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Jade Scape Condo

Is it a good buy or bad buy?

Market View

The cooling taxation that the Singaporean government put in front of the investors seem not to have scared them away.

Experts deduce that this outcome came as a result of a plentiful of launches that occurred in July and August, many of which were very successful in spite of discouraging expectations.

URA informs that 654 more units were sold out in July than in June this year.

Moreover, the sales in July are something that has not been seen in the last 16 months, with a 3,4% increase in take-ups in the last quarter.  .

One of the victorious projects in the battle against sales slump is Tre Vor , for whom UOL reports sales of more than 70% out of the 200 units released.

What makes this even more marvelous is the fact that the units were sold within only three hours .

Jade Scape condo is one of the projects whose launch will be by the end of August, and that is also hoped to alleviate the consequences the inconvenient new laws.


Quingjian is the developer of the JadeScape project.

This socially active company that received over 400 awards for their contribution to technology and engineering, has 99 years leasehold over the property.

On a site area of 408, 927 sqft, there are 1208 units among which buyers can chose anything in the range from 1-bedroom to 5-bedroom rooms.

The expected TOP has still to be advised.

Jade Scape was won by Quingjian with a $638 million dollars bid, which means $791 psqft.

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99 Years Leasehold





Site Area


No. of Units



Qingjian Realty (Marymount) Pte Ltd

Where is Jade Scape Located

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Shunfu street where JadeScape is located is not substantially long.

However, its vitality lies in the fact that it connects two Singaporean node streets: Thomson Street and Marymount Street.

The two streets seem to lead in totally different directions in Singapore, which just widens your outreach as a JadeScape resident.

The three aforementioned streets form a triangle in which you can see the Shunfu Gardens, with numerous residential blocks ranging from numbers 301 to 313.

At the very bottom of the triangle you can see Bishan Fire Station and Marymount Drive Playground.

On the other end of this triangle, you can notice Sin Ming Plaza where every shopping experience will be unforgettable, as well as Thomson Impreial Court and Thomson Community Club right next to it.

All the three streets are lined with a lot of bus stops from which you could go to different schools, malls and business districts. see also full Jade Scape location

Stirling Residences

Project The Closest MRT to JadeScape

Jade Scape Condo Review 6
Marymount MRT is just a three minutes walk away from the from the JadeScape Development

It is located along Circle Line Stage 3 under the Marymount Road and resembles other CCL3 stations with its architecture.

Surrounding businesses, housing developments and Raffles Institutions use its services.

You can catch the first train at 5:37am and the last one is 11:32pm.

When you miss the last train, don’t be frustrated because you can catch a taxi easily at the L1 (street level), where you also have bus stops that can take you further into the area.

Tickets can be bought at B1 at some of the vending machines, and you can also inform yourself about anything you need at the Passenger Service Centre.

Finally, platforms A and B are at the B2, from which trains lead to  HarbourFront  or Dhoby Gout.

The station has high level of security because screen doors divide the air-conditioned station from the tunnel, and it even has tactile floors that help the blind to move around safely.

The station is divided between paid and unpaid areas.

The paid areas are enterable at the bottom of escalators where  fare gates are waiting for you, and are made so that people in wheelchair and with big luggage can pass effortlessly. Check Jade Scape developer details

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However, this is not the only MRT near JadeScape.

You have Thomson MRT on an 8-minute walk-away distance.

Additionally, when you take a train from any of these MRT’s, you will be able to go to other important transportation points such as Bishan MRT Ang Mo Kio MRT, and Toa Payoh MRT.

Remember that for Ang Mo Kio and Toa Payoh you have to change the trains.

Pan Island Expressway is within 8 minutes by car, which is also significant to know when you need to go somewhere further in Singapore. You ma also like Jade Scape Amenities 

Project Connection Between JadeSape and Raffles Place

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Raffles Place is the second name for business in Singapore as many renown companies and start-ups swarmed here in a quest for new opportunities.

Hundreds and thousands of people are employed in this area and there is a high likelihood you will be one of them.

Fortunately, if you live in JadeScape, it will take you only 20 minutes down CTE and Braddell or Ang Mo Io Ave to reach this destination.

Here, you can also visit some historical places such as the Raffles Hotel dating back to the 19th century that along with comfortable rooms, exquisite cuisine and shopping places, allows their customers to take a look at the antiques kept in their museum.

The Selling Points of JadeScape

Delicacies You Have Nearby

Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters stands out with its coffee offers which are switched every day.

Nothing better than a place that will always add something new to your routine by tickling your taste buds with espresso, black or white coffee and a variety of brunches and dinners on their menu.

The Roti Prata House is a real gem among small, low key Indian restaurants where you can feast on fine, home-cooked dishes.

Here, your nostrils will be filled up with the aroma of their roti prata, noodles and curry.

Children can also enjoy the casual atmosphere of this restaurant where you can even get some take-away coffee if you are in a rush.

During Singaporean scorching summers it is always nice to refresh with some ice-cream which you can get at the BrownIce Italian Ice-Cream Caffe.

The lactose intolerant will especially appreciate the ice-cream, and BrownIce offers it in diverse flavors including strawberry, Thai tea and black sesame.

Shunfu Mart is there for all of you who love practicality.

Namely, this restaurant has a wet market on the first floor, and as for food, their muffins are the most popular for the deliciousness and affordability.  

Jade Scape Condo Review 9
Catholic High School is a historical monument to Singaporean rich education history, and has been there since 1935.

It was originally founded by Rv.Becheras and it nurtures both catholic and non-catholic students with equal care.

