Effortlessly Submit Your HDB Resale Application, Simplifying the Process and Maximizing Efficiency for a Seamless Resale Experience

by | Jun 10, 2023

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Effortlessly Submit Your HDB Resale Application, Simplifying the Process and Maximizing Efficiency for a Seamless Resale Experience

Are you considering purchasing an HDB flat through the resale application process?

If so, you’re in the right place!

In this blog, I’ll walk you through the entire process, from eligibility criteria to completing the transaction.

Even if you’re new to this topic, don’t worry – we’ll break down the jargon and provide a straightforward explanation.

Get ready to explore the HDB resale application process and learn to navigate each step easily.

Key Takeaways

Topic Key Takeaway
HDB Resale Application – HDB resale application allows buyers to purchase previously owned HDB flats
– Eligibility criteria include age, marital status, citizenship, and property ownership
Submitting a Resale Application – Buyers indicate interest, obtain valuation report, agree on Option to Purchase (OTP), and submit the application
– Steps involve agreeing on OTP, pre-inspection, valuation, application submission, and completion
HDB Resale Application Timeline – HDB takes approximately 2 weeks to process the application
– Buyers and sellers have 7 weeks to exercise OTP
– Sale completion usually takes place within 8 weeks from OTP exercise date
Required Documents for Resale – Essential documents include NRIC, CPF statement, loan eligibility letter, valuation report, and Option to Purchase agreement
– Verification documents include seller’s and buyer’s information, seller’s identity document, mortgage statement, and fire insurance policy
HDB Resale Portal – HDB resale portal allows for convenient and secure online submission of resale applications
– Benefits include speed, safety, and privacy of transactions
Tips for Viewing Resale Flats – Buyers should inspect plumbing, electrical work, damages, and maintenance records
– Pre-inspection allows buyers to identify defects and negotiate repairs
Considerations for Buying Resale – Factors to consider: property age, renovation plans, location, market rates, and personal preferences
Temporary Extension of Stay – Eligible sellers can apply for a temporary extension if their new home is not ready yet
– Application requires proof of new home purchase/lease and an application fee
Arranging Flat Viewings – Preparation includes inspection, cleaning, and ensuring appliances are in working order
– Conducting viewings should be professional, informative, and respectful
Responsibilities of Buyers/Sellers – Buyers and sellers must submit respective portions of the resale application within 7 days
– Buyers need to exercise OTP and pay option fee, while sellers complete necessary forms and provide requested information
Option to Purchase (OTP) – OTP grants buyer exclusive right to purchase within a specified timeframe
– Buyer pays option fee, which is kept by seller if the buyer fails to complete the purchase
Completing the Resale Transaction – Completion involves signing documents, paying fees, and transferring ownership
– Important documents include Sale and Purchase Agreement, Mortgage Loan Agreement, and Transfer of Flat Ownership
Post-Completion Matters – Responsibilities include paying property tax, updating information, notifying authorities, and completing contra payments
Completion and Handover Process – Hiring a lawyer or solicitor is recommended for representing the buyer
– Documents to sign include OTP, title deed, and mortgage agreement
Viewing Appointments – Appointments can be scheduled through real estate agents or the HDB resale portal
– Important to bring personal identification documents and inquire about flat details
Protecting Sensitive Information – Avoid sharing sensitive information with unverified sources
– Verify the authenticity of agents or websites before providing information
– Contact relevant authorities if information is compromised

Understanding the Housing Development Board Resale Application Process

What is an HDB Resale Application?

An HDB resale application is a process that allows buyers to purchase an HDB flat that is previously owned rather than directly from HDB.

This process involves submitting various legal documents and fulfilling specific criteria before securing the resale flat of their choice.


Who Can Apply for an HDB Resale Flat?

Anyone can apply for an HDB resale flat if they are above 21, single, married, or engaged to be married, and do not own any other private property in Singapore or overseas.

