Marine Parade Neighbourhood

by | Jun 10, 2022

Marine Parade Neighbourhood

marine parade neighbourhood

To Know About The Marine Parade Neighbourhood

Marine Parade Neighbourhood is located between Mountbatten and Siglap on the southeastern coast of our red dot, is conveniently located near the beach. There has been an inflow of the more affluent parts of society to the East Coast since the late nineteenth century, when seaside houses began to spread down the coastline. Anyone familiar with Singapore would conjure images of lovely beaches, delectable cuisine, and colourful Peranakan residences when mentioning the East Coast.

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Stay at the Marine Parade

While the Marine Parade Neighbourhood has many different types of landed properties on the East Coast, the characteristic Peranakan shophouses and terrace houses have been restored to their former splendour and are the neighbourhood’s gems. However, the area, particularly in the vicinity of Joo Chiat, contains a lot of new architecture.

Many condominium complexes on the East Coast will suit a variety of lifestyles and budgets for individuals who prefer apartment living. The condominiums range from older (and typically more spacious) projects near Siglap, such as Bayshore Park and Mandarin Gardens, to newer and shinier (but space-constrained) developments Telok Kurau and Amber Road.

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Eat at the Marine Parade

While Singapore is a gastronomic melting pot in general, the East Coast has a distinct advantage in terms of seafood. The East Coast’s proximity to the water mirror the restaurants and food vendors, with beachside cafés serving high-quality crab, lobster, shrimp, fish, and other seafood.

Peranakan cuisine is another gastronomic treasure. With a fusion of Chinese, Malay, and Indonesian influences, Peranakan chefs are known for their creative use of spices, resulting in meals with complex flavours. Check out Glory Catering or PeraMakan on East Coast Road for some insider knowledge.

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Drink at the Marine Parade

Those who prefer to unwind with a drink, whether a glass of wine, a chug of cold beer, or a cup of cappuccino, will enjoy the variety of pubs and cafes on the East Coast. For example, whether you are a British transplant or a native with a smattering of Anglophilia, stop by Sidewalk Tavern on the Siglap side or the Trenchard Arms to taste Britain’s omnipresent pubs.

It has selected a few cafés where you can grab a coffee in the afternoon in charming shophouses and are ideal for cafe-hopping dates. Go to Siglap’s Dutch Colony Coffee Co. or Coast & Company, Joo Chiat’s British Hainan, or Goodman Road’s Cafe Melba.

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Shop at Marine Parade

The shops and stores on Parkway Parade, 112 Katong, and Siglap Centre, the smaller, more diverse shops in the shophouses along the side roads and lanes, cater to the shopping needs of East Coast residents. In addition to clothing, purses, shoes, and stationery, the stores offer various services ranging from healthcare (for both people and pets) to grooming ( for both humans and pets).

Parkway Parade is home to the largest grocery brands (Cold Storage and Giant), as well as home goods stores (Best Denki and Harvey Norman) and a major department store (Isetan). Finally, Citibank, DBS, HSBC, and UOB have locations here.