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Tuan Sing Holdings is one of the world renowned property developer that is based in Singapore. The Tuan Sing Holdings delightedly announced the launch of yet another world’s biggest profited investment, named as Mont Botanik ResidencesIt has multi-million investment and then profit as well. 

It is always preferred to invest in such residential projects and especially overseas. The management of the Tuan Sing holdings has declared that the project will have heavy investment and will go through much more transformations.

Mont Botanik Residences Details

DEVELOPER Episcia Land Pte Ltd
(Tuan Sing Holdings Ltd)
ADDRESS 2K Jalan Remaja, Singapore 668728
2L Jalan Remaja, Singapore 668729
LOT / MUKIM Lot 01498t Mk 10 at 1 Jalan Remaja
LAND SIZE 4,046.6 sq m / 43,557.6 sq ft
TENURE OF LAND Estate in Fee Simple
EXPECTED T.O.P. DATE 13 June 2022
NUMBER OF CAR PARK LOTS Basement Car Park with TBA Lots and TBA Handicap Lots
ARCHITECT AGA Architects Pte Ltd
M&E ENGINEER Rankine and Hill (Singapore) Pte Ltd
QUANTITY SURVEYOR Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB)
DEVELOPER LAWYER Dentons Rodyk & Davidson LLP



Starting PSF


Expected TOP

Starting Price

Starting Size (sqft)


In the previous residential projects launched by Condo Singapore, there were maximum 50 units to start with but in this project there will be 108 units from which they will choose. Even in the previous largest launch of the Singapore, the Nim Collection, there were 98 units permitted even in the second launch. This is a great success of Tuan Sang holdings to launch 108 units in the first launch of Mont Botanik.

What, at most, attracts the investors to Mont Botanik is that it is situated in the Hillview area. This is the most advantageous point as people love to buy a home in such place. The Mont Botanik is conceived by the mesmerizing views. It is embodied in the center of the greenery and trees that are the part of the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and Bukit Gombak.

Mont Botanik Condo, The Hillview

Mont Botanik Aerial view depicting the Hillview area

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Why invest in this project?

Definitely, every good business will ask himself that why he should buy a certain place in the respective area. There are two sides of the answer to this question. Although both of them are location based but the district and the project.

Location in the district; a matter of road connection

The location of the Mont Botanik has already been discussed. It is located 1 Jalan Remaja Singapore. The location of the condo in the district matters a lot especially when it has to be residential area for families. There are a lot of favorable roads connecting the Mont to some major areas of the country.

This shows the importance of the location of Mont Botanik in the district as it is surrounded by some major roads.

The project appeal for the buyers / investors:

The project is very well designed and leaves a large space for the residents to fill. It has a modern design of the condominium which is appreciated by the buyers and as well as the residents.

Mont Botanik enterance


As you can see in the above picture that the entrance of the Mont Botanik condominium is designed on the modern terms and is wide enough to attract the middle and elite class equally. The site of the project is suited for all kind of residents whether single or families. The floor plan is also suitable for families.

This condominium is best suited for families who want a residence near the commercial areas.

The area is surrounded by the malls and every type of commodity.

Moreover, there is a peaceful atmosphere along with every facility of transportation.

Quick Wheels available

Hillview Mont Botanik has the Hillview MRT station at closest. The surrounding areas have a quick access to public busses as well.

Transportation facilities near Mont Botanik


There is no area of the town where none of the transport goes from the condo. There are several highways connected to the site of Mont Botanik and this is a minor feat to take a daily commutation.

Food at hand: cafes

There can’t be any person who does not like eating. Food is of variant tastes these days. Mont Botanik is flourished with every type of café that can provide you with delicious food at a few miles away. Chains and franchise of every food chain is available at Mont Botanik.

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Mont Botanik Condo, The Hillview

AH Lipp near the Condo, Mont Botanik


The long term stay: cold storage

How any developer can be so keen about the residential area, as much as the Tuan Sing developers are? There is even a cold storage for the residents of the Mont Botanik. This is the little commodity any buyer can expect.

