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by | Oct 8, 2023

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Freehold Condominiums in Singapore: A Comprehensive Guide for Residence

Freehold Condominiums in Singapore A Comprehensive Guide for Residence

What is a Freehold Condominium?

freehold condominium in Singapore refers to a type of residential property where the buyer enjoys permanent ownership of both the unit and the land it sits on.

Unlike leasehold condos, which have a limited tenure, freehold condos provide property owners with the assurance that they can pass down their property to future generations.

Benefits of Freehold Condominiums

Investing in a freehold condominium in Singapore comes with several advantages.

Firstly, the freehold status ensures that property buyers have long-term security and can enjoy the benefits of property ownership without the worry of a lease expiring.

Additionally, freehold properties appreciate over time, making them a potentially lucrative investment.


Moreover, freehold properties offer flexibility, as owners have the freedom to renovate and customize their units as per their preferences.

Another advantage is that freehold condos often come with better amenities and facilities, such as swimming pools, gyms, and landscaped gardens, enhancing the overall quality of life for residents.


Drawbacks of Freehold Condominiums

While freehold condominiums have numerous advantages, it is essential to consider the drawbacks as well.

One disadvantage is the higher price tag associated with freehold properties compared to leasehold options.

Additionally, owners of freehold condos are responsible for monthly maintenance fees, which cover the management and upkeep of common areas.


Furthermore, there is a risk associated with freehold properties being redeveloped or en-blocked, where the entire development is sold for redevelopment.

This could disrupt residents and require them to relocate or find alternative housing options.

In conclusion, freehold condominiums in Singapore offer long-term ownership, appreciation in value, flexibility, and improved facilities.

However, buyers should carefully consider the higher costs and the risk of redevelopment.

It’s essential to consult with real estate professionals and conduct thorough research before making a purchase decision.

Key Takeaways

  1. Definition: Freehold condos grant permanent ownership of both unit and land, ideal for passing down to future generations.
  2. Benefits: Investing in freehold condos offers long-term security, potential for appreciation, flexibility in customization, and enhanced amenities.
  3. Drawbacks: Consider higher initial costs, monthly maintenance fees, and the risk of redevelopment when opting for freehold properties.
  4. Location Matters: Choose a condo near schools, shopping centers, and transportation hubs for convenience and potential value appreciation.
  5. Amenities: Look for condos with desirable amenities like pools, fitness centers, and communal spaces to enhance your quality of life.
  6. Price Evaluation: Evaluate the property’s price in alignment with your budget and long-term investment potential.
  7. Capital Appreciation: Freehold condos offer the potential for significant capital appreciation, especially in prime locations.
  8. Rental Yield: The vibrant rental market in Singapore can provide attractive rental yields for investors.
  9. Long-Term Investment: Singapore’s stable property market and economy make freehold condos an appealing option for long-term investment.
  10. Best Options: Consider your lifestyle preferences, whether it’s family-friendly amenities, luxurious features, or access to swimming pools when choosing a freehold condo.

Popular Freehold Condominiums in Singapore: East Coast, Kallang Riverside, Bukit

Popular Freehold Condominiums in Singapore East Coast Kallang Riverside Bukit

East Coast

In the highly sought-after East Coast area of Singapore, numerous freehold condominiums offer residents a luxurious lifestyle by the sea.

The East Coast region is known for its scenic coastline and vibrant community.

Some popular freehold condominiums in this area include East Coast, East Coast Road, East Coast Park, Upper East Coast Road, Katong Park, and more.

These condominiums provide residents with a wide range of amenities, including swimming pools, fitness centers, lush gardens, and easy access to the beach.



Situated near the city center, Kallang is a bustling district that offers a mix of residential, commercial, and recreational facilities.

Freehold condominiums in Kallang provide residents with the convenience of being close to various amenities, such as Kallang Wave Mall, Kallang Park, and Kallang Riverside.

The nearby Dakota MRT station and Haw Par Villa MRT station also offer excellent connectivity to other parts of Singapore.

Living in a freehold condominium in Kallang means residents can enjoy easy access to shopping, dining, parks, and public transportation.



Located in the western part of Singapore, Bukit is a popular residential area surrounded by lush greenery and nature reserves.

Freehold condominiums in Bukit provide residents with a tranquil living environment.

Some notable features of the site include Bukit Timah Road, Bukit Timah Shopping Belt, and Bukit 828.

Residents living in Bukit can enjoy a wide range of amenities, including prestigious schools, shopping malls, and recreational facilities.

The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is also a popular spot for outdoor activities and nature enthusiasts.

In conclusion, these are just a few examples of popular freehold condominiums in Singapore.

