80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing Your Spare Income (Or your Savings!)


A lot of people in the world listen to the word “investment,” and they feel already out of place. Most regular folks think that investments are just something reserved for rich people and business enthusiasts.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 1

The truth is that everyone is an investor at some point in their lives. Wherever we buy a toy with a collector mindset, pay for education, or buy a house to live we are making investments to better our quality of life.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 2

The list includes complex endeavors as well as simpler ones. All of them have a single defining trait in common: you need to risk some money on your behalf to make them work, so we’ll offer a brief explanation of each one and how to approach them.

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1. Getting Into Real Estate by Becoming a Landlord

If you have savings over $500,000, you can play in the big leagues of real estate, either directly or indirectly. You can contact one of the many real estate projects being developed around the world and place your investment in a unit to become a landlord and secure a monthly return as you rent it to someone else.

While this has proven to be a steady way to get your money back, it takes a lot of time, and it all depends on outside factors such as the demand for the property offered in the market. It can also be affected by the type of contract you set with your tenant.

This secure investment earnings in the long run, but it can become quite taxing on you as you probably will still have to attend your business or your job. You can share the utilities with a real estate agency that will give you a paycheck each month after taking their share for administering your property.

2. Becoming a Real Estate Broker

If you are low on cash and your budget goes from $1,000 to $10,000 you can still get in the game by doing some deep research about the state of the market on geographical zones of your interest.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 3

Many people make money from real estate by flipping contracts and working as brokers for deals that are practically looking for each other to happen: families looking to lease or sell a property, business owners looking to buy a new locale.

Such are the examples of the people needing these services, and you can make it happen by educating yourself with the tools to identify these distressed sellers and the buyers that are ready with cash on hand to make these deals go through.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 4

As you can expect there are thousands of entrepreneurs offering webinars and products to make a broker out of you, but the best way to test your mettle is by using this information as a referential standpoint and make things happen by yourself.

3. Investing Into House Flipping

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 5

House flipping is one the oldest business endeavors in the book when it comes to real estate deals. You can make it work in neighborhoods that are experiencing an increasing demand and are poised to become the target of gentrification to turn a quick profit. You will need some money since it requires for you to buy property at low prices and fix it to look really good just to sell it at a premium to whoever comes buying.

The deal can be closed with a new owner or a developer looking to clear out the location. Either way, you still get to win money if you are able to back up the work done on the property. While house flipping is not exactly ethical, there is no law forbidding it, and it drives up the cost of the property and the lot where is built.

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4. Manage Real Estate Properties Using Technology

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 6

The greatest thing about technology is that it has evolved the way we approach real estate as a business opportunity, and to earn some money with a house on a good location, there is always an option to offering it using one of the multiple apps managing properties as lodging options for travelers. The most popular choice, of course, is airing, but there are options out there that can work as well.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 7

If you are in the early stages of recovering your investment, this might not be the best course of action. In this case, the best approach is to enter the trade market managed by thousands of agencies online and strike a deal for a better property by offering yours as collateral, if the deal is done at your pace, you can secure some extra money by increasing the price based on the work you did on the property in the first place.

5. Dealing with Real Estate Notes

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 8

One of the last options to get in this business works mostly by proxy since you can act as a capital partner and you won’t need to deal with property or with tenants in any sort of way. We are talking of course about dealing with Real Estate Notes, and it works with such simplicity that it’s almost beautiful to watch: A body of investors crowd funds resources from third parties to buy real estate properties on a project or zone that is poised to have a great deal of demand.

These investors manage the properties at their convenience while offering safe returns to the third parties (such as you) in an agreed timespan. This is one of the riskiest options on the list and one of the most criticized on big cities where gentrification is an ongoing issue. It’s also very easy to pull a scam on this one, so the best approach to it is by using certified agencies with a verifiable reputation that goes beyond mere internet reviews.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 7

If you are in the early stages of recovering your investment, this might not be the best course of action. In this case, the best approach is to enter the trade market managed by thousands of agencies online and strike a deal for a better property by offering yours as collateral, if the deal is done at your pace, you can secure some extra money by increasing the price based on the work you did on the property in the first place.

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6. Getting Associated With Real Estate Investment Trusts – REIT’s

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 10

REIT’s are companies that own, manage or operate real estate properties that generate some sort of income such as residencies projects with commercial areas, office buildings, lodging-proposed structures, malls, private medical facilities, and warehouses.

While in the past these partnerships where nearly-closed business opportunities, they are very publicized these days by many agencies offering options to purchase shares on open exchange initiatives or by opening investment spots on mutual funds that offer secure returns according to the stages of completion of the development.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 11

As you can probably imagine, buying out the REIT participation of someone else from an already established project is way less risky than getting involved in a new project, but it also needs a great deal of study to understand why someone would sell a share of something that is reporting a steady source of income.

7. Invest Some Money on the Stock Market

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 12

Historically speaking the stock market is the easiest way to make money in the world. It’s also one of the easiest ways to lose everything if you make the wrong move. There is no basic science behind the stock market since every single player that has earned money playing the field with a different approach, but it’s also preposterous to suggest that blind luck guides the behavior of the market on any given day.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 13

There is a basic set of rules and indications that investors follow depending on the size of their investment and how quickly they need to get their returns. One of the easiest ways to get your money back is by studying and targeting stocks that have a good track record of paying out good dividends. You just need to check their performance during specific dates, and their history of dividend payouts at the end of the year to get started.

8. Get Involved With Preferred Stock

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 14

While dividend stock has proved to be very profitable, even with the huge risk factor involved, there are safer ways to trade stock from specific companies that offer preferred options for investment.

Usually offered as a way to get back on their feet after a heavy blow or a big transaction, established companies offer preferred stock to keep their presence in the market strong and steady.

These stocks work very much in the same way as bond payments since they are secure ways to get returns. The only downside of these papers is that they are not offered very often, and you need big money to be able to bid on them.

9. Place Money on Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are one of the easiest ways to make money while securing the capital you put down an initial payment on any given investment. While this option is very safe on your end, the interests’ rate is not really big if you are looking for something that reports big earnings in the short run.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 15

The yearly return rates are also very low since the cash is in a stationary state or being used to face-front collateral by a third party. While this sounds shady, it’s actually pretty legal. You can even use agencies, brokers, and banks that need the capital to get involved in their own business endeavors.

10. Get Involved With the Forex Market

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 16

The Forex Market is one of the greatest assets of the business world since it’s a way to make high-leverage investments very simple for people who don’t have the knowledge to trade in the open market. The easiest approach is to contact an agency and place an investment on the most common assets dealt in the Forex market (usually currency, stock, bonds or commodities).