Cold storage near Mont Botanik, so you may never want to leave


Market place:

Apart from all the malls and super store, there is yet another market place only for the residents of the Mont Botanik. It is not restricted to the outsiders but is  specially developed for the residents.

Market place near Mont Botanik


Hillview MRT nearthe Mont Botank

Walking distance form Mont Botanik to Hillview MRT

Pack the bag packs and off to school: right away from Mont Botanik

Education is one of the major reasons why families want to shift to Mont condo. It has several elite schools and high standard academies for children. Primary, secondary and higher educational institutes are found near the residential area. Some of the primary schools found in the proximity of condo are

  • Lianhua Primary
  • Dazhong Primary
  • Chij Our Lady Queen Of Peace
  • Butik Panjang Primary School

Primary school near Mont Botanik

Some of the secondary school in the close proximity are

  • Francis Methodologist
  • Swiss Cottage
  • Assumption English
  • Hillgrove Secondary

Secondary school near Mont Botanik

Mont Botanik near Assumption Pathway School

Mont Botanik near Hillgrove Secondary School

Other higher schools found are

  • ITE College West
  • SIM Global Education
  • Singapore Polytechnic.

Mont Botanik near German European School Singapore

Super markets and shopping malls: home accessories

The outdoor craze can be fulfilled by the splendid shopping malls and super markets. They are one of the town’s largest shopping malls. The area is fulfilled with every possible accessory you might require. The residential area is decided keeping in view all the fun they deserve.

HillV2 is the largest shopping mall near the Mont Botanik and has everything that a mall can provide.

Rail mall is another super mall located near the Mont Botanik. It can feature up to F7B outlets. It is the best place for children as well as elders as it reminds of the childhood period.

The west mall is situated at a few minutes’ drive near the condominium. There are almost all the brands whether local or international. It is mostly located such that it connect the town and the condo equally.

The Rail Mall for refreshment of memories and mind, near Mont Botanik

The west mall for western desires, near Mont Botanik

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Mont Botanik Residences Located Strategically For Ultimate Comfort

Along with the benefit of being situated in the Hillview area, it still has the advantage of being connected to the transporting points. It is connected to major highways, expressways and motorways. Hence, the residential area will not be abandoned. There is easy and quick access to some most important areas of the City including Jurong Lake district. Central Business District is also at a drives distance from the Mont residential area.

Drive distance to Bukit Timah from the Mont Condominium

The Mont Botanik is situated in the respective location after over viewing the access to routes connecting the city. Hillview MRT station is as near as 5 minutes of walk and the residents can easily use is at daily basis.  The beauty world is at a safe distance from the Mont Botanik when at bus.

The bus distance of from Mont Botanik to Beauty world MRT

There are bus stations near the Mont Botanik Condo at a walk’s distance that can drop you anywhere in the town.

The bus distance of Mont Botanik to Bukit Batok MRT

The family picnic areas are also at safe travel distance, like Marina Bay is at 30 minutes’ drive from the residential site. The Pan Island Expressway is also at a drive’s distance. The solitude is earned in the area but gathering is also none of the issues.

The drive distance to Pan Island Expressway from Mont Botanik


The Mont Botanik comes with the two-in-one package of country side and city life. The life in Mont Botanik is peaceful in case that it is away from the rush and traffic of the city roads. There will be peaceful and safe areas for kids to play and flourish. There is better interaction with the neighbors and a sense of brotherhood can be practiced. Moreover, the area of Mont Botanik is not totally cut off from the city. There is always so many ways to the big city’s life.

There is a high demand for property in the Mont Botanik, so anyone interested in buying there should visit the Mont Botanik Residence Showflat to should contact the developer. They will arrange your visit to the place according to the available schedule.

The basic idea of the developer was to build family houses there to make a suitable residential area. This is a great opportunity for people to start up the business ladder.

The developer said that it is the trend of the business investors to catch the money from the upper elite class. As they make high budget projects and hence only the elites can afford the places. The basic agenda of Mont Botanik is to make an affordable residential area especially for the middle class which prevails more in the country. So Mont Botanik is affordable housing scheme.

The Mont Botanik is freehold condominium which means that the one buying the unit will own all the structures on that unit. You will then pay to keep up the unit to the owner. The developer of the Mont Botanik is specialized in manufacturing and developing respective housing areas. Jalan Remaja is the exact location of this condo.

