Outram Secondary School

by | Jun 24, 2022

Outram Secondary School

Outram Secondary School entrance

Outram Secondary School: Things To Know About

Before 1874, two schools were founded in Singapore, one at Cross Street and the other at Kampong Glam, in response to a desire to provide the chance to learn English through the medium of the mother tongue of the diverse races.

School Establishment

As the number of students at Cross Street School increased, there was a plan to open a training school to fulfil the demand. However, for unclear reasons, this idea did not come to fruition. On February 26, 1906, the Governor of Singapore, Sir John Anderson, formally opened Outram Road School and – erected it on Outram Road. The term “Road” was removed from the school’s name by Gazette notification in 1939, and the institution got renamed Outram Secondary School.

Outram Secondary School view

From 1906 until the present

 Outram School was a primary school. Pearl’s Hill Standard One served as a feeder school for Outram Standard Two. Outram, too, served as a feeder school for Raffles Institution. The collaboration between Pearl’s Hill School and Outram Secondary School lasted until January 1953, although – the collab between Outram and Raffles Institution ended with Singapore’s surrender in February 1942. Outram boys competed with other Government Primary School students for spots in Government Secondary Schools.

OSS Total Curriculum Framework

The OSS Total Curriculum Framework is a framework that directs every Outramian’s education. The school creates crucial processes and programs targeted at – holistically growing the child into a successful individual following – the school’s vision of Lifelong Learners, Innovative Leaders, Caring Contributors, and values.

Outramians get developed in the three domains of the School Curriculum, Character Development, and Leadership, guided by the school SPIRIT values (Sense of Belonging, Perseverance, Integrity, Responsibility, Innovative, and Teamwork), and equipped with the skills and competencies of the twenty-first century. Each Outramian will participate in vital programs in these areas that will help them develop their character and grow into tomorrow’s learners, leaders, and contributors.

Outram Secondary School pool

Blended Learning:

Blended Learning – is a MOE-initiated learning method in which kids learn through a blend of home-based and in-school activities. They will learn using both online and offline means. Students will have more opportunities to learn at their speed and be empowered to take responsibility for their education. There will also be a focus on student-initiated learning, in which pupils will get given dedicated time and space to pursue their interests and learn outside of the classroom.

It also hosts annual staff lunches at which the Chairman honours long-serving teachers and non-teaching personnel with keepsakes in recognition of their dedication.

SIL stands for Student-Initiated Learning.

The Ministry of Education’s roadmap for pupils to evolve into independent learners who learn for life includes the Student-Initiated Learning (SIL) program. Outram Secondary School has created a one-of-a-kind experience for Outramians to foster intrinsic motivation and self-directed learning – allowing them to pursue their interests and hobbies while learning within and outside the curriculum.

Association of Parents and Teachers

For the benefit of the students, the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) promotes cooperation and understanding between parents, the Principal, and the teachers. It stimulates social interaction between parents and teachers by providing an opportunity for conversation and explanation – of subjects in the children’s education.

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