Mont Botanik Residence

Rare FREEHOLD development found in Hillview Enclave

Singapore housing market has been somewhat stable the past several years and it even started growing again this year which mean that investing today is a great option.

The most common reason people hesitate to invest is because they don’t know where to do it, it is very hard to select a property to invest on when you have so many available only with a few clicks.

There are many properties worth investing in Singapore, but you are not only looking for a good property, you are actually looking for a property that’s a great investment.

Mont Botanik Residences

This is where Mont Botanik comes in play; its construction site is located at 1 Jalan Remaja Singapore 668662 and will be greatly transformed to fit the needs of everyone according to Tuan Sing holdings management.

Mont Botanik Residence condo 1

Mont Botanik Residence Details

Project Name
Mont Botanik Residence
​(​Former Hillview House)
Episcia Land
​(Tuan Sing Holdings)​
2K, 2L Jalan Remaja
Singapore 668729
​(next to Century Mansion)
Unit Mix

• 2 Bedroom :
64 – 65 sqm / 689 – 700 sqft
• 2 Bedroom + Study :
72 sqm / 776 sqft

• 3 Bedroom + Study :
​88 sqm / 948 sqft

Total Units
108 Condominium Units
No. of Blocks/ Levels
Total 2 Blocks of 10 storeys
Carpark Lots
108 + 3 Handicap lots
(Basement Carpark)
Expected TOP Date
13 June 2022
Site Area
43,557 sqft  / 4,046 sqm
Plot Ratio
AGA Architects Pte Ltd

Once Mont Botanik’s work is completed, the total number of units will be 108, a reduced number that will most likely raise your profits if you invest in it, due to the high demand of land in Singapore.

Mont Botanik Residences is located in the Hillview area, which provides the benefits of being in a stunning natural location surrounded by forests and greenery, which is part of the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Bukit Batok Nature Park and Bukit Gombak “Little Guilin.”

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Amazing Reasons to Invest in Mont Botanik

First of all, the area benefits from great transport connections with easy and quick access to several highways, motorways, and expressways.

Because of this, commuting to areas like the Jurong Lake District and Central Business District is incredibly quick, easy and of course a suitable option to do on a daily basis.

Only a 10 minutes’ walk from the site you can find the closest MRT Station, which is the Hillview MRT Station and you can find the Marina Bay after a 30 minute’s car drive.

So far this means that if you invest in this property you have, all the transport options readily available, bus, MRT and roads. also see Mont Botanik Residence Site Plan and Facilities 

It covers the Hillview area from Hillview MRT Station through the Downtown Line. It’s been proposed that it would be more fascinating to put up an educational center along Elizabeth Drive and Hillview Avenue although it was not part of the original plan drafted last 2014.

This will make Hillview Avenue more developed and increase number and quality of the amenities and establishments available for convenience.

If you and your family require a quiet and tranquil life, purchasing a property in Mont Botanik Residences is what you should aim for, as the development is located away from the city center. Check my review about Mont Botanik Residence Review

You won’t even have to worry about your children, they will be able to grow up in a safe and beautiful environment, while still living close enough to be able to benefit from the advantages that a large city can bring.

We have already covered why you should invest in Mont Botanik from the district perspective, great transportation, tranquil environment and future development of the area is what you will get, but now, we need to focus more on the project itself. You may also like Mont Botanik Residences price

So what is attractive about this project?

Well is it actually being developed by the award winning developer Tuan Sing, a company with a great portfolio and history in Singapore. see the Mont Botanik Residences Amenities

Having an award winning developer behind your project is certainly an asset as it generates trust among the investors as well as the residents.

It also gives the property a sense of exclusivity as you can ask yourself the question “how many condos have been built by award winning developers?” and the answer will be “not many”.

Not only that, but having the award winning status puts pressure on them since all their developments have to be great in order to maintain a high standard among this field, which guarantees a great project. you can also like Mont Botanik Residences floor plan

Besides the developer being an award winning company, Mont Botanik is a rare freehold site set on a private hill, what does this mean? Well, in a few words that the property has no lease, which means you own the land of the property you buy.

How is this favorable? By the simple fact that the price of the land doesn’t decrease in relation to the years left on the lease.

For example, a 99 years leasehold property will cost much less if it only has 70 years left on the contract

This doesn’t happen to a freehold property because the land is owned by you and not by a third party.

Now since we have been talking about exclusivity, we can tell you that the project has only 108 units available.

You might be wondering why that is relevant, here I’m going to tell you. We have talked a lot about the high demand for land in Singapore which elevates the prices of the properties, well, when you have high demand and little offer the prices skyrocket because the quantity is low and many people want it.

So if you invest in Mont Botanik you have a high chance of making great profit based solely on the exclusivity and high demand factors.

Add to that the super luxurious and top quality materials being used in the construction of each unit and you have the perfect property for anyone who would want to see their investment grow. check the Mont Botanik Residences Developer profile

You will also have a great number of facilities such as a 25m covered Balinese style pool, a roof-top infinity pool with the unblocked view, a modern gym and function room, vertical green landscape deck gardens and much more, for the residents to enjoy.

Mont Botanik Residence condo 8

Mont Botanik Aerial view depicting the Hillview area

Mont Botanik Residence condo 9

Drive distance to Bukit Timah from the Mont Condominium

Mont Botanik Residence condo 10

The bus distance of from Mont Botanik to Beauty world MRT

Mont Botanik Residence condo 11

The bus distance of Mont Botanik to Bukit Batok MRT

Mont Botanik Residence condo 12

The drive distance to Pan Island Expressway from Mont Botanik

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