Farrer Park MRT

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Farrer Park MRT

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Learn more about the Farrer Park MRT

Farrer Park MRT Station (NE8) is a North-East Line (NEL) underground station located within Farrer Park and near the Kampong Java and Lavender planning subzones. The station gets located beneath the Connexion building, which houses a hospital and a hotel. Farrer Park gets named after John Farrer, the President of the Municipal Commissioners from 1919 to 1931. After the former Singapore Turf Club relocated to Bukit Timah in 1935, the area gets renamed Farrer Park, leaving behind an old racetrack where Farrer Park Primary School presently sits. Close to the Farrer Park MRT are residential flats between Pek Kio and Tessenohn Road, shophouses, commercial/residential mixed structures at Owen Road and Rangoon Road condominiums, and shopping malls around Kitchener Road. Farrer Road station on the Circle Line is not to confuse with this station.

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The intersection of Farrer Road and Empress Road gets reconfigured on December 1, 2004, and the station was renamed Farrer Road on January 11, 2007. 


    • Platform A: North East Line through NE7DT12 Little India to NE1CC29 HarbourFront
    • Platform B: North East Line through NE9 Boon Keng to NE17PTC Punggol

Farrer Park MRT station has two platforms in an island platform configuration, with trains running in both directions using both platforms. The air-conditioned station is isolated from the tunnel environment by full-height Platform screen doors, which improve commuter safety and station comfort. Because the concourse level extends around the platform, the ceiling is two stories high at the platform level. The concourse is accessible through escalators, stairs, and elevators.

Expected train arrival times and dominant messages get shown on Passenger Information Systems, which are plasma display panels positioned at each platform. Tactile flooring aids the sight-impaired in getting from the platform to the station exits.

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The concourse has fare gates for automatic fee collection passage between the station’s paid and unpaid portions, with at least one bidirectional wide-swinging gate for passengers in wheelchairs, carrying heavy objects, or those traveling with prams. A free corridor connects the station’s two ends, allowing people to go between exits without using the railway system. Commuters can buy tickets for single or many travels from General Ticketing Machines that accept contactless card transactions, just like Top-up Machines. The station office serves as a Passenger Service Centre, where commuters may inquire about travel options, During operational hours.

farrer park mrt station

Art in Transit

Farrer Park is known for the location of Singapore’s first horse racing turf club, from whence the street name ‘Old Racecourse Road’ comes. With the Horse Racing and Soccer series of artworks named Rhythmic Exuberance by Singapore artist Poh Siew Wah, Farrer Park’s interior design reflected the essence of the locality’s athletic legacy. Poh’s artwork Aviation pays homage to the first airplane landing in Singapore, which took place on Old Racecourse Road in Farrer Park in 1911.


A- City Square Mall
B -Race Course Road
Tessensohn Road
C-Race Course Road
Birch Road
D-Gloucester Road
E-Northumberland Road
F-Roberts Lane
G-Serangoon Road
Perumal Road
H-City Green
City Square Mall [Basement 2]
I-City Green
City Square Mall [Escalators]


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