The agency will handle their investment using your money and pay a return based on how well they do. The best advantage about Forex investment is that they are usually done very quickly and if you are lucky enough you’ll have a big return.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 17

The established Forex companies are always full of information and detailed interfaces to make your investment as safe as possible, but the mechanics behind their work are still based on basic rules of supply and demand, and as such you could still face loses since you won’t actually own any asset, you are just financing an investment.

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11. Manage a Social Trading Account

Taking a cue from social networks, this initiative took the best elements of online social interaction and Forex trading and merged into a very functional algorithm. Social trading is a way to take advantage of the behavioral pattern of established Forex investors and set up your investment account to make the same financial moves they do to win your own money.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 18

While if often viewed as something risky by many, and regarded as “lazy investment” by some, it actually makes a lot of sense if an established player sets shop in one of the many platforms offering these services. You’ll be able to win as much money as you are willing to invest by following the track record of someone who has the expertise you lack.

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12. Open a High-Interest Savings Account

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 19

Making money with a high-interest account is not as risky as most of the options offered in the list, but it pays good dividends if you have saved a lot of money over the years. While some financial institutions offer no limit to the amount of money, you need to open an account most of them ask for at least a $10,000 deposit to earn a nominal amount of interest.

The only thing you need to do is keep your money in place in the bank and increase the amount of your savings by making periodical deposits. To make sure you are working with a good bank look at their interest rates, if they pay anything over 1.5% and charge no fees, you are working with someone looking for your best interests. Be wary of checking their reputation though, as well as their alliances with regulatory agencies to look for any red flags.

13. Certificate Of Deposit

This products it’s also known as “fixed-term investment,” and it’s one of the dullest financial vehicles you can get that poses no risks to your money. Of course, dull means “safe” and it will suit you if that’s what you are looking for.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 20

The instrument works in very simple fashion: You give your money to the bank for a negotiated amount of time while according an interest rate with them.

The bank will hold the money for the agreed time while paying an interest rate that will not vary, no matter the conditions of the market at the set date of the end of the agreement. Some financial institutions offer to pay the interest in advance, while others pay them at the end of the term.

14. Get Some Insurance

Insurance weighs on the conscience of everyone who wishes to protect their assets, but also on those who want to ensure the financial stability of their loved ones should anything happen to them.

Many people disregard insurance as an investment, but the fact is that you are using money to cover your back in case that something bad happens to you, either to cover for medical expenses that are unaccounted for in your budget or to grant a specific amount of money to your family in the case of your death.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 21

Insurance money is also the biggest lifesaver when it comes to dealing with tax agencies since the payment is made by these companies are cleared of charges to the beneficiary.

15. Start a Peer-To-Peer Lending Service

If you have a good chunk of cash resting on your accounts and you are pretty organized, you can try your luck at setting up a lending agency. Beware though: lending money to unknown people is not the same as lending money to friends or family.

You need to screen the money and work out deals to get your money back with the interest rate entitled to it to break even and make the loan profitable for you. A quick analysis of this market will let you know that you’ll face a lot of competition in a field that is already packed.

Trying to set up your loan operation at a disadvantage by offering better conditions to release the money will make you a target of the kind of people who usually have a lot of problems to pay back loans. So the best approach is to work with a smart strategy to collect and offer short amounts of money at fixed interest rates to get more earnings.

16. Trade Commodities

Another market that was exclusive to just a few powerful investors in the past now is common ground for people who have an interest in them. There are quite a number of commodities in the open market to put your money on.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 22

While the most popular ones are still gold, silver, oil and a wide catalog of minerals, there are openings to buy valuables such as livestock, spices, fabrics and other goods that receive the benefits of the many treaties that give them tax exemptions at the borders.

All it takes to get involved in the dynamics of commodities is to get informed on the one that holds your interest, and being money-ready with capital to be placed as down payment when it’s needed.

17. Trade Cryptocurrencies

You probably have heard the term by now. Names like Bit coin, Ethereal, Lite coin, Dash are the new face of money. They are fully digital currencies that answer to no authority and no central bank in the world. Crypto currencies are freely traded under basic rules of demand and supply, and there is more than one way to learn about their benefits and disadvantages.

While crypts are not exactly the most stable form of investment, they have been evolving to offer more security to their users, and the financial world has been adapting to their presence by embracing the technology behind them. Feared by some, acknowledged by many, the truth is that digital currencies are here to stay and they are a good form of investment as any.

18. Become a Business Broker

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 23

Not to be confused with our second piece of advice on the list. There is a huge difference between being a real estate broker and a business broker. As a business broker, you will get a broader view of every single opportunity that comes your way, and you’ll be able to connect the dots to lead to a service provider to meet with a paying customer requiring their services.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 24

This business endeavor requires full commitment on your behalf since you will need to learn a lot about the general estate of the field you are interested in. You also need to build some charisma for those moments when you need to engage face-to-face with your customers. Business brokers usually get paid very well when they make any deal happen, but they need to be prepared to have a good success rate.

19. Start a Themed Blog

A themed blog is actually quite easy to handle if you are working on a topic related to something you are passionate about. Sure, there are already quite a few blogs out there online, and depending on your topic of choice you’ll be facing a few competitors in your field, but this is what makes things interesting, since your unique take may be the one that spins the theme into something new.

If your approach to blogging is as a mere business opportunity, you’ll probably need to invest in a writing service to provide content for you. If you center your site on reviews and you drive a great deal of traffic, you’re very likely to get sponsorship from a major retailer or from a business looking to get their products promoted on your site.

20. Invest Some Money in Domain Flipping

This is maybe one of the easiest ways to make money online, as well as one of the oldest ones. Domain flipping merely consists of buying a website domain related to a popular keyword or popular search used on engines such as Google and holding on to it to sell it to the highest bidder.

While buying domains that are closely tied with big brands these days is nearly impossible, you can still capitalize on this trend by taking a close look at the niche or business market you are interested in.

A quick analysis of the metrics related to the targeted keywords will let you know what the best course of action is. When you register the domain, make sure to use the extension “.com” to make it an easy sell.

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21. Make an Investment by Flipping a Whole Website

While buying domains can guarantee you a great deal of revenue if you sell the domain for the right price, you can get more money by flipping a whole website. The investment may prove taxing since you will probably have to make an offer to the original owner of the site and hire a creative team to improve the existing content to something that generates more traffic and revenues. While this business model can be a little slow, it can report tremendous earnings if you do a good job with the rebranding process.

There are certain cases where flipping a website brings more business, ad revenue, and sponsorship to a larger operation. Such is the case of websites like CBR.com and Comicbook.com both fan sites used to run by individuals who were paid a fair share for their websites to be re-brandished around pop culture news. There are also very bad moves that can leave a hole in the wallet of the investor, such as the final price paid for Myspace by NewsCorp who bought it from Tom Anderson for $580 million back on 2005 And Later Sold It to Justin Timberlake On 2012 for $35 Million.

