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Everything About Ang Mo Kio Community Centre

Ang Mo Kio CC is a ten-minute walk from Ang Mo Kio Central and the lovely flora of Bishan Park. The CC offers a variety of programs and activities for people of all ages, including in the areas of cooking, handicrafts, beauty, languages, singing, exercise, martial arts, dancing, musical instruments, rhythmics, and modern living.

Additionally, renting options for the Ang Mo Kio Community Centre conference and classroom spaces exist. They are perfect for meetings, training sessions, and other community events.


The facilities provided by Ang Mo Kio Community Centre get listed below.

  • Tea Art Room
  • Pottery Workshop
  • Music Room
  • Basketball Court
  • Computer Room
  • Kindergarten Room
  • Multi-Purpose Room

Courses They Offered

SkillsFuture@PA MS Excel

Make the most of Microsoft Excel. Highlights:

  • Overview of Spreadsheets
  • Spreadsheet Uses
  • Spreadsheets’ advantages
  • Display Layout
  • Making a Worksheet
  • Excel Commands
  • Formatting a Worksheet
  • Making Charts
  • Chart Wizard

SkillsFuture@PA MS Word

Take full advantage of Microsoft Word. Highlights:

  • Word Introduction
  • Making a New Document
  • Word Document Formatting
  • Grammar & Spelling
  • Word Views
  • Page Setup
  • Headings and Footers
  • Page Number

Recreational Folk Dance (Elementary)

Through dance, you may improve your flexibility, balance, and gait! Specially choreographed and modified versions of numerous dances get used in recreational folk dancing. It combines traditional folk dances from different ethnic cultures around the globe. Take part in the dancing to get your groove on and learn to appreciate the dance as a means of expressing other cultures.

SkillsFuture@PA Basic Computer Step 1 and 2

The following will get taught to the participants:

  • Getting Started on IT
  • Communicating using IT
  • Fun with IT
  • Getting Started on IT
  • Make IT Safe To You

Guzheng (Adult) – Elementary

The Guzheng, an ancient Chinese musical instrument with plucked strings and movable bridges, is related to the Japanese koto. Participants pick up the necessary skills for playing this instrument in a small group. When students have gathered enough knowledge and experience, they might be able to join an existing Chinese orchestra at a club or community center.

Recreational Instrumental Pop Singing (Mandarin)

The basics of singing, breathing exercises, and diaphragm training will get covered by the participants. Additionally, they will study musical pace and pronunciation. The emphasis gets placed on reading rudimentary musical notation. A musical instrument, such as the piano, will be used to teach this subject.

Training Providers

Leow Liang Hee

Leow Liang Hee earned diplomas in business management and computer studies from the Singapore Institute of Management and Informatics Computer School. He began instructing in community centers in 2004. (CCs). He has years of expertise teaching IT training for corporate courses and at CCs, and he is proficient in both Mandarin and English. He also has a lot of experience interacting with students.

Ng Khim Liang

Since 1999, Ng Khim Liang has been instructing guzheng at the CCs.

Tan Soo Khim

Tan Soo Khim has given solo and group performances. Since 1987, he has been instructing karaoke singing.

Lee Yon Chai

Lee Yon Chai holds an Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing Gold Student certificate in Disco/Freestyle/Rock ‘n’ Roll. She took part in Chingay 2003 and several seminars for folk dance led by Taiwanese instructors. Since 2000, Yon Chai has been instructing folk dance at the CCs.

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