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One of the hottest markets for the real state right now it’s Singapore. After resisting a lot of turmoil and a slump that affected their economy for nearly four years, the country is poised to make a big comeback.

One of the first signs of the recovering economy is the number of real estate projects being developed across the nation. Most of them backed by foreign investors willing to trust the economic growth experienced over the last year.

Just in 2018 over the last 6 months, the market has experienced an increase in sales, with numbers that show an improvement over the yearly figures of the last 8 years according to Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority.

Riverfront Residences Project Details

Project Name

Riverfront Residences

Developer Oxley-Lian Beng Venture Pte Ltd
Developer license no. C1253
Location/Address Hougang Avenue 7
Tenure of Land 99-Year Leasehold from 31 May 2018
Site Area 36,811.1 sqm
Expected Vacant
Vacant Possession: 31 Dec 2024
Legal Completion: 31 Dec 2027
Plot Ratio 2.8
No. Of Car Park Lots B1 – 589 (inclusive of Retail – 2 & Private Carpark for Strata Terrace – 21) B2 – 885
Handicap – 9
Number of Lifts Residential Tower – 24 (inclusive of 2 private lift) Clubhouses & Drop-off – 3



Starting PSF


Expected TOP

Starting Price

Starting Size (sqft)


The number of properties negotiated each month has increased at a steady pace, with nearly 800 units being sold each passing month of the year. International banking corporations such as HSBC Holdings, The Bank of China, JP Morgan, and the Bank of America have already stated that Singapore’s economy has a chance of a 10% recovery before year’s end.

If you are looking to invest in a property in a nation that is poised to become one of the leading economies in the world you can take a look at the Riverfront Residences at Hougang Avenue. The residential project is offering affordable housing solutions with high end finishes at great prices.

Experts on real estate investment will be able to tell you how great this new project is just by taking a look at it. The condo complex is located in the development formerly known as Rio Casa, and it is being built by the jointed Oxley-Lian Beng business venture partnership.

The backyard garden for the Strata Housing solutions

The final look of the Riverfront Residences with the finished building units and the Serangoon River in the background

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Why should you invest in Riverfront Residences?

One of the big questions and one we are glad to answer in detail. A general overview allows us to summarize the reasons to very simple ones: The great view to the Serangoon River, the walking distance to the Hougang MRT, the easy access to public transportation and the quietness offered by the zone.

If you need a more elaborate explanation, it all comes down to being smart enough to realize the housing project offers a lot of advantages related to the many features being offered by the developers.

Located on the 19 District, on Hougang Ave #7, the site area covers at least 396,230 square feet with a gross floor area composed of at least 1,100,00 square feet. The site has a tenure of 99 years, and over 1400 apartments will be offered on every size and category.

The growing economy of the nation is bound to bring in more investors and people looking to open more business than ever so the price of housing will most likely increase over time. The current cost of a single unit in the Riverfront Residences is starting from $578,000 for a single bedroom piece.

The firm behind the development, Oxley-Lian Beng Venture was funded in 2015 is a consortium of real estate capitals dedicated to the expansion of the real estate business in Singapore. They are committed to the economic growth of their nation, and as such, they have invested lifetime assets into making this project a complete success.

Riverfront Residences is currently being planned to take over 9 separate blocks that include at least 17 separate buildings housing the proposed 1400 apartment units as well as 21 strata landing houses, 6 shopping stores, and 2 basement parking camps as well as green landscape decks and community facilities.

There is also a number of advantages related to the magnificent view that will have most of the apartments facing the riverfront; the panoramic views will make you feel that you are communing with nature in a housing that it’s being designed to optimize every inch of space to maximum functionality. Families can feel welcome and comfortable with the number of services offered in the form of amenities.

All the people living in the Riverfront Residences will have access to multiple swimming pools, sports facilities such as tennis courts or gyms. There will also be a number of areas dedicated exclusively to care for kids such as special playgrounds and childcare centers for the working families.

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The Great Advantage to the Location of the Riverfront Residence

A good location is a key feature in the real estate business. The Riverfront Residence delivers one of the greatest spots in real estate with a high-quality location in Singapore that brings the best of urbanism and nature in a single package that is hard to ignore. Accessibility is the strong selling point of this housing project.

As we have stated previously the riverfront Residences is being built in what used to be Rio Casa complex. The terrain lot is located on the Hougang Avenue #7 just next to the upper Serangoon road and facing front the Serangoon River. The housing project can be easily accessed by vehicle or within a short walk from the Hougang MRT and the busy intersection.

Riverfront Residences is also very close to a number of local businesses that will make shopping and errands easy to manage. The housing project is also very close to nearby parks, schools and entertainment centers making their location a privileged one in terms of comfort for the people choosing to live there.

Here is an overview of the locations of the Riverfront Residences and the businesses surrounding the area of the project:

The Riverfront Residence aerial location, showcasing a general overview of every single aspect that makes the project an inviting one in terms of amenities, transportation and the overall view offered to owners

The Riverfront Residence current state of the project, as you can see the building units are ready and set for modification and the view to the Serangoon River as well as the city’s skyline is one of the best in the market.

The Riverfront Residence is easily accessible by vehicle or by using public transportation methods. One of the most convenient features of the project is how accessible it is by means of walking. Over the next few pictures you can see some ways to get to the residence using conventional means:

Here is the location of the Riverfront Residences referenced to the Hougang MRT. As you can see is a short walk from the complex to the main station.