22. Set up A Software Reselling Operation

As far as business strategies go, nothing is easier than setting up shop as a reseller of software. The main expense you’ll make is getting stock on a product that has a certain demand. The product you choose is a matter of personal preference in accordance with your perceptions of a certain share of the market or the data you gather about the business possibilities in that market.

You will have to possibility to decide how you want to work: as a wholesaler or a larger distribution chain, or by selling the finished product to paying customers. The main advantage of working as a reseller is that you don’t have to deal with the multiple issues that distributors have to face such as labeling, branding or answering for warranties. Any customer dealing with resellers receives a damaged product, and they have to file a complaint to the manufacturer directly.

23. Sell a Course Based On Your Knowledge

Do you consider yourself experienced in a certain area of your profession? Are you a certified professional on something that is very specific to a business niche? If you answered “yes” to at least one of those questions, you have half the job done already on the path to monetizing your experience. While many people choose to teach, this might not be the best course of action or the one that will offer more revenue for your knowledge.


The best approach is to invest some money into crafting a crash-course, a webinar, a master class or even a seminary. There are many tools out there teaching you how to do it as well as a number of consultants that can take your expertise and turn it into a gold mine. With the right marketing strategy, you’ll have people paying for your course and improving your income.

24. Sell Stock Photography

If you have a good eye for visuals that tell a story, you can make some money by selling pictures on stock photo sites. While you may have the ideas, you probably lack the expertise or the hardware to take these photos.

You can invest a little money to hire a photographer or a creative agency to shape your ideas, and hire the right models and take these pictures by the bulk and offer them for sale on these websites.

The returns of the investment can be a bit slow if the pictures are not good, but if you manage to bring forward your vision with striking quality, you’ll get your money back in no time on top of added revenue.

25. Start an Ecommerce Retail Shop

Picture for a moment how much money you think Amazon makes on a single day, or rather do a simple Google search and see the numbers for yourself. It’s no wonder so many people want a piece of that action by replicating their model. Amazon was one of the first ecommerce web shops that were successful beyond the wildest dreams of their original developers.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 25

Their business model is really not that complicated: they buy a good stock of goods, they set them up in a number of warehouses, and they promote their business to get customers to buy said well through their website.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 26

Of course, you may not have Amazon’s monetary resources or logistics, but you have the initiative and the advantage that offers the distribution system of your location, which is the main advantage you might have over them. Give this one a shot by starting out local and see where it takes you from there.

26. Write Content for Websites

As the title implies, you can make some money by writing ghost pieces or articles online, the main investment here is on hardware since you’ll probably need a laptop or a desktop to handle your assignments.

Depending on your writing skills, you’ll be able to charge specific rates for your work. Published authors can charge as much as $100 to $250 for a basic 500-word article, a native English speaker with mid-level writing skills can get $20 to $30 for a written piece.

Writers with no experience with the language or very poor grammatical skills can make up to $5 an article since their work is usually handled by the bulk and heavily edited by agencies or creative on their own.

27. Invest In Collectibles and Antiques

One of the very few things that many shows like “Pawn Stars” or “Storage Wars” depict correctly is the fact that collectibles are very valuable and the people involved in that kind of market are always looking for bargain prices on items they can sell later for a premium.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 27

While these shows make it seem that the market is cluttered with overbearing investors and people willing to go to certain extremes to get their hands on these pieces, these are mostly theatrics staged for the sake of their shows.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 28

The real collectible market is driven by people who are perpetually hunting down items to trade or sell on multiple platforms (such as eBay). More than once they happen to score that item that will bring the dough home.

If you wish to get involved in this world, you’ll need to invest in knowledge above everything else: books, guides, webinars, anything that gives you expertise on the share of the market you want to be involved with. Don’t buy the hype of these shows though: you need to rely on your own expertise because you can’t call an expert every time you need one.

28. Become a YouTube

The approach to become an internet personality has changed for some time now. YouTube is still the preferred platform to upload original content and monetize it, but after the website was bought by Google on 2006 they have tightened the leash as more content creators hop on the platform expecting to become the next PewDiePie (the most proficient YouTuber of all time that ranks at least an average of $4 million each year just by uploading videos of himself playing Video Games).

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 29

Now to get in the radar of the monetization algorithms set by the company most YouTubers need to make some serious investment in software, hardware, revision and editing of the content offered in their channel, being well-documented with the info related to their topic, and a disposition to embrace critics with professionalism. Last but not least, they need to look the part for the market they are trying to penetrate.

This is very different than the old approach where you just needed a webcam and a little imagination to become a web sensation, but the cold hard truth is that internet personalities now rank on par with celebrities and have near the same level of influence than most of them.

29. Become an Online Motor-Piece Store

The greatest thing about setting up an online operation is the wide array of business niches you can center your business on. Selling car parts is good business if you have the cash flow to keep a big operation.

But if you are starting out the main way to get noticed is to specialize on a single brand or a specific car models, if you focus on customizing parts you won’t be facing much competition at all.

This only requires for you to set up storing space and a stock of product as well as a clear and cut policy detailing the coverage of warranties on your end.

30. Set up Your Own Apparel Store

If you are a designer with a lot of great ideas for clothes you can set shop on your own by investing some money in setting shop. These days you don’t need to have a physical store unless you are an established brand. You just need your designs, a little knowledge about fabrics, contract the services of a manufacturer, and invest in the design of your own website.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 30

Your approach could go either way, and it will prove good business if you know how to handle yourself and market your brand using the right strategy. You can aim for a wide reach by going with a low-priced clothing line that will report earnings on sales by the bulk, or you can go for name recognition by offering your designs exclusively on your website by selling them by the unit.

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31. Become a Social Media Specialist

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 31

One of the most notorious trends on this very list is the need to invest some money contracting the services of creative teams or creative agencies. These are usually tasked to handle the social media strategies to position a business on the web by using social networks and creating a landing website where a customer can engage with the brand.

You can become an expert on these tools too by investing some money on proper formative courses that will give you the means to understand how these marketing strategies work. While you can get the additional experience on your own by trial and error, you’ll be able to offer your services as a social media specialist for a fee after being more experienced.

32. Start a Cleaning Service

If you are wondering how this option landed the list pay close attention: A cleaning service pays very good money if you are willing to offer your services after working hours to offices and certain business outlets. The investment you need to make goes on par with the quality of the service you are looking to provide, as well as your targeted customer base. You’ll need, cleaning supplies, transportation, and employees to cover the shifts.

