Cairnhill Community Club

Cairnhill Community Club

What are the Activities for Seniors in Cairnhill Community Club?

A business entity registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority is called Cairnhill Community Club (UEN ID S65PB0014J). The company gets founded on March 27, 2009. Low Hien Kiah, the head of the Cairnhill Community Club Management Committee (CCMC), and Venezuelan Ambassador Alfredo Toro Hardy at the Venezuela Friendship Day celebration at Cairnhill CC, which gets sponsored by the Venezuelan Embassy and the People’s Association’s Professionals, Managers, Executives, and Technicians (PMET) Division. The Newton Hawker Center is directly near to the music room, basketball court, and badminton court at the Cairnhill Community Center. A wide variety of enrichment classes in topics like cooking, martial arts, and sports get also offered.

Community games:

For instance, because they spend less time outside the home as they age, many people with mobility challenge the risk of feeling lonely. But social interaction and getting out of the house are crucial for maintaining good mental and emotional wellness. Fortunately, local clubs and interest groups like RSLs and Cairnhill Community Club fund a tonne of senior-focused events in the community. These consist of occasions like bingo and other game nights. Therefore, if you have a competitive streak, participating in these group activities may be a lot of fun and a fantastic way to stay involved in your neighborhood.

Seniors fitness classes:

Senior fitness programs and group workouts are great ways to stay in shape, active, and engage with your neighborhood. Being with people our age and a range of skills may be both fun and good for our physical and emotional health. Several group exercise sessions designed especially for seniors are available at your local gym, health club, or senior center. These include swimming and aerobics, tai chi, yoga, dancing classes, weightlifting, and strength training.

Musical activities:

No matter the degree of talent, music may be enjoyed and has long been known to improve health. Studies have shown that music may significantly improve one’s mood, mental health, and even physical well-being by enhancing blood flow, reducing stress, and reducing pain. Additionally, music is a potent memory aid and can evoke cherished memories from our past. Elderly music classes in the community are not only a lot of fun. But they might also bring comfort and tranquility to those with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Are you trying to find the closest station or stop at the Cairnhill Community Club?

Check out this list of stations that are most convenient for your location: Mount Elizabeth Hospital (Next To Car Park Exit); Scotts Rd – Newton Stn Exit B (40189); Bt Timah Rd – Newton Stn Exit C (40041); Little India (NE7|DT12); Scotts Rd – Opp Env Bldg (40171); Scotts Rd – Env Bldg (40179); Bt Timah Rd – Newton Fc (40031); Scotts Rd – Env.You can take a bus, an MRT, or an LRT to get to the Cairnhill Community Club. These are the routes and lines that have close stops:

  • Bus: 105, 143, 162M, 48, 502
  • North South Line, Downtown Line

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