Margaret Ville, at the eponymous 20 Margaret Drive is located between Queensway Secondary School and the Anglican Church of our Savior.

Margaret Ville Condo Location

Margaret Ville is along Commonwealth Avenue and is somewhat between Commonwealth MRT and Queenstown MRT; which are located at around 500m distance which means you can walk there, making transportation easy.

Margaret Ville Condo Location 1

Margaret Ville Area Location. Here we can observe Margaret Ville Condominium surrounded by all the amenities nearby. Here we can pinpoint how close hospitals, malls and parks are to the residences.

You can reach every part of Singapore by taking the nearby Tangin Road, CTE, Holland Road and Commonwealth West.

Moreover, there are some public transports and you`ll also be able to enjoy the benefits of Commonwealth and Queenstown MRT station. 

Your children can take the Queensway street and be at  Queensway Secondary School in no time.

Margaret Ville Condo Location 2

Margaret Ville Nearby Schools, within a 2km radius you have some of the best primary schools in Singapore, giving you easy access to education for your kid.

If they have to do some research and need more books than the school can offer, they can go just a bit down the Margaret Drive and reach the Queenstown Public Library.

 Even re-furnishing your home will not take too much time.

You can go down the Commonwealth Avenue, turn right and you`ll slide directly into Alexandra Road and check what IKEA has to offer.

Margaret Ville Condo Location 3

Margaret Ville near IKEA Alexandra, if you need furniture, repairing gadgets or simply pencils, this IKEA is very close to your home.

Right next to IKEA, there is Alexandra Mall where you can try some beer from Southern Beers & Ciders as well as various foods from restaurants such as Alibababar, The Bakehouse by Carpenter & Cook, Otoko Ramen, the Gogi etc.

Margaret Ville Condo Location 4

Margaret Ville Near Queenstown MRT station, it is so close that you can walk to it, making transportation incredibly easy for you.

Along this street you can find Church of Saviour, Masjin Mujahidin, True Way Presbyterian Church and the Fisherman Christ of Fellowship.

Margaret Ville Condo Location 5

Margaret Ville Location; well thought and planned location to place you close to everything you could need for your daily life.

Margaret Ville Condo Location 6

Margaret Ville Location to Commonwealth MRT, whether you walk or cycle, it is extremely close.

Margaret Ville Condo Location 7

Margaret Ville Transportation, incredibly close and very efficient, Margaret Ville offers quick transportation to most of the island.

Margaret Ville Condo Location 8

Margaret Ville Walking Distance to Queenstown MRT, a short 11 minute walk to reach your desired destination

Margaret Ville Condo Location 9

Margaret Ville Walking Distance to Commonwealth, wherever you want to go you will have a mean of transportation to reach your destination from Margaret Ville

Margaret Ville

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