Henderson Community Club

Henderson Community Club

Need To Know About  Henderson Community Club

The vibrant primary colours attract the curious pedestrian to the building volume, which located on a small hilltop. When viewed from a distance, one can see how this fits into the adjacent housing complexes’ vivid red and yellow tones. A Henderson Community Club massive mesh screen that is immediately noticeable provides a sign as to the activity going on within the CC and Police Center. They are met at street level by a modest entrance with an inward sloping shelter that draws them inside the lovely building, which they see as the last prize. The main floor’s opening to a shared parking area relieves the impression of confinement that the entrance’s tiny size and narrowness evoke.


The Bukit Merah West Neighbourhood Police Center and the  Henderson Community Club placed next to each other to maximise space even though these two uses looked fundamentally incompatible. The mesh screen fastened to a common link corridor built between the two buildings as part of the assimilation strategy; this common corridor serves as both a connector and a separation. A socially diverse duo, the architects used architectural treatment physically separate the two while visually merging them. They did not try to connect the two artificially.

Hatha Yoga (Elementary)

Learn the fundamentals of hatha yoga, an age-old Indian practise that involves specific postures (asanas), breathing techniques, focus on healing, tone, and rejuvenating the body’s calmness and tranquilly. The curriculum offers fundamental yoga positions and breathing methods for people of all ages and from all areas of life to help nurture both the body and the mind. It will demonstrate how pursuing yoga can lead to inner harmony and peace. The benefits of combining fitness with relaxing techniques through yoga underlined.

Hatha Yoga (Intermediate)

This course is the extension the yoga introduction course and will help students comprehend yoga better. Yoga encourages practitioners to improve their posture, flexibility, and breathing. Stretching and bending poses from the intermediate level of yoga will teach participants. Individuals who want to practise yoga more intensely and get additional physical and mental advantages course advised.


Modern workout methods and cutting-edge research combined in cardio fusion to burn the most calories, develop the leanest muscles, and boost endurance. In this programme, the flexibility and focused contouring of pilates combined with the strength, speed, and agility of boxing. You can combine these with exhilarating dance steps for a workout that will tone your muscles and burn calories while giving you a sense of both physical and mental empowerment.


Salsation is a dance workout that transforms cutting-edge dance routines into functional training methods. Salsation specifically created to incorporate practical body motions in every dance step employing all three planes of motion. No matter your age, it is not only simple and enjoyable but helps you become more mobile and resilient.

Children’s Art

Children learn colours, forms, and lines early on in the course and have the chance to interact with their peers and exercise their creative faculties. Kids will be encouraged to discuss their daily experiences to help them come with more ideas for their drawings. In addition to drawing and colouring, they may also experiment with various creative mediums.

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