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Marymount Community Club

Marymount Community Club

All You Need To Know About  Marymount Community Club

Your first impression of Marymount Community College will be its cosiness the warmth provides its welcoming volunteers and employees. You’re too lazy to go to the beach. Marymount CC boasts open beach volleyball court in the middle of the countryside, replete with sand and occasionally hot guys and girls. You can choose from the following at Marymount Community Club: The heartland park Bishan Active has a beach volleyball court, a basketball court, a soccer field, and several other workout amenities.

KpopX Exercise

The original fitness in K-Pop fashion is KpopX Fitness®. Simple, well-liked, intense, and original. This 50-minute, epic training routine is gradually gaining acceptance across the island in Marymount Community Club! No dance experience necessary; suitable for young and old. Come and experience this incredible K-Pop fitness creativity you won’t find anywhere else.


  • The 50-minute class runs from 7:30 night to 8:20 am.
  • Please bring a bottle water, and don’t forget to put on your mask before and after class.

Interior Design & Renovation [email protected] (Intermediate)

The subjects or topics covered in the course are as follows:

  • A variety of complementary colour schemes, matching schemes, and coordinating techniques.
  • Sketch with two points for the interior and exterior.
  • Plan the layout of a 5-room HDB apartment.
  •  Bedroom or kitchen layout and design.
  • Draw in free-hand perspective.
  • RC-(reinforced concrete) structure is dressed up and disguised to become a decorative element in interior design.
  • A sample of the most recent materials for an interior design job (properties & application)
  • Perspective drawing with colour rendering.
  • Low-cost and straightforward design idea for minimalists
  • Become better familiar with HDB regulations and compliance requirements.
  • Learn more about more functional design motifs that give interiors an atmosphere.

Requirements :

All participants must bring one box of coloured pencils (at least 24 pieces).

To claim SkillsFuture Credit, participants who register for the course online must log in to the SkillsFuture Portal at using their SingPass and 2FA.

Making inventive pastries

Both Western and Chinese pastries are beloved by many attendees. There are many western pastries, including puff, croissants, Danish, shortcrust, pie crust, choux, eclair, pastry sticks, and biscuits. Chinese pastries include char-siew-so, flaky egg tarts, Teochew spiral mooncakes, sweet pastries, salty pastries and other pastries. Understanding more about pies is enlightening.

Conditions and observations:

  • $25 worth of supplies and ingredients (to be paid to a trainer in the 1st class)
  • Please remember to bring a hand whisk and a tart container.
  • Donuts baked into a menu (assortment)
  • Understand how substances work
  • Learn how properly hand knead dough.
  • Fermentation stages
  • preparation of various fillings
  • Learn about several glazing options

PWRx: Ceramic Cup with Decoupage and Floral Tea Appreciation

Learn how to recognise different tea leaves and make tea the old-fashioned way as you delve into the secrets of preparing tea. After, participate in a decoupage teacup workshop to try making your teacup to fit any occasion!

[email protected] Thai Language

The goal course, is to provide participants with enough Thai language proficiency to communicate effectively in daily life. Additionally, practise in greetings, introductions, numbers, and stating the time will be done in conversation.

Conditions and Notes:

  • Stage 1 is this class.
  • $20 in material fees are due immediately to the trainer.

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