An essential eligibility criterion is that the buyer must not have disposed of any private or public property within 30 months of applying for an HDB resale flat.


What are the Eligibility Criteria for HDB Resale Flat Applicants?

The eligibility criteria for HDB resale flat applicants include Citizenship, Family Nucleus, Age, and Income ceiling criteria.

The family nucleus comprises the buyers and all other persons listed in the application for the flat (i.e., spouse, children, parents, siblings, and grandparents).

Checking if you meet these eligibility criteria before applying to resale a flat is essential.

For more information, visit the HDB Infoweb website for HDB resale eligibility information.

Step-by-Step Guide to Submitting a Resale Application

Step-by-Step Guide to Submitting a Resale Application

How Do You Submit an Application for an HDB Resale Flat?

To submit a resale application, you begin by indicating your interest in a particular flat.

The next step is to obtain a valuation report from the HDB.

Then, both the buyer and Seller have to agree on the OTP or Option to Purchase.

Finally, the buyer can submit the resale application’s respective portions with the administrative fee to the Seller’s salesperson or the HDB branch.


What are the Steps Involved in the HDB Resale Application Process?

The HDB resale application process involves agreeing on the OTP, arranging pre-inspection of the flat, getting the flat’s valuation, submitting the application, and finally completing the resale.

These steps are critical in the entire resale process, and buyers and sellers are advised to be patient and attentive throughout the procedure.


What is the Timeline for an HDB Resale Application?

The HDB resale application timeline involves HDB taking approximately two weeks to process the application before producing the resale documents.

After this, the buyers and sellers have seven weeks to exercise the OTP.

The sale is completed within eight weeks from the OTP exercise date.

Important Documents Required for HDB Resale Application

What Are Some Important Documents Required for an HDB Resale Application?

Some essential documents required for the HDB resale application include your NRIC, CPF statement, HDB loan eligibility letter, and valuation report.

Other necessary documents have the Option to Purchase agreement, Income Documents, and an Ethnic Integration Policy form.


What are the Required Verification Documents for HDB Resale Application?

The HDB resale application process requires a few verification documents, including the Seller’s list of information documents, the buyer’s list of information documents, the Seller’s identity document, the mortgage statement from the Seller’s bank, and the fire insurance policy.

All these documents must be prepared before the resale application, as submitting an incomplete application might cause unnecessary delays in the resale process.


What Documents Are Required for HDB Resale Flat Inspection?

It is essential to arrange for a pre-inspection of the resale flat before purchasing to spot any defects that might arise in the future.

The necessary documents for a pre-inspection include the Option to Purchase agreement and Identification document.

Exploring the HDB Resale Portal: Submitting Your Application Online

Exploring the HDB Resale Portal: Submitting Your Application Online

What is the HDB Resale Portal?

The HDB resale portal is an HDB e-service used to submit your resale application.

The HDB e-service platform ensures buyers’ and sellers’ financial transactions’ safety, and it is quicker and less cumbersome than visiting the HDB office physically.


How Do You Submit an HDB Resale Application Online?

You can submit an HDB resale application online via the HDB Infoweb e-Services portal.

Log in to the portal using your SingPass or another official, the secure website identified in the HDB Infoweb.

Upon accessing the platform, input your resale application details and upload your necessary documents to the portal.


What are the Benefits of Using the HDB Resale Portal for Your Application?

The benefits of using the HDB Resale portal are that it is user-friendly and convenient for buyers and sellers.

It is also faster as processing times reduce because you can submit your application remotely.

Moreover, you can share sensitive information with the HDB portal without disclosing it to a third party.

Tips for Buyers: Viewing and Inspecting Resale Flats

What Should You Look for When Viewing an HDB Resale Flat?

When viewing an HDB resale flat, inspecting all critical aspects of the property, including the plumbing, electrical work, and any other construction-related features, is essential.

Additionally, buyers should look out for any pre-existing damages and ensure that the Seller provides adequate maintenance records.