Cluny Park is yet another residential area also developed by Tuan Sing Holdings


Google Map Location

Mont Botanik Google Street View

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Site Map Of Mont Botanik Residences

What you get in what you pay

Tuan Sing has developed many other residential areas in the past. They all have a modern style site. This condominium is also designed in the modern style, according to the requirements of the world. The condominium is designed after overviewing the requirements of the residents. The condominium has the club house, the indoor gym, the function room as well. The community is guarded and fully closed. Based on the physical activity, they have developed a 50m swimming pool and courts for different sports as well like tennis. For the picnic purposes, families don’t have to leave the condominium because the BBQ pits, playgrounds for children and the sundeck have been developed inside for leisure.

Mont Botanik Site Plan


Site plan 2 Mont Botanik

Condos That Are Near to MRT Stations

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Downloading this PDF will allow you to get a detailed list of the best condos located at walking distance from MRT stations, this will help you save time both when searching for a condo and when you live in it.

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The floor plan of Mont Botanik Residences

Once you visit the Mont Botanik or go through its floor plan, you will understand what attracts the people to invest in this project. Each and every detail of the plan to design Mont Botanik is so keen and different that it automatically gains attention. Each unit of the Mont is designed in such a way to give the wide area free and along with it providing every commodity required in a house. This will give the residents a sense of openness. The apartments have mixed units. There are bedroom ranging from 1-4, which is suitable for any family that is looking for a residence near schools.

There are a number of different units available for every size of the family and for singles as well. If any family or individual require an extra space, they can have larger units and convert the extra rooms to desired places.

Mont Botanik Floor Plan A1

Mont Botanik Floor Plan A2

This is the floor plan for the 3 bedroom aparments. Here on this brochure we can observe the space distribution of the 3 Bedroom apartments, we can also see the commodities featured inside each of the apartment of this type. It is marvelous how architecture has advanced so much that they can fit so many features inside a reasonable space.

Mont Botanik Floor Plan A4- P

Mont Botanik Floor Plan A4

Mont Botanik Floor Plan B1

A good floor plan provides the resident with wide floor and every requirement of the house fulfilled.

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Mont Botanik condominium Developers

The area that now is the Mont Botanik was previously owned by the Andermatt Investments Private Limited. This was only a piece of land owned by them when the developer, Tuan Sing Holdings decided to buy the piece of land. They bought it for $ 47.8 million from them. The decision was already taken to convert the area in a housing scheme. And now that piece of land is turned into the stunning, mesmerizing Condominium.

The Tuan Sing Limited is the developer of the Mont Botanik condominium. The Tuan have already developed many other residential and commercial areas as well. They have a large business span in the developing filed in Singapore. They are well known in the real estate market of Singapore. This project, developed by the Tuan Sing Limited is an amalgam of all the commodities and qualities anyone dreams to afford in their home in reasonable price. Kandis Residence is another launch by the same developers.

4046sqm is the area of the land and the plot rotation that is 1.92. After viewing these features, it was possible to build 108 units on that piece of land.

The latest government of the Singapore has declared a dip in the sale of the land. This is reported by the sales program. The leasehold for the released land is 99 years from now on. For this reason the developer are trying to secure the land and have done a determined effort for the bids that have been recently conformed.

There comes the benefit of the Mont Botanik being FREEHOLD because the holders will own it completely and hence there is a great demand of the residential area in Mont Botanik Condo for contemporary housing.

Kandis Residence is another example of most populated residential area developed by Tuan Sing Holdings Limited

Mont Botanik Residences Pricing

The Tuan Sing bought the piece of land in $ 47.8 million from another investor called Andermatt Investments Pte Ltd on 12 April, 2017. The plots and apartments are at reasonable prices for middle class to settle in. the money can be invested in the condominium and land can also be bought.

To inquire about any details you can go online and visit the website or contact them to book a time to visit the place.


Mont Botanik pool

The swimming pool at Mont Botanik

The lap pool at Condominium

Mont Botanik Infinity Jacuzzi Enclave pool

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