They are in favor of bilingualism and bi-culturalism and offer advanced O-Level and Integrated programs and also have students involved in sports.

Ai Tong School had only 30 students when it was founded in 1917.

Now it is one of the most famous schools in Singapore that recently celebrated 105 years of existence, during which they brought up students with good character based on the beliefs of Chinese Culture,

Students here learn in a dynamic environment in which they also promote sincerity and perseverance.

Guangrang Primary School is another Singaporean educational institution with long history that began in 1918.

Their pupils not only learn but also apply their knowledge and they also allow their students to gather knowledge both from their teachers and their classmates

Their teachers are there to get the best out of their pupils and to also learn together with them.

Kuo Chuan Presbyterian School was founded in 1924 when it had 11 pupils, both boys and girls, who were taught different subjects and learned both Chinese and English.

They have distinctive programs such as Spin Doctor, English Language First, Podcasting, Internationalization Program etc.

The Boyz Brigade Team seems to be achieving a lot during the last few years constantly being in the top six on national competitions and even winning gold medals in 2014, 2015 and 2016

Jade Scape Condo Review 13
Jade Scape near townsville primary school
Jade Scape Condo Review 14
Jade Scape near teck ghee primary school
Jade Scape Condo Review 15
Jade Scape near kheng cheng school
Jade Scape Condo Review 16
Jade Scape near guangyang primary school

Shopping Malls

AMK Hub is the biggest shopping mall you can find nearby and it has every type of shop you can imagine.

You can find there everything from jewelry, accessories, watches, toiletries, cosmetics and they even have convenience stores and super markets.

What’s more, they have a cinema incorporated into the mall so that you can enjoy a movie after an exhausting but satisfying shopping day.       

Junction 8 is one more shopiing mall in the proximity of JadeScape where you can lose yourself in the enormous number of stores.

Beauty and Wellness stores are dominant, but you also have a lot of restaurants and fast food places such as Ajisen Ramen, Ambush Café, 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken etc.

Bishan North Shopping Mall is close to Bishan, Marymount and Thomson MRT and is one of the most prominent ones in District 20.

If you are looking for clothes here, however, you better turn to other nearby malls; here you shop for some bread in bakeries or have a day just for yourself in one of myriads of beauty salons or buy medicines in pharmacies. see the Jade Scape Floor Plan

Jade Scape Condo Review 20
Jade Scape near Sin Ming Plaza
Jade Scape Condo Review 21
Jade Scape near Sin Ming Plaza Entrance


The Singaporean water catchment system provides plentiful of opportunities for all the sport enthusiasts.

MacRitchie Reservoir is one part of this natural wonder that is well known by runners and lovers of kayaking and canoeing.

Especially famous attraction is the Tree Top Walk which includes walking on a bridge on a height of over 200m.

The other part includes Lower Peirce Reservoir where diverse flora and fauna will leave anyone astounded.

Jalan Pintau playground will definitely keep your children occupied.

Additionally, it is situated in a really nice and pleasant area embedded in  greenery so that a bit of clean fresh air fills up their lungs.

Thomson Park has 50h that will be turned into a kind of a historical museum this year and you will be able to see old Hainan Village and rambutan plantiation.

Jade Scape Condo Review 22
Jade Scape near Jalan Pintau Playground

Religious and Worship Sites

Kong Men San Phor Khark See is a Buddhist monastery teaching people the right values of compassion and tolerance since 1921.

Their mission is to connect people through love for the world which is why they often promote alliance with other religious institutions.

Other nearby temples include Burmese Buddhist Temple,Sakya MuniBuddha Gaya Temple, Sri Lankaramaya Temple, etc.


JadeScape is maybe one of the most convenient properties when it comes to linkedness via public transport.

The busses you can chose around this development are 410 and 130.

They both come every 4 to 5 minutes to your bus stop and will take you all the way along the Thomson Street, Bishon, Maymount, Sing Ming Road etc.

Jade Scape Condo Review 26
Jade Scape driving distance to PIE
Jade Scape Condo Review 7
Jade Scape walking distance to Marymount MRT exit B
Jade Scape Condo Review 28
Jade Scape driving distance to CTE
  • Pricing – 90%
Jade Scape condo Price average psf price there is $1,101 which amounts to 1,780,000 dollars to buy a whole apartment.

The cheapest version you can go by there is a one-bedroom apartment, such as the one in 1177 Serangoon Road for $431 psf while an example of some of the most expensive versions is the 3-bedroom condo at the same location for $1698,75 psf.

As we can see, the average price for a condo at JadeScrape residences is somewhat higher ($1,225).

However, there are projects nearby that have pricier psf rate

Margarete Ville, for example, sells apartments for $1,714, significantly more costly than that for the Jade Scrape.

There, you would have to put aside as much as $1,868.99 psf for just a one-bedroom apartment and again at this level, JadeScape proves to be more affordable

  • Location – 90%
The best point about the JadeScape property is definitely the transportation.

The busses 410 and 130 can take you to some further MRT:’s , and the Marymount MRT is even reachable just by walking.

What we also find beneficial is the abundance of some of the Singapore’s best schools that are located in the vicinity of JadeScape and do not require too much to get to as the busses will take to the majority of the schools.

  • Quality – 95%
This environment is also secured with nearby hospitals, fire stations and police stations which will additionally improve your life quality.

For now, we do not see any disadvantages to the project and as its release date is coming soon, experiences of living in this area are yet to be seen.

Based on all the info that has been released so far, there is no reason to doubt that this will be a shining star among the recent projects

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