How Do You Inspect an HDB Resale Flat Before Purchasing?

Buyers can request a pre-inspection from the Seller before closing the sale.

During the inspection, buyers should check the property’s overall condition and ensure that everything runs efficiently.

If there are any defects, communicate with the Seller to rectify them before finalizing the sale.


What are Some Key Considerations When Buying an HDB Resale Flat in Singapore?

When purchasing an HDB resale flat in Singapore, one should consider the property’s age, potential renovation plans, location, and other factors that align with your lifestyle.

Researching the prevailing market rates is essential so you don’t overpay for the property.

Temporary Extension of Stay: What You Need to Know

Temporary Extension of Stay: What You Need to Know

Temporary Extension of Stay Eligibility Criteria

If you are a seller and have sold your flat, but your new home isn’t ready yet, you may be eligible to apply for a Temporary Extension of Stay from the HDB.

To qualify for this, you need to ensure that your new home is still completed and that you have not purchased or leased another property.


Application Procedure for Temporary Extension of Stay

To apply for a Temporary Extension of Stay, you should complete the application form (which you can obtain from the HDB website or any HDB branch) and submit it together with the necessary documents, such as your resale application reference number, proof of purchase or lease of your new home, and other supporting documents.

The application fee is SGD20, payable via GIRO, NETS, or credit/debit card.

Approving the application will take at least three working days, and if approved, you will be charged a deposit of SGD50 per day, which will be refunded to you after you vacate the property.


Important Information for Temporary Stay Extension Holders

It is essential to note that while you are under a temporary extension of stay, you are not allowed to lease out your flat or sublet any part of it.

You are also responsible for maintaining the flat, which includes keeping it clean and tidy.

Additionally, you cannot do any unauthorized renovation work or modify the apartment.

Arranging and Conducting Flat Viewings for Potential Buyers

Preparing Your Flat for Viewings

Before arranging and conducting flat viewings for potential buyers, you must inspect your flat and ensure it is in good condition.

You should also clean the apartment thoroughly and declutter it, as this will make it more attractive to potential buyers.

It would help if you ensured that all appliances and systems (such as air conditioning and plumbing) are in good working order.


Conducting Flat Viewings: What to Expect

When conducting flat viewings, being professional and courteous to your potential buyers is vital.

Ensure your property agent is present for the viewings and make yourself available to answer potential buyers’ questions.

It would help if you also prepared an information packet containing important information about your flat and any brochures or pamphlets that may be useful to the prospective buyer.


Arranging Flat Viewings: Rules and Regulations

It is essential to follow the rules and regulations when arranging flat viewings.

It would help if you gave your tenants at least 24 hours’ notice before any viewings take place.

Additionally, you must agree to allow your tenants access to the flat during reasonable hours.

Furthermore, you should be sensitive to your tenants’ privacy and ensure that the flat is in the same condition as before the viewing.

Submitting Your Respective Portions: Buyers and Sellers Responsibilities

Submitting Your Respective Portions: Buyers and Sellers Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the Buyer in Submitting Resale Application

Buyers and sellers must each submit their respective portions of the resale application within seven calendar days from the submission date of the other party’s portion of the resale application.

The first party to submit their portion of the resale application via the HDB Flat Portal will receive an acknowledgment letter.


Responsibilities of the Seller in Submitting Resale Application

The Seller’s responsibility in submitting the resale application is to complete the necessary forms, provide the requested information and documents, and pay the required fees via GIRO or NETS.

Sellers should also take note of the submission deadline for their respective portions of the resale application.


Submission Deadline for Respective Portions

Buyers and sellers must submit their respective portions of the resale application within7 calendar days from the submission date of the other party’s portion of the resale application.

Suppose you must submit your portion of the resale application within the stated timeframe.

In that case, the previously submitted part of the resale application will lapse, and you will need to restart the application process.

Understanding the Option to Purchase (OTP) and Option Fee

What is the Option to Purchase (OTP)?

