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Reasons to purchase a Singapore townhouse in a condominium

It is possible to live in a townhouse while yet having access to high-end amenities like swimming pools. With two or three stories and upwards of 3,000 square feet of living area per unit, a townhouse offers much more space than the usual condo.

Here are seven reasons why condominium town house apartments are in high demand.

1. There are no limitations on foreigners purchasing townhouses

Landed property purchases in Singapore are difficult for non-locals for a variety of reasons. Before they may purchase land, they must first get permission from the Land Dealings Approval Unit. As a general rule, approval rates have been quite low.

Furthermore, foreigners are restricted from purchasing real property that exceeds 15,000 square feet or is situated in a good class bungalow (GCB) district.

Buying and selling townhouses are not subject to such limitations, making them an attractive option for anybody planning on moving to Singapore and making it their home.

There are no capital gains taxes, inheritance taxes, withholding taxes for property disposals or value-added tax and currency controls for townhouse purchasers.

2. There are very few condominium townhouses because of the URA rules.

Singapore’s land area is relatively constrained, hence the great majority of the city’s residents live in skyscrapers. In townhouses, the benefits of condo living are combined with the advantages of owning a piece of real estate.

As with other forms of private housing, condo townhouses are in limited supply. Due to a 2012 announcement by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), future townhouse constructions will be designated as landed, and as a result, will be subject to the same limitations on foreign ownership that now apply to landed properties. There are few better places to live than a condominium townhouse in Singapore.

3. Townhomes are ideal for families with many generations to live together in harmony.

Having many generations living together in the same home is ideal. Developers are able to fulfil the needs of every member of the family because of the greater space and flexibility of design. A freehold townhouse condominium in Singapore’s Telok Kurau neighbourhood, for example provides apartments with a dedicated granny room on the bottom level, near the living room and kitchen. These rooms are perfect for the elderly, who will appreciate how easy it is to use all of the facility’s amenities from here.

To keep kids amused and active all year round, townhouses provide a variety of kid-friendly amenities including playgrounds and kiddie pools. In comparison to typical landed property, condominium townhouses offer the benefit of 24-hour security, which includes armed guards and a network of CCTV cameras. There is no public access to the community amenities in townhouses since they are gated estates. There are no break-ins or unscrupulous individuals walking about the estate, so homeowners with small children may rest well.

4. In the basement, there are four private parking spots.

Basement parking lots are common in new townhouse complexes in order to alleviate congestion and unlawful parking on the street level. The ease with which homeowners can get to their apartments from their parking spaces is another benefit of basement-level parking. A townhouse building in Singapore’s Bedok neighbourhood has two parking spaces per unit, so homeowners may park immediately underneath their residences.

5. The pool is just outside your door.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a townhouse complex, you may be able to have direct access to the pool right outside your door. This adds a whole new level of opulence to the lives of inhabitants, increases the value of their homes, and gives them the ability to wash quickly after going for a swim. 

In the Choa Chu Kang region, Hillsta is an example of a townhouse development that provides homeowners with direct access to the pool from their doorsteps. The pleasures of waterfront life are enhanced by condos with living rooms that open directly into the pool area. The balcony outside each resident’s living room is the perfect place to soak up some rays.

6. Expansive and visually appealing landscapes

Beautiful landscaping is a common component of new townhouse projects, with a focus on green space and a modern, opulent aesthetic. As an example, the eCO Townhouse has a gorgeous multi-level landscape with rooftop decks. Water elements, such as ponds, fountains, and water gardens, have been included into the design of the common areas in order to give the impression that one is immersed in nature.

Seahill, on the other hand, aims to imitate the feel of a seaside town by using a variety of natural materials. The West Coast area’s new developments take use of the area’s scenic position by including swimming pools with views of the ocean and surrounding flora. With a rooftop patio and two fronts, each townhouse apartment makes the most of its surroundings.

7. At a reasonable cost, the managing agent takes care of the upkeep of the property.

Residents in townhouses may take use of high-end amenities without having to deal with the trouble of cleaning and maintaining them. The best part is that the expense of maintaining the building’s exterior and services is shared by all inhabitants, ensuring that the costs are kept low. One of Singapore’s most popular housing alternatives, condominium townhouses provide a lifestyle that few other goods can compete with. Resale value is high due to the low supply of condominium townhouses and the absence of limitations on foreign buyers.

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