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Guide to know about Queenstown Polyclinic

Primary healthcare in Singapore gets provided via public polyclinics and private clinics. Polyclinics provide subsidized outpatient medical care, health screening, and pharmacy services, despite accounting for barely 20% of primary healthcare spending.

There are 20 polyclinics on the island, overseen by three public healthcare clusters NHG, SingHealth, and NUP. QUEENSTOWN POLYCLINIC is one of them managed by National University Polyclinics (NUP).

About Queenstown Polyclinic:

The Queenstown Polyclinic, located at Margaret Drive, first opened its doors on 13 January 1963 as a combined clinic providing medical care for adults and mother and child health care. In the late 1980s, the clinic merged to become a polyclinic.

The structure of the QUEENSTOWN POLYCLINIC had several distinguishing traits. The open concept nature of the facility, built in an era when air conditioning was highly considered a luxury, allows for air ventilation, so patients are not bothered by the hospital smell. Furthermore, the polyclinic has few external walls, which helps people find their way around and makes it very easy and accessible.

The Queenstown Polyclinic saw approximately 100 patients per day. Despite their relocation to other parts of the island, many inhabitants and ex-residents returned to this facility for treatment. The clinic’s vegetation was one of the reasons behind this. The polyclinic had a lot of fruit plants, which the personnel planted and cared for

Services Offered:

  • Medical Services
  • Dental Services
  • Diagnostics Services
  • Dietetic Services
  • Financial Counseling Services
  • Medical Social Services
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Psychology Services
  • Cervical Cancer Screening

Fees and Charges:

Medical consultation:

Medical consultation rates for subsidized adult Singapore citizens are $14.00, $6.90 for children and the elderly, $32.70 for subsidized permanent residents, and $53.50 for non-residents. Medical consultation prices do not include medicine, laboratory testing, x-rays, vaccination, immunization, development assessment, dressing/ wound care, counseling, pap smear/antenatal care, or any polyclinic charges.

Dental Consultation:

Consultation prices for dental procedures range from $16.50 to $41.60. It costs $33.17 to $62.60 for non-residents of Singapore. Only Singapore citizens and permanent residents are eligible for discounted dental services.


You can go into the polyclinic without making an appointment. However, you may have to wait longer because people who have made appointments in visit advance the polyclinic will get priority.

So, schedule a consultation appointment with the OneNUHS app, which are much more efficient and convenient process.

How to get there?

You may travel to Queenstown Polyclinic (Singhealth) by bus or metro; the following are the lines and routes that stop nearby –

​Nearest MRT Station: EW20 Commonwealth MRT

By Bus:

Bus Stop along Commonwealth Avenue

51, 145, 195, 111, 970

Bus Stop along Stirling Road

51, 61, 93, 100, 123, 147, 196, 198, 855, 961

Do They offer health screenings?

Polyclinics do not provide comprehensive health exams; instead, they focus on specific disorders like diabetes, hypertension, and excessive cholesterol.

So you can’t just walk into this polyclinic and ask for a full-body check-up because you have no symptoms. You might ask for specific testing for diseases you may predispose due to your lifestyle or genetic makeup.

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