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What to Know About Aljunied Community Center 

Participate in some kid-focused abacus classes or enroll in a ballet lesson at the facility! The Aljunied Community Center specializes in Hosting activities and classes for kids and adults! Ba Duan Jin classes get only offered at this one community center.

The Aljunied Community Centre is close to public transportation and gets situated on the void deck of Building 100.

Courses provide

The Aljunied Community Centre offers a wide range of classes for locals of all ages, including conversational English for seniors and ballet for young children.

Ballet for children

Ballet is a cerebral and physical sport. It improves concentration and analytical abilities. It teaches kids how to listen to instructions and demonstrates how to spot and resolve issues they could run into on the dance floor.

Ballet dancing also increases self-confidence. Ballet instruction fosters a sense of success and pride. It teaches kids how to feel at ease on stage, which can benefit them in various areas of their lives.


Aerobics is a type of physical activity that mixes rhythmic aerobic exercise to enhance all aspects of health with stretching and strength training regimens (flexibility, muscular strength, and cardio-vascular fitness). Practitioners conduct a variety of routines made up of a variety of different dance-like activities to prevent sickness and boost physical health. A formal aerobics class will have five parts: a warm-up (5-10 minutes) and cardiovascular conditioning (25-30 minutes). And muscular strength and conditioning (10-15 minutes), cool-down (5-8 minutes), and stretching and flexibility (5-8 minutes). These parts have different levels of intensity and complexity. Exercise courses

Ba duan jin

The Ba Duan Jin, a series of eight exercises frequently practiced alongside Qigong, is only available at Aljunied CC, the only CC that offers it. Every Sunday, a Free session of Ba Duan Jin is held at the CC for locals to attend. 

A type of Qigong is called Ba Duan Jin. by causing the numerous meridian systems inside the body to move through the movement of the external body parts. There are eight movements in all. The 12 internal meridians are activated when several beneficial actions get taken. It is simple to learn, and the advantages appear quickly. This type of Qigong concentrates on breathing. The muscles can relax, and our minds can be at ease with steady, deep breathing. More oxygen and nutrients will reach the individual cells, and the brain will have an opportunity to relax.


With a history spanning more than 4,000 years, the erhu is one of the most significant Chinese musical instruments. Even though it only has two strings, it can express various emotions.

Despite being referred to as the “Chinese violin,” the erhu is very different from the western instrument in many respects. In the beginning, it gets typically played vertically while on the musician’s lap. Since there is no fingerboard, the musician must press only on the strings themselves to grip and vibrate the strings. The hair of the erhu bow is either moved forward or backward to capture a String after it gets secured between the Two Strings. The wooden drum of the instrument functions as a natural amplifier by resonating with the melody. 

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