Each of these areas offers unique advantages and amenities, making them highly desirable locations for those looking to own a freehold property in the city-state.

Whether you prefer a vibrant beachside community, a bustling city environment, or a serene and green residential area, Singapore has a wide range of options to suit your preferences and lifestyle.


How to Choose a Freehold Condominium: Freehold Status

How to Choose a Freehold Condominium Freehold Status

When it comes to buying a new property in Singapore, freehold condominiums are a popular choice for many homeowners.

The appeal of owning a freehold property comes from the fact that you have full ownership rights and can pass the property on to your descendants.

Here are some key factors to consider when choosing a freehold condominium in Singapore.



One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a freehold condominium is its location.

Look for condos that are situated near amenities such as schools, shopping centers, and public transportation.

Consider whether the apartment is located in a prime area, such as the city center, or near popular attractions.

Proximity to these amenities will not only make your daily life more convenient but also contribute to the property’s potential appreciation in value.



Another critical factor in choosing a freehold condominium is the range of amenities it offers.

Look for condos that have desirable amenities, such as swimming pools, fitness centers, playgrounds, and communal spaces.

These amenities can enhance your quality of life and provide opportunities for socializing and relaxation.



When considering a freehold condominium, it is essential to evaluate the price.

Look for freehold properties that are within your budget and offer value for money.

Keep in mind that while freehold properties may have a higher price tag compared to leasehold properties, they typically provide better long-term investment potential.

Take into account the current property market and explore the rates for bank loans to determine the affordability of the property and the best home loan options available to you.


By considering these key factors, you can make an informed decision when choosing a freehold condominium in Singapore that aligns with your lifestyle and financial goals.


Freehold Condominiums as an Investment

Freehold Condominiums as an Investment

Potential for Capital Appreciation

Investing in freehold condominiums in Singapore offers the potential for significant capital appreciation.

As the demand for properties continues to grow, property prices are expected to rise.

Freehold properties, which come with no lease constraints, are desirable to property buyers seeking long-term investments.

Additionally, the age and location of the property play a crucial role in determining its appreciation potential.

Freehold condominiums in prime locations tend to experience higher appreciation rates compared to those in less desirable areas.


It is also essential to consider the outstanding loans on the property and maintain a good credit score.

Calculating the loan-to-value ratio helps determine the financial viability of purchasing a freehold condominium.

Lower loan amounts and favorable repayment terms indicate a higher chance of capital appreciation in the future.


Rental Yield

Apart from capital appreciation, freehold condominiums offer attractive rental yields.

With a vibrant rental market in Singapore, investors can capitalize on renting out their units.

The high demand for condo properties, coupled with limited supply, contributes to favorable rental rates.

It is crucial to research the specific rental yield of units in Singapore, as different areas may offer varying returns.


Considering the current rental yield and bank interest rates can help investors make informed decisions.

Calculating the potential rental income against monthly expenses, such as maintenance fees and taxes, provides a clear understanding of the rental yield.


Long-Term Investment

Investing in freehold condominiums in Singapore is a popular choice for long-term investment.

The central business districts and city centers, particularly in the central region, offer excellent opportunities for property buyers.

The stability of the property market, coupled with Singapore’s robust economy, makes it an attractive investment option.


Utilizing loan calculators to understand the financial implications of the investment and planning for long-term mortgage repayments is essential.

Investors who take a strategic approach and hold their freehold condominiums over an extended period can benefit from capital appreciation, rental income, and potential tax advantages.


In conclusion, freehold condominiums in Singapore present an excellent investment opportunity for those seeking capital appreciation, attractive rental yields, and long-term stability.

Conducting thorough research, considering property location, and understanding mortgage calculations are essential steps to making informed investment choices.


Best Freehold Condominiums in Singapore: Central Business

Best Freehold Condominiums in Singapore Central Business

When it comes to real estate, freehold condominiums are highly sought after in Singapore.

With a freehold property, owners have full ownership of the unit and land for an unlimited time.

If you’re in the market for a freehold condominium, here are some of the best options to consider.


Freehold Condominiums with Swimming Pools

One of the top reasons people opt for condominium living is the access to luxurious amenities.

Many freehold condominiums in Singapore offer beautiful swimming pools, pool decks, and even proximity to exclusive clubs like the Singapore Swimming Club.

Some notable options include Lap pool, Air deck, sq ft, and more.

These amenities provide residents with a resort-like experience right at their doorstep.


Freehold Condominiums with Family-Friendly Amenities

For families, it’s essential to choose a condominium that caters to the needs of children.

Look for freehold properties that are in close proximity to parks, schools, educational institutes, and playgrounds.

This ensures that your little ones have ample opportunities for outdoor activities and learning.