The Option to Purchase (OTP) is a private agreement between the buyer and Seller of an HDB resale flat that gives the buyer the exclusive right to purchase the property within a specified timeframe.

The buyer must pay an option fee (also known as an exercise fee) when exercising the OTP, which is typically 1% of the flat’s purchase price.


Option Fee: What You Need to Know

The option fee is an added precaution for the Seller, ensuring the buyer is serious about purchasing the flat.

Suppose the buyer fails to complete the apartment purchase within the specified timeframe.

In that case, the Seller is entitled to keep the option fee as compensation for the trouble and inconvenience caused.


Exercising the Option to Purchase: Important Information

If you decide to exercise the option to purchase, you must inform the Seller in writing and pay the exercise fee within the specified timeframe.

Once the option to purchase has been exercised, both parties are legally bound to complete the transaction.

If you require financing, you must have a letter of offer from a bank or financial institution.

What Happens After Submitting Your Resale Application

What Happens After Submitting Your Resale Application

Transaction Journey: From Submission to Completion

Once your resale application has been submitted and processed by the HDB, the next step is to complete the transaction.

This involves signing the relevant documents, paying the necessary fees (such as the option fee and stamp duty), and transferring ownership of the property.

The HDB will provide a timeline and guide you through the process.


Important Documents and Agreements to be Aware of

Some important documents and agreements to be aware of when completing your HDB resale application include the Sale and Purchase Agreement, the Mortgage Loan Agreement, the Transfer of Flat Ownership, and the Letter of Offer from your financing bank.

It is essential to read and understand these documents thoroughly before signing them.


Post-Completion: Property Tax, Refund, and Other Matters

After completing the resale transaction, there are several other matters that you need to take care of, including paying the property tax and service and conservancy charges and ensuring that the flat dashboard is updated with the correct information.

If there are any changes to the property ownership, you should inform the HDB and other relevant authorities as soon as possible.

If there is a contra payment (where the sale proceeds of one flat are used to finance the purchase of another), you must ensure that this is done within the specified timeframe.

Finally, if you are entitled to a refund, it will be credited to your bank account within eight weeks after the HDB accepts the resale application.

Proceeding with the Resale: Completion and Handover Process

What are the steps involved in the completion and handover process for an HDB resale?

After finalizing the purchase of your HDB flat, you will need to proceed with the resale completion and handover process.

First and foremost, you must hire a lawyer or a private solicitor to represent you as the buyer.


During the completion process, the buyer and Seller must sign a series of documents, including the option to purchase (OTP), title deed, and mortgage agreement.

After the down payment, the Seller will hand over the keys to the buyer, marking the resale completed.


What documents should I prepare for the completion and handover process?

As the buyer, you must bring your identification documents, such as your NRIC or passport, and a bank loan approval letter if you take out a housing loan.

Preparing the necessary funds, which can be paid via cash, credit card, or a housing loan, is also essential.


What should I take note of during the completion and handover process?

It is essential to ensure that the Seller provides all necessary keys and remote controls for the flat and that both parties confirm its condition before handing over the keys.

In addition, make sure to obtain the stamp duty certificate (also known as the Electronic Payment Advice or advice) and keep a copy for future reference.

Viewing Appointments: Ensuring a Smooth Transaction Journey

Viewing Appointments: Ensuring a Smooth Transaction Journey

How do I schedule a viewing appointment for an HDB resale flat?

To schedule a viewing appointment for an HDB resale flat, you can either engage a real estate agent or make a direct booking via the HDB resale portal.

When making a direct booking, you must provide personal details such as your name, contact number, and email address.


What should I bring for the viewing appointment?

During the viewing appointment, you must bring your identification documents, such as your NRIC or passport.

If you are interested in purchasing the flat, consider bringing along a measuring tape to determine the size of the rooms.


What should I take note of during the viewing appointment?

Take the opportunity to inspect the condition of the flat, including the structural aspects and any interior fittings.