The task itself doesn’t sound really glamorous, but if your service proves to be reliable, efficient and trustworthy, good feedback and word of mouth will land you more business. As always you can help your start-up by setting up a webpage where customers can come along to contact you and leave feedback about the quality of the services provided.

33. Offer a House-Painting Business

House painting is one of the easiest trades to learn in the contractor business. It all comes down to the prep work you need to do on the surface that needs to be painted. That’s where most of the tricky parts are (and is also how most amateurs botch a job).

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 32

Is a good thing that there are many video tutorials out there that teach you how to prepare certain surfaces as well as the products you need for the job the right way.

The initial investment to set up a business operation like this should be on ladders, drop cloths, rollers, plastic covers, brushes, caulking, sandpaper by the bulk, a water pressure washer to clean surfaces, and jumpsuits for your employees. Paint is dealt separately with the customer after they decide to work with you.

34. Become a Professional Organizer

This is neither a drill nor a joke. A lot of people are very messy, and that’s a fact. They can’t get organized even if their life depended on it. A quick glance at their homes is all you need to realize how much help they need to get their act together.

If you are the type of person that likes to have everything tidy, properly arranged and well-presented this is the right line of work for you. The best part is that it doesn’t require much of an investment other than publicizing your services on social networks or websites where services of this kind are contracted such as Craigslist.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 33

To make this line of business work you just need to have organizational skills and put them into practice within a short time span. While the process is akin to a cleanup, your job is to arrange the personal effects of your customers, not get rid of their stuff.

35. Set-Up A Bike Rental Business

This is a great initiative for young people. If you managed to save some money for the summer and don’t feel like spending it all on meager stuff, you could start a simple business operation by renting bikes. You need to put down some money to get some bicycles, a bike rack and some sort of sing if you are going to partner up with a location such as a gas station or a mini-market.

You will probably have to cut them into your earnings, but look at the bright side: you wouldn’t have a business in the first place without their help. If you are providing the service on your location, your ad strategy using social media will be very cheap.

The bikes themselves don’t need to be brand new, as long as they are functioning well. You can have them checked by your local supplier and put down a little more money to have some maintenance done on them to refresh their look.

36. Become an Interiors Designer

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 34

Interior designing is the fine art of decorating a household or an office space with a very distinctive style to make it stand out from the rest. The work requires a good eye for color combination and accessorizing as well as a good measure of good taste. The field is very competitive, especially because many designers have an academic background.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 35

You can place yourself above most competitors by investing in some sort of crash course or certification, and by using design software to present proposed combinations and color schemes to your potential customers. Being tech savvy will give them some assurance that you know what you are talking about and it will make the overall experience more rewarding for you and your clients.

37. Organize a Virtual Assistant Service

Many businesses are working, and they need someone to cover certain services for them while they focus on their main tasks. If you have some experience with logistics, and organizational skills, this is the best line of work for you.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 36

You basically need to make an investment on laptops, a powerful internet connection and train a couple of people to work in task-management to set up a full-time service of virtual assistants that will undertake all the assignments asked by the main employer during a specific time period.

Since the work is handled remotely, you need to keep communication channels open at all moments to ask questions if it’s needed and to receive feedback on your performance. Attention to detail is the key to handle this kind of job.

38. Become an Online Influencer

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 37

An Influencer is a person with good knowledge of social media platforms and how to handle them to get the attention of an audience to a specific piece of content. Influencers have an established level of credibility that has earned them the following of many people willing to listen to everything they have to say about a topic, person or product.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 38

As the name implies they are able to “influence” their base audience and anyone outside, of it to consume a product or pay attention to a trend. Becoming an influencer requires hard work and some degree of education on the use of social networks as well as some charisma, the main investment these people make is rather on time than money since they need to refine their online persona and the way to approach their audience using the right engagement techniques.

39. Start a Local Catering Service

Providing meals by the bulk is always good business if you are willing to learn about your surroundings and the needs of your targeted customer base. There are seasonal events at every location that require catering services, and you just need to pay attention to the needs of your community and the things people on it like to eat.

Local fairs a good launching point. Funeral services and event planners are also good to associate with. Your main investment for a catering initiative is silverware, pans and all the cooking implements you need as well as the special trays needed to keep the food warm as you serve it. Transportation is also necessary since you need to be on time for each event and handle the logistics of setting up the servings before the people request their meals.

40. Sell Homemade Ornaments

If you happen to have any sort of crafting skills and experience with designs you can create a small line of ornaments to sell them. The main investment you’ll be making on a startup like this is on the implements you’ll need to bring your creations to life. The good news is that there are many online retailers ready to sell whatever you need to create your personal crafts, from beads to buttons or knitting threads.

After you have a stash of implements, you can create a sample of everything you think is marketable. Before making a blind leap to emptiness and come out disappointed you should check with a consultant to have objective feedback on your product and how to market it. You can also get information about where you should offer them as well as the bylines to handle an order if you are planning to set up shop online.

41. Start a Local Website

This business idea is ideal for small towns and communities with internet access. You can set up a local website when you keep informed the local townsfolk of everything that is going on in the community. The main investment will be buying out the domain that identifies your location and designing a website with an easy interface, accessible to everyone and easy to handle.

You can sell ad space to local businesses to get some revenue by traffic, or you can have these same businesses pay a small fee to announce special events such as sales or season clearances. With the decline of printed media, not many towns have a local paper anymore, and this is a great chance to fill that gap.

42. Create a Membership Website

You probably have the possibility to have access to a service that needs constant attention such as tutoring or consulting. Maybe you are able to generate a type of content that caters to your passions or hobbies. To provide these services or sell your content you can create a membership website to deal exclusively with the people that are willing to pay for a service that only you can offer.

This business model is not exactly new, and it’s often used by way too many generators of adult content, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t work with your personal brand.

As you can probably imagine by now, the main investment you’ll make will be focused on generating quality content on the subject or topic of your business niche. You also need to put down some money for a creative agency to design your marketing strategy and a website that is inviting enough with previews and teasers to turn your leads into paying customers.

43. Be a POP Material Wholesaler

The POP material is still widely used by many businesses to promote their services or their brands. The challenge faced by many small and medium businesses is that they need to outsource these services and buy stock material to print them out with their company logo. Your role is to cover the demand for these promotional materials by becoming a wholesaler and accommodate the orders of these businesses.

The main issue faced by most of these small-scale operators is that they can’t bring themselves to buy large orders for these materials due to the size of their budgets. You can enter the picture and handle their order by offering them a fixed price that makes up for any loses you might experience by cutting down a full shipment of POP material. It’s a win-win scenario where you are both covered.