Katong Park and East Coast Park are popular areas with family-friendly amenities nearby.


Freehold Condominiums with Luxurious Amenities

If you’re looking for a touch of luxury, there are freehold condominiums in Singapore that offer exquisite features.

These properties often boast commercial units, proximity to the central business district, and access to fitness corners and yoga corners.

Additionally, 24-hour security ensures peace of mind for residents.


In conclusion, when searching for the best freehold condominiums in Singapore, consider your lifestyle preferences.

Whether you prioritize swimming pools, family-friendly amenities, or luxurious features, there are properties available to suit your needs.

Make an informed decision and enjoy the benefits of owning a freehold condominium in Singapore.



Freehold condominiums in Singapore

When it comes to investing in property in Singapore, freehold condominiums offer an attractive option.

These properties provide long-term ownership, giving buyers the peace of mind that they have a valuable asset that can be passed down to future generations.

In this article, we have highlighted the key features and advantages of freehold condominiums in Singapore, making them a popular choice among property buyers.


One of the significant benefits of freehold condominiums is their prime location.

Many freehold condominium developments are strategically located in the city fringe, offering residents easy access to the city center and amenities.

Whether it’s the heart of Orchard Road, the bustling Singapore Sports Hub, or the serene Singapore Botanic Gardens, there is always something nearby for residents to enjoy.


Additionally, freehold condominiums offer a range of amenities and facilities that enhance the quality of living.

Many freehold condo projects consist of well-designed condo units, complete with modern features and spacious layouts.

These condos often come with access to public transport, with MRT stations such as Potong Pasir and Paya Lebar just a stone’s throw away.

The proximity to primary schools like Dunman High and Chung Cheng High School further adds to the appeal for families.


Another advantage of freehold living is the potential for long-term appreciation.

The scarcity of freehold units and the high demand from buyers drive up property prices.

Investing in a freehold condominium can be a wise financial decision, as the value of the property is more likely to appreciate over time.


While some argue that freehold condominiums come with a higher price tag, the benefits make them a worthwhile investment.

Not only do they offer a sense of permanence and security, but they also provide a luxurious and convenient lifestyle.

With a wide range of choices in Singapore, there is a freehold condo that suits every buyer’s preferences and budget.


In conclusion, freehold condominiums in Singapore provide an excellent option for property buyers who seek long-term ownership and a high-quality living experience.

The combination of prime locations, luxurious amenities, and potential capital appreciation makes freehold condos a popular choice in the real estate market.

Whether you are looking to invest or find a place to call home, consider exploring the offerings of freehold condominium developments in Singapore.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are freehold condominiums in Singapore?

Freehold condominiums in Singapore are residential properties that are owned indefinitely by the buyer, giving them full ownership rights and the ability to pass on the property to their heirs.

What is the difference between a freehold condo and a leasehold condo?

The main difference is the length of ownership.

Freehold condos have no time limit on request, while leasehold condos are owned for a specific number of years before returning to the government.

Where are the best freehold condos located in Singapore?

The best freehold condos in Singapore can be found in various areas, such as the East Coast, Kallang, Tanjong Rhu, Kallang Riverside, Geylang, Bukit, and more.

These areas offer desirable locations and amenities.

Are there swimming pools in freehold condos?

Yes, many freehold condos in Singapore come with swimming pools as part of their amenities.

Residents can enjoy a refreshing swim without leaving the comfort of their residences.

Are there any freehold condos near the Botanic Gardens?

Yes, there are freehold condos located near the Botanic Gardens.

These condos provide convenient access to the lush greenery and recreational activities in one of Singapore’s most iconic parks.

What are the advantages of owning a freehold condo in Singapore?

Some advantages of owning a freehold condo in Singapore include long-term ownership, potential increase in property value, and the ability to customize and renovate the unit to suit personal preferences.

Are there any freehold condos within walking distance of Paya Lebar?

Yes, there are freehold condos located within walking distance of Paya Lebar.

These condos offer convenience for residents who frequent the area for work, shopping, or dining.

Can I find freehold condos for sale in Geylang?

Yes, there are freehold condos available for sale in Geylang.

Geylang is a vibrant neighborhood with a rich cultural heritage, making it an attractive location for property buyers.

Which are the cheapest freehold condos in Singapore?

The prices of freehold condos in Singapore vary depending on the location, size, and amenities.

It is recommended to consult with a real estate agent or do thorough research to find the most affordable options.

Are there any freehold condos located near Tanjong Rhu?

Yes, there are freehold condos located near Tanjong Rhu.

These condos offer residents the opportunity to enjoy the scenic views of the waterfront and easy access to nearby amenities.

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