It is also important to inquire about the flat’s resale value, payment terms, and any additional expenses, such as renovation costs.

Necessary Precautions: Protecting Your Sensitive Information

What should I do to protect my personal and financial information when applying for an HDB resale?

When applying for an HDB resale, protecting your personal and financial information from potential fraud or identity theft is essential.

Avoid sharing sensitive information, including your NRIC number and bank account details, with unverified sources.


How can I verify the authenticity of an agent or website before providing my information?

Before providing your personal information to an agent or website, verify their authenticity.

You can do this by checking their registration status with the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) or by visiting HDB’s official website to ensure that the website you are using is secure.


What should I do if I suspect my information has been compromised?

If you suspect that your personal or financial information has been compromised, it is essential to contact the relevant authorities immediately for assistance, including the police and your bank.

Exploring HDB’s E-Services and Secure Websites for Resale Applications

Exploring HDB's E-Services and Secure Websites for Resale Applications

What are the benefits of using HDB’s e-services and secure websites for resale applications?

Using HDB’s e-services and secure websites for resale applications offers a variety of benefits, including convenience and ease of use.

You can submit your resale application online, monitor the status of your application, and receive updates via email or SMS.


How do I access HDB’s e-services and secure websites for resale applications? 

To access HDB’s e-services and secure websites for resale applications, you must create an account and log in with your HDB resale portal details.

You can submit your resale application online and upload any necessary documents via the portal.


What should I take note of when using HDB’s e-services and secure websites for resale applications?

Read and understand the terms and conditions before using HDB’s e-services and secure websites for resale applications.

Remember that the resale application fee is non-refundable and that any additional transaction fees will be charged separately, including GST.

Restarting the Application Process: Cancellation and Resubmission Guidelines

Under what circumstances might I need to cancel and resubmit my resale application? 

You may need to cancel and resubmit your resale application under certain circumstances, such as if there are errors in your application details or if you miss the deadline for submission.


What are the guidelines for canceling and resubmitting a resale application?

If you need to cancel and resubmit your resale application, you should do so within seven days of receiving the rejection letter.

Ensure to provide all necessary documentation and input the correct details during submission.


How should I approach the resale application process after a cancellation and resubmission?

After cancellation and resubmission, take the necessary precautions to ensure your application is processed smoothly.

Read and understand the guidelines and eligibility conditions, and submit all the required documents within the given period.


In conclusion, understanding the HDB resale application process is essential for anyone purchasing a previously owned HDB flat.

The eligibility criteria, required documents, and step-by-step guide in this blog article serve as a comprehensive resource for potential buyers.

Buyers can navigate the process smoothly by following the outlined procedures and ensuring the necessary documents are prepared.


Additionally, utilizing the HDB Resale Portal offers numerous benefits, such as convenience, speed, and enhanced data security.

Buyers can submit their applications online, saving time and effort compared to physical visits to the HDB office.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HDB?

HDB stands for Housing Development Board and is a statutory board under the Ministry of National Development responsible for public housing in Singapore.

How do I submit a resale application?

To submit a resale application, you can go to the HDB branch office in person or online through the HDB website.

Can a flat seller submit a resale application?

Only the flat owners are allowed to submit a resale application.

Do I need principal approval before submitting a resale application?

Yes, principal approval is required before submitting a resale application.

This is to ensure that flat buyers are eligible to purchase the flat.

How long will it take for the approval for resale to come in?

It typically takes around eight weeks for the approval for resale.

What are the steps involved in a resale application?

The steps involved in a resale application include obtaining principle approval, completing the resale application, submitting the resale application, and attending the resale completion appointment.

Do I need the flat owner's consent to submit a resale application?

Flat owners must consent before a resale application can be submitted.

Can I apply for resale of any flat type?

Yes, you can apply for any HDB flat-type resale.

Where can I find official website links for HDB resale applications?

Official links for HDB resale applications can be found on the HDB website.

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