44. Become a Career Counselor

In the past, many people held a steady job position for many years, usually until retirement age. These days where a multitude of disciplines have appeared and a new skill set is demanded every day a lot of people decides to shift their focus to something new at every moment. The access to information is slowly creating an array of professionals capable of handling multiple disciplines.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 39

Sometimes these skills are widely different from each other, and that’s where a Career counselor comes into play. If you wish to undertake this role, you need to invest in knowledge to specialize in a specific business niche or in multiple training disciplines to be able to help people wishing to change their professional path.

45. Become an Import/Exports Expert

One of the many challenges faced by almost every startup dealing with imported goods is that they simply don’t know how to do it. The same thing happens when a brand is ready to expand their operations beyond the borders, and they don’t have the slightest idea about logistics to make it happen. You can train yourself to become an expert in both fields and offer your services as an independent consultant for any business requiring advice on these matters.

Since these businesses have to deal directly with Customs Services, bureaucracy can take a toll on their efforts and wash them away. This eventually becomes a missed opportunity for these brands. But with the right guidance, they can overcome these obstacles to make these procedures work. You’ll need to become knowledgeable about laws, regulations, fees, and taxes collected during these procedures. If you manage to make the process as smooth as possible for these companies, you’ll get a huge payout in the end.

46. Offer Your Services as a Computer Specialist

You know what is the main complaint that almost every computer owner has about their equipment? That most of them can’t get decent customer support from the companies that manufactured their hardware. If you happen to have experience with computers, you know that most of them work more or less in the same way.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 40

You can become more knowledgeable about certain models or about software programs. That right there is where you’ll make your investment. After you are able to handle all the information about a certain operational system, or about the hardware of certain brands, you can offer your services as a computer specialist to fix any issue on-site or by remote assistance.

47. Manage a Personal Shopping Service

You know what is the main complaint that almost every computer owner has about their equipment? That most of them can’t get decent customer support from the companies that manufactured their hardware. If you happen to have experience with computers, you know that most of them work more or less in the same way.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 40

While this might sound excessive, the hard fact is that many professionals or people with workloads that take up to 18 hours a day simply don’t have time to buy groceries or shop around on the internet for goods and services. The great twist about this is that most of these people have the disposable income to call for a shopping service to handle their weekly stock for them.

While this is a groundbreaking notion of service, it requires dedication and attention to detail. Most customers are used to specific brands for their products, and you could face negative reviews if your team of shoppers is not up to the task. To set up a service like this you just need to hire talent with the patience to follow instructions and make the best use of their time to cover as much ground as they can on the shortest amount of time.

48. Become a Life Coach

If you want to narrow down the definition of what a life coach does is basically a person who is given the power to tell someone else how to live their lives and how to manage their decisions. While this might sound overly simplistic, it’s actually quite complex, and it needs some level of instruction and certification to make you able to understand the thought process of the people requiring your services.

You can build your skills to become a life coach by doing some heavy reading on the subject and maybe be investing in a program on your own to develop your personal approach. This works great as a complementary activity to round up more revenue since the working schedule can occupy very little tikes frames in the same fashion as a therapist appointment does.

50. Set a Local Landscape Service

If you live in the suburbs chances are most of your neighbors have a lot of green spaces in their home, same as you. This is a business opportunity right there. While most of them relegate this job to their kids for a fare, you can up the ante and offer a professional class service by investing on the right tools and gathering some knowledge on your own about outdoors and landscapes.

You can start by offering a basic grass cutter trim using a lawnmower. If you live in a seasonal location, you can offer a diverse catalog of services to your customers as you expand your operation. As you gain more experience you’ll be able to weed out a field, plant some flowers, fertilize a terrain. If you put down a little more money investing in equipment, you can even offer to plow the snow from their front doors during winter.

Condos That Are Near to MRT Stations

Get a detailed list of the best condos located at walking distance from MRT stations,

51. Set up A Cloud Hosting Service

One of the most valuable things in the modern world is storage space for data on the internet. What is commonly known as cloud storage is the mere act of placing our personal information and back up files on a storage service within a server that is not physically located where we are. This gives people the chance to access their data from any smart device as long as they have an internet connection.

Setting up a hosting Cloud Service requires some serious investment. The first thing you need to do is buy a number of servers with enough storage space. Since everyone needs to start small, we recommend you to offer your services within a radius of 10 miles from your main location. If you succeed and get a quick return, you can expand by offering data storage to other parts of your state.

52. Open a Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are still one of the most favored locations by various demographics to gather with friends. They are as popular as bars on some states, and they generate a good amount of revenue. While Starbucks has taken the limelight for some years now, many people like to try out new flavors and new roasting techniques for coffee beans. Given that many independent stores have their own recipes to serve coffee, they are still quite popular.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 42

To set up a coffee shop you need to settle on the level of commitment you’ll have with the locale as well as the size of your budget. If you have enough money and you just wish to cash in on the trend, you can always buy a franchise and hire a management team to handle it for you. But if you want something with a personal touch, you’ll need that money to make your place as unique as it can be.

53. Create an Arbitration Service

In far latitudes of the world, there used to be a figure of authority in small communities called a “peace judge.” These people took the opposing sides of a conflict and made them reach an agreement to resolve their differences by negotiating with them. In first world nations, many legal problems can be steeled outside of a courthouse. But when a conflict escalates both parties can agree to call for outside arbitration to solve the legal problem before it reaches a judge to save a load of money on both ends.

Working in an arbitration service requires an investment on knowledge about legal procedures. The best arbitrators are experienced lawyers themselves, but that doesn’t mean that someone with basic knowledge can’t handle a negotiation by using their smarts, wits, and negotiation skills. After all the laws tend to be very flexible and open to interpretation to best favor the conflicting parties.

54. Start a Bookkeeping Services

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 43

According to the US Federal Reserve, at least 51% of small business owners in America don’t have the slightest idea on how to keep accounting books or legible financial records. If you happen to have skills related to accounting or if you simply happen to be familiar with the process of keeping clean business records you can offer your services as a bookkeeper to the local businesses of your community for a fee.

You can schedule your visits every two weeks to keep their records clean, pay whatever bills need to be paid and send out the pending invoices that need to be collected from debtors. The main investment you will need is transportation to get where you are needed and time to spare while crunching numbers.

55. Manage a Human Resources Services

No small business has an HR department if they don’t have at least 50 workers on the payroll. The main choice of many business owners is to outsource this service to handle the talent as they have a need for it. To create a Human resources service in this day and age, you don’t even need an office. Investing in a laptop and a number of tools to evaluate assets are more than enough.

You will need, however, to build partnerships with sanitary services or therapists if you need your talent to pass medical checks. This is usually done in compliance with laws dealing with a business that demand constant handling of food ingredients or intense public interaction with customers, to make sure they have the right conditions to work in your business.

