Marsiling Community Club

Marsiling Community Club

Need To Know About Marsiling Community Club

The Woodlands Checkpoint is not far from Marsiling CC. A Malay Orchestra that plays traditional Malay music is directed by the CC’s Malay Activity Executive Committee. Moreover the only CC in the northern district provides instruction in sewing baju kurung. Two halls at the CC, with a combined seating capacity of roughly 900, are great for business events or wedding dinners.

Marsiling Community Club presents several artistic events and performances throughout the year while also providing several facilities for local residents. In addition, the Marsiling Malay Orchestra performs traditional Malay music at the CC. The community club also hosts numerous occasions, celebrations, and wedding feasts.

Piano Level 2

The Marsiling Community Club curriculum modelled after those of reputable, international music colleges, which permit local music schools to schedule exams for participants. The following international music colleges have provided the examiners: 1) The Royal Schools of Music’s Associated Board (ABRSM), London College of Music (ii) (LCM) Guildhall School of Music & Drama (GSMD) Trinity; College of Music (TCM) (GSMD)


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Seniors’ Strength and Conditioning Exercises

Senior Strength and Conditioning (SSC) is a type of strength training with a unique design. Exercise involves using one’s own body weight or equipment like dumbbells resistance bands plan to increase each person’s muscular fitness. Increased bone density, muscle fitness, flexibility, body balance, and improved heart function are just a few of the functional advantages that strength training may offer. A typical 60-minute training session begins with a demonstration of each exercise before moving on to basic full-body motions to warm up the body. 

Each activity will demonstrated and explained by the trainer, who will circulate among the participants to verify appropriate technique and offer assistance as needed.

You’ll need these things while practising:

  1. i) A folded towel, blanket, or exercise mat that is thick enough and dense enough to cushion your back on the floor;

(ii) A lengthy towel or elasticized rubber band for exercising; and

(iii) If necessary, a small, folded towel or flat cushion area under your head.

Intermediate Adult Line Dancing

Authentic modern line dancing really got going in the 1970s. In the 1980s, line dancing gained popularity over the United States and Canada. It has practically reached every English-speaking nation by the early 1990s. It had already begun to take off in non-English-speaking countries by the late 1990s.

This course, which covers the following topics:

(a) Country line dancing while listening to the music

(b) Follow the Cha-Cha, Rumba, Samba, Pasodoble, and Jive in a Latin line dance;

(c) American line, which combines elements of Latin and Country Line Dance, Disco Rock, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Mambo, Waltz, and Tango social dance moves.

Jazz CSTD: Fifth Grade

Jazz dance employs the body as an instrument to interpret diverse forms of popular and street music while fusing rhythm, expression, and technique. Jazz genres include the rhythmic and fashionable Modern Jazz, which incorporates lyrical and modern designs the classical Jazz Ballet lines.


Have experience performing ballet.

For young people 12 and older

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