP Projects in Singapore

Kingsford WaterBay   Introduction Tenure 99 Years (from 2014) Exp Top Second half of 2018 Site area 27,000 SQM # of units 1165 (6 retail outlets and 1 kindergarten included) Surroundings D19, between Hougang MRT Station and Buangkok MRT Station, 15mins MRT to CBD...

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