56. Build a Business Operation Using Affiliate Marketing

If you have a website or a blog with a great deal of traffic you can place strategic links on them tied to keywords or images to set an affiliate marketing service that benefits both parties based on previous agreements. In the past affiliate marketing was the leading sales strategy set by most websites.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 44

Amazon was considered the leading affiliate marketer, and by sheer projection and persistence, they have managed to retain the top spot for a long time. The problem with AM these days is that it has fallen from grace to more modern sale techniques that drive more conversions.

It’s still worth a shot though since many sales sites offer to pay commissions as high as 70% of the total cost of the promoted product on your website.

57. Publish an EBook

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 45

Since platform like Amazon and their kindle made it possible for people to self-publish their books on eBook format, everyone is doing it looking to score the next big hit. While editorial houses still exist most of them stick to their publication bylines by demanding certain levels of quality on the product they’ll release under their imprint.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 46

While many authors offer different takes on subjects that have been treated over quite a few times, this must not discourage you, as you don’t know if you have the next top-selling masterpiece on your hands.

Even if you score a moderate success with your publication is very likely that your creation will be dissected by analysts and copied by people trying to replicate your formula. Be sure to copyright and trademark your content if you wish to embrace this business strategy.

58. Start a Moving Service

Moving around belongings is a good business initiative even if you don’t have the full capital to set up an operation on your own. The best approach to this business initiative is to rent the trucks you’ll need to provide each service and include the costs on the final quote you’ll offer to your potential customers as “additional expenses” or “operative costs.”

The second part of the investment is the packaging materials you’ll actually need to store the belongings of your clients properly as well as the manpower to do the job properly. As you increase your customer base and work locally, you’ll get a quick return to your investment, and you’ll be able to expand to other areas and buy your own trucks.

59. Become a Liquidator

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 47

Yes, it sounds threatening, but it’s an actual job description that requires a huge capital investment on your behalf. The working scheme is really simple: when a business declares bankruptcy, it must liquidate their assets to pay any pending debts that need to be covered. A liquidator is hired to come along and buy every unsecured asset available on the cheap, to sell it for a guaranteed return at the lowest possible cost.

The liquidator gets his money back out of the sale, charges a commission for the services provided and the rest of the money is put in the hands of the financial institution requesting payment. The work system of liquidators is tied to a number of law regulations, but his job is to make money where there is very little to be obtained and to do it with efficiency.

60. Build a Leasing Service

If you are wondering right now what you can lease, the answer is quite simple: anything you want. In many parts of the world, it has become a big business to lease a number of assets for specific periods of time. The automotive industry has been leasing their cars instead of selling them for quite some time now.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 48

The real estate industry has been doing it for the longest time now. The business model has migrated to other assets such as musical instruments, boats, planes, and bikes. In short, every single thing that is exposed to become obsolete by the passing of time or by the continuous updates offered by its own manufacturing industry.

61. Start a SaaS service

Software as a Service is currently in high demand by a number of established companies and startups. The number of services offered is very diverse, and the initial investment comes down to the type of operation or service you are willing to offer. Your first move is to create a website where customers can contact you or hire your services. The landing page in question should have every piece of information available about your services.

If you need examples of successful SaaS operation, just take a look at every cloud service available on the market, or funnel service, or VPN. Just make sure you do the right research and the proper investment to offer top quality service. There are two ways to profit from with this initiative: one is to compete against an established player, the other is to lend your platform to other players needing backup or sell them the operation to make a mint out of it.

62. Build a Drop Shipping Platform

Drop shipping sounds quite easy when you do first-hand research about it: you can set shop as a seller of products by the bulk or as an online retailer without actually buying inventory. Your work is done backstage, by coordinating operations and working as the middleman between a supplier or wholesaler and a final customer by offering their products on your website.

As far as investment goes, you need a lot of money to create a drop shipping business. A computer with high-powered internet access is essential. You need to do a lot of research and have great organizational skills to manage each deal with your suppliers. Is safe to say that the greatest investment you’ll make in the end is time.

63. Create a Self-Service Laundry Service

If you take into account the fact that real estate space in big cities is one of the most expensive assets ever, and a lot of people rely on laundry services to keep their clothes clean, is easy to see a business opportunity in here. Sadly it requires a sound investment in a good location and high-powered, durable washing machines to begin with.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 49

After some time you’ll be able to collect slow but steady returns if you have done your study properly and set up your laundry service in a prime location. Remember that you’ll also need to make your services attractive to the customer: offer them cleaning products for a small fee, add some dryers to let them get their clothes dried, offer seating spaces and magazines.

64. ome Vending Machines

If you happen to have businesses locations near home that have high traffic of walking people at rush hours, you can strike a deal with them to win some money out of their strategic locations: offer to set up vending machines on their locales and share some of the profits with them. This is actually quite easy to set up and is easy to handle since you need to make periodical restocks to the machines and monthly checkups to keep them working properly.

While it doesn’t sound like much, making an investment in this field can add a lot of profits as you increase the volume of locations and vending machines. Offering a good diversity of snacks is also a way to get the attention of your customers. You can always start out with one and keep compounding those returns to expand your operation!

65. Rent Storage Space

Creating a storage business operation can be a little tricky, but it’s totally doable on a budget. It all comes down to the resources you have available and how much money you can actually spend. If you own a terrain lot, you’ll need to get the proper permits and build the storage units in accordance to the type of service you are willing to offer. The more money you pour on it, the more you will be able to charge for top quality storage services.

Temperature-controlled storage spaces are very popular these days. Operations that showcase a great deal of security and technology dedicated to the care of the stored goods are also very sought after. If your budget allows for that kind of service, a good marketing strategy and favoring word of the mouth feedback will do the rest of the job to get you noticed.

66. Create a Cryptocurrency ATM Service

Digital currencies are still considered one of the hottest assets out there, and they certainly are used very often by short-term investors to generate quick profits. You can partake as a middleman in these transactions by setting up an ATM operation. There are quite a number of popular services already out there, such as AirTM who works more like a broker by connecting two persons looking to trade cryptocurrencies for fiat money.

If you happen to have the capital to offer the service by yourself, you can get greater control over the revenue generated out of each transaction. If you work using the AirTM formula, you still get to win some money, but just based on commissions by handling the assets of both parties and making contact with each one. In the end, you’ll generate revenue by volume of operations. Neither one of these are bad models, but as you can see, they do have their pros and cons.

67. Create a Video Service

This subject is closely related to the topic touched previously (about becoming a Youtuber). Sometimes the people looking to venture into this type of startup have little extra money to expand. They usually hire video editors to handle their content for them. Established players also do so when they become more popular.

You can also offer your services to people wishing to record a special moment such as weddings, graduations or anniversaries; you’ll likely work with a photographer, so you can go one step further and associate with one to bring more profits to the table and offer a wide option of services. The main investment both will need to make is on video equipment as well as lenses cameras and software to handle it.

68. Become a Professional Reviewer

This one it’s actually hard to believe, but a lot of entrepreneurs and retailers out there are more than willing to pay good money to have their products reviewed. While many of them take the professional approach and can handle the criticism, a lot of them pay for a good review about whatever they are selling.

To set shop as a reviewer, you need to hire writing talent unless you are willing to do it yourself. You can contact these companies and offer your services and work under a referrals system that will grant you profits for each visitor that engages the brand using your review as a leading spot to the landing page.

69. Become a reseller of Technology

This one it’s actually hard to believe, but a lot of entrepreneurs and retailers out there are more than willing to pay good money to have their products reviewed. While many of them take the professional approach and can handle the criticism, a lot of them pay for a good review about whatever they are selling.

To set shop as a reviewer, you need to hire writing talent unless you are willing to do it yourself. You can contact these companies and offer your services and work under a referrals system that will grant you profits for each visitor that engages the brand using your review as a leading spot to the landing page.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 50

Most people out is under the impression that everyone is always looking to work with the latest technological release and that’s just plain wrong. A lot of folks out there are very knowledgeable about their tech and the items they are willing to work with. Unfortunately, most of these devices get discontinued time or get updated. These particular users are willing to pay good money to get served with the specific model of product they need before embracing an updated item.

Plenty of devices can be traded in this niche: Blu-Ray players without smart connections and USB ports are a very sought-after commodity by people who just want to play their digital files on a big screen. Smartphones with certain capabilities plug capabilities are preferred to the ones that rely so heavily on the internet to work every single function. MP3 Players such as classic iPods are considered collector pieces as well as preferred means to manage music by many people out there. You can make a killing by selling these devices if you can get a grip on this type of market.

70. Invest in Foreign Government Treasury Bills

A good number of nations are open to offering treasury bills to keep their economy dynamic and goring. Singapore is one of them since they are currently rated a triple-A nation with a solid economy that is set to grow and expand even more.

They are currently offering treasury bills to whoever wants to invest in them that are payable after 1 year at a rate of 1.32%. While the percentage does sound a bit low, if you invest over $100,000 you’ll get a nice chunk of change after the wait time lapses (about $1300) the more you invest, the more you profit of these bills with no feasible risks in the future.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 50

Most people out is under the impression that everyone is always looking to work with the latest technological release and that’s just plain wrong. A lot of folks out there are very knowledgeable about their tech and the items they are willing to work with. Unfortunately, most of these devices get discontinued time or get updated. These particular users are willing to pay good money to get served with the specific model of product they need before embracing an updated item.

Plenty of devices can be traded in this niche: Blu-Ray players without smart connections and USB ports are a very sought-after commodity by people who just want to play their digital files on a big screen. Smartphones with certain capabilities plug capabilities are preferred to the ones that rely so heavily on the internet to work every single function. MP3 Players such as classic iPods are considered collector pieces as well as preferred means to manage music by many people out there. You can make a killing by selling these devices if you can get a grip on this type of market.

Condos That Are Near to MRT Stations

Get a detailed list of the best condos located at walking distance from MRT stations,

71. Invest in Foreign Government Bonds

Saving Bonds is a tool offered by countries to allow external investors to safe keep money into the economy flow of a nation. Keeping in line with our recurring case, Singapore offers one of the most solids Saving Bonds offered in the market.

The product is launched once a year, and it allows investors to collect dividends each month with diverse interest rates, depending on the ongoing performance of the economy of the nation issuing them.

As investors choose to let, the saving bond sits they will be able to collect monthly returns on them. The last monthly interest rate measured at these bonds specifically reported profits of 2.28% with a tendency to stability since many people are leaving the bond to sit tight for the time being.

73. Invest on a Saving Plan

A lot of banks and insurance companies are able to offer savings plans to people looking forward to financial security after retiring. Many of these companies offer alternatives for investment opportunities that will yield secured returns according to them. While most of these companies offered reputed services, the best approach you can take is by doing some homework on these initiatives and be aware of the dealings done backstage.

Many of these plans require financial discipline that not everyone is able to have, they will demand a fixed payment each month for a number of years and the money will be locked with the purpose of moving it around to generate earnings. If you fail a payment or request money in advance, the final result of your investment will be lacking.

74. Learn a Trade

While we have touched upon the subject of education is a great investment, we haven’t aimed the advice properly. Learning a trade might be one of the best pieces of advice offered to every young person out there. Even if you are an adult, it might not be so bad for you to handle some tools in this day and age.

This particular era is filled with people looking to win money by avoiding getting their hands dirty. Learning a trade means that you will be capacitated to fix things, and you can do so for a price according to your skill set the way you handle your craft. Plumbing, electricity and handyman capabilities are some of the most sought-after services in big cities. You can make a mint out o them.

75. Get involved into initial Public Offering

Every time a big name brand announces that “is going public” means that they are offering shares of stock to let the common people, as well as investors with deep pockets, partake in the ownership of their companies.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 52

When the companies get listed in the public market, the investors will be able to track down the behavior of their stock on as it performs on the open market. At the moment there some established names that are the ever-present kings of the stock market either because they are able to keep their stability or because their prices soar even with meaningless announcements.

Getting involved in these activities requires an investment of a certain level to make a mark. Even so, knowledgeable people can turn a mere investment of $1,000 into millions if they know what they are doing and how to play the market.

76. Become a Developer Mobile Apps

This might be surprising but some of the most profitable apps in the world where created by design, meaning that a creative mind though about them and every single one of their functions. Most of the times these creative don’t have a single idea about how to generate the proper code to create their apps and keep them running.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 53

This is where the investment part comes in. Coding an app is not exactly cheap, but the programmer will generate your app as you want it to function. If you strike out gold and your app becomes popular, the profits will be collected immediately. Make sure you work with a creative team that helps you expand your horizon beyond your initial offering to keep your app fresh.

77. Buy Participation on a Franchise

If you are not exactly business savvy, you can always earn additional money by buying out a franchise. Most of these brands have established business models that will help you generate income as soon as you set up shop. Handling a franchise is quite demanding since the franchisor usually ha very specific request to make a proper representative of the brand out of you.

To get a franchise up and running you need money to secure participation. There are some sure-fire hits such as McDonalds and KFC. But we recommend you to start out with a local brand related to your hometown, something popular and easy to recognize. Aside of money for the participation, you’ll need to extra cash to pay off the staff that will attend to your customers.

78. Create a Service to Lease Furniture

Maybe this idea is the one that sounds way too out there, but hear us out: for many businesses is actually cheaper to lease their furniture instead of buying it. If you are asking why the reasons are behind the basic rules of setting up shop for entrepreneurs: A company that buys a lot of furniture and falls under is stuck with it, and it will need to liquidate these assets, making the process more complicated and expensive.

On the other side, if the startup is successful, the company can keep leasing their furniture to keep maintenance costs low and simply request a change of style at their liking. Your main investment will be on getting specific types of furniture and storage space to keep it at hand. You’ll also need all sorts of storing supplies to keep them well-conserved.

79. Create a 3D-Printing Service

A lot of companies and private persons need to craft out a prototype or create special tooling or mold for thousands of projects around the world. Not every company has the budget to hire a full-time designer to craft prototypes. The best course of actions for them is to hire a third party to do the job for them, but this can also get quite expensive depending on the tools used by the hired help.

3D design and printing have finally achieved massification, and it’s out there for anyone willing to embrace it. Many companies prefer to hire creative teams behind agencies to handle their prototype for them and get the job done. The process has proven to be efficient and cost-effective. The investment you need to do to set-up this type of operation is mainly on the hardware used to manage the process and the people with the knowledge on how to handle it.

80. Become a Translator

If you know more than one language, you can easily get to work as a translator. If you handle the basic behind the orthography of a foreign language, you can actually make a killing at it since you can handle two fronts of the business: By handling in-person communications and by translating texts or documents in writing.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 54

The main investment in this field is time since you need the practice to handle your thought patterns in your mother language and the foreign one. You will also need a computer to keep open channels of communication with your clients, but also to handle written work. Once you get adjusted to it, you might want to spend money on a learning course to try and manage a third language to earn more money.

There is no preset amount of money to make the best investment. In the world of finances, there are two types of assets: the ones that offer returns in the short run, and the ones that require some patience on behalf of the investor to be able to claim some earnings.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 55

While is not our place to make a decision for you about the type of assets you should invest in, we can offer some guidance about what are the best lines of business to pursue, as well as the ones that offer the best returns according to the amount of money you place.

If you are asking yourself right now how can you get investment money to get involved in this world in the first place, the answer is not really complicated, but it certainly depends on your lifestyle, your financial choices, and your social background.

If you are the type of person that works hard for every dollar you have in your savings accounts, this guide is for you. If you are not quite there, read up, we can help you out.

By now, we probably have your attention, and you certainly are interested in the topic enough to learn a few things. Let’s begin with a few definitions, so you get familiar with investments and the slang sounding this field.

After we are done with this, we’ll begin our brief instruction about the best types of investments you can make to multiply your hard earned money and make the most out of your savings (or that special bonus that is deposited on your bank account that you don’t dare spend on frivolous things).

Basics of Investment

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 56

The less complex way to explain what’s an investment is to define it as the act of committing a specific amount of money to a business endeavor with the sole expectation of getting a multiplied return in the form of profits. Is a way to take the hard earned money you collect after long hours of work and make it work on your behalf?

If you are asking right now what you could call “investment money” take a deep look at your finances: every cent that you can spare after covering your basic needs is money you can use to put it on an investment. Everyone is able to invest at some point in their life, but it all comes down to your discipline to save money and how you handle it.

Investment Vehicles

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 57

We’ll call investment vehicles to every single field where you can place your money and make a profit on it. Globalization and multiculturalism, as well as technology, have opened the doors to a nearly infinite number of investment vehicles, making them accessible to everyone no matter the size of their money placement.

There are traditional vehicles such as real estate, stocks, bonds, papers, mutual funds. There are also modern vehicles such as cryptocurrencies, hedge funds, REIT’s, private equities, mutual funds and ETF funds that are accessible for people willing to invest but with not enough financial power behind them. The most classic vehicle of all is setting your own entrepreneurship. This is one of the riskiest and more demanding vehicles on the list, but also one of the most satisfying.


After winning money for the first time, many investors feel fulfilled, but an old adagio in the world of finances states that “to win money you have to spend money.” Hitting it big for the first time could be a lucky shot, but if you manage to conduct yourself right, by listening to the right advice and making the right moves, you’ll soon find yourself compounding your earnings.

This act is nothing more than taking the money you won from that lucky shot and investing it again in smarter fashion. This is how most newcomers to the field of investments make their bones and learn the pulse of the market they are interested in. It’s not the easiest road to travel since it calls for time and money, but it certainly is the one that gives you more experience.

Risk and Returns

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 58

As you gain experience in investments, these words will acquire a whole new meaning for you. Every business demanding an investment has a “risk” factor associated with the way developers manage the project. Nearly every new business out there these days asks for upfront financing while offering a series of advantages to early investors; this is what we call “returns.” Knowledge is the most important thing you’ll need to handle risk.

A good investor will always check the background of whoever comes their way offering a business proposal no matter how small the investment seems to be. It’s common knowledge in the finances world that every business endeavor offering high returns has some of the highest risk factors ever and there is also a good chance that it is a scam. If it’s too good to be true, you shouldn’t trust it.


The last element of this basic glossary is something that is not for everyone but is a path that can be embraced if your interests lie on multiple fields of the financial world. As the word implies “diversification” is a way to expand your horizons in the business world by undertaking the challenge to risk your money on different investment vehicles.

80+ Ways to Make Money by Investing 59

Diversification also gives you an opening to cover your back and diminish your risk exposure on a single field. By using the right strategies to manage your investments, you should be able to cover the losses generated on a single field of your diverse portfolio with the earnings of another. Almost every multinational in the world have expanded by using this approach, so there is no reason for you to do it on a smaller scale.

Now with knowledge on our side, we can talk about the best assets and business initiatives where you can place an investment to secure the best returns.

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to making money, there are no such things as bad ideas. Every single initiative that you are able to come up with deserves consideration and analysis. It’s important to keep your ideas grounded in reality by sharing them with the right people. That way you can get help to shape your efforts or aim them in the right direction. As you can see from the list of options we just offered through this list, becoming an entrepreneur doesn’t have a preset budget, and you can turn almost anything into a trade with a little imagination and some money to set up your operation. Getting discouraged is not an option. When you check the background of some of the most recently successful entrepreneurs every single one of them will coincide in telling you that persistence is the key to success. Check by yourself what Elon Musk did when the banking system didn’t work in a way that suited him. Learn what Steve Jobs did when he became fed up with the size of Walkmans and personal CD players. Research what Jeff Bezos did when retail stores wouldn’t offer him the products he needed. All you need is some imagination and to put a lot of hard work into making your idea stick. Even if you don’t succeed, no one will be able to say you didn’t try.

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