The Riverfront Residence current state of the project, as you can see the building units are ready and set for modification and the view to the Serangoon River as well as the city’s skyline is one of the best in the market.

Here is another image depicting The Riverfront Residences walking distance to the Hougang MRT. Notice the easy access; the distance can be covered on a steady peace in less than 10 minutes.

Here you can see how close the Riverfront Residences are to all means of public transportation.

Here is the Hougang MRT located near Riverfront Residences.

As we mentioned earlier, the location of the Riverfront Residence gives their residents access to a number of businesses that are primarily located to make their lives easier. Educational establishments stand out since at least nine reputed primary schools are located near the complex so the families with kids can have them studying near home.

Here are some of them:

A general overview of all the schools located near The Riverfront Residences

The Holy Innocents Primary School located near Riverfront Residences a respectable school with a good reputation

Here you can see how close the Riverfront Residences are to all means of public transportation.

The North Spring Primary School located near Riverfront Residences. A viable option promoting healthy competitiveness

Here you can see how close the Riverfront Residences are to all means of public transportation.

The North Spring Primary School located near Riverfront Residences. A viable option promoting healthy competitiveness

The Punggol Primary School one of the most exclusive locations with some of the most comfortable facilities for students of all ages.

The North Spring Primary School located near Riverfront Residences. A viable option promoting healthy competitiveness

The Punggol Primary School one of the most exclusive locations with some of the most comfortable facilities for students of all ages.

The Yio Chu Kang Primary School, an optimal option for those parents who favor the practice of sports.

Riverfront Residences Google Location

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The Amenities Found near The Riverfront Residences

The Riverfront Residences is being developed with a mindset on offering as much comfort as possible to their tenants and inhabitants, and as such, on top of the high-quality options for education and transportation, the project is really close to the best options on the area for health care, shopping, and entertainment.

The Sengkang General Hospital is a specialist clinic and the closest hospital to the community. They offer attention 24 hours a day on the 7 days of the week. Getting there takes no more than a five-minute drive from the Riverfront Residence.

If you are craving entertainment, there are a number of shopping malls very close to the project that offers various forms of entertainment. The Hougang mall is the top choice, but there is also the Hartland mall located at Kovan, the Compass One in Sengkang and other assorted shopping locations near Paris Ris such as Ikea, Giant Hypermart, Seven Eleven and White Sands.

The Riverfront Residences is so close to such a variety of business outlets that all the shopping needs of the residents can be easily covered without needing to leave a further area of 2 to 3 blocks from the project. Even the complex necessities such as medicine or payment of basic services can be handled in the shopping malls.

The Kovan area is a perennial favorite for young people, students or grunt workers since if offer a number of eateries that work from early hours in the morning to late hours at night. Residents can have a meal in any of the establishments by well-known franchises or local businesses efforts that are doing their best to compete in an open market.

There are also a good number of amenities related to outdoor entertainment available for the residents of Riverfront Residences. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy the benefits of training at the Hougang Stadium since the complex offers swimming installations and a complete sports hall for a wide number of physician practices.

But even with the easy access to these well-known sports facilities most of the residents of the project just need to take a short walk near the Hougang Avenue Park #5, since it’s where the Serangoon park connection is located and brings access to the Serangoon River. In this location, joggers can go to the Punggol riverside walk of the Punggol waterway to swim.

Let’s take a look at some of these amenities near the Riverfront Residences.

The Hougang Mall, one of the most popular choices for residents near the project

The Heartland Mall, a great option to dispense entertainment and have a good time.

Cold Storage Greenwich, one of the many business outlets where residents can do their grocery shopping.

One of the many desserts servings offered at My Cottage Café, a great place close to the Riverfront Residences.

Compass Point, a very popular shopping mall for Riverfront residents seeking out entertainment.

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The main location of all proposed features can be viewed with detail on our sitemap. This is the most recent revision of the project with up to date planning for the spaces and the proposed location of every structure, facility, and amenity:

Riverfront Residences Unit Mix

Type Estimated Size Range Total units
(sqm) (sqft)
1 Bedroom 43-54 463-581 281
1 + Study 48-59 517-635 202
2 Bedroom 56-64 603-689 262
2 Bedroom Premium 67-80 721-861 168
3 Bedroom 81-101 872-1087 232
3 Bedroom Premium 99-120 1066-1292 204
4 Bedroom 131-151 1410-1625 34
4 Bedroom Premium
(Private lift)
138-159 1485-1711 51
5 Bedroom Premium
(Private Lift)
156-177 1679-1905 17
Strata Terrace
(4 brm, Private Carpark, 3 level)
196 2109 21
Total Residential 1472
Shops 56 603 6

In the section, we get to see the design of each one of the proposed apartments offered in the project. At the moment the housing solutions offered on the Riverfront Residence are composed of options that have a single bedroom to up to five of them, each one with a unique design offering maximum space distribution.

Read with attention the following instructions to understand the floor plan of each apartment:

  • The main view of the plan is from the top floor which means that you’ll essentially view the apartment as I you were hovering above it.
  • Doors are signaled with a quarter circle, and they signal the access to a determined space.
  • The arc of the doors indicates the direction in which they are meant to be opened.
  • Windows are signaled using thin lines if they are sliders, or with opposing quarter circles if they are casement.
  • Wall crucial to the structure is signaled using bold lines, while removable walls are drawn using thin lines.
  • Structural walls usually surround the whole structure unless the developer is looking for open spaces such as a balcony or a terrace.

With this advice on hand now let’s take a look at the proposed apartments and how each one of them works. Take into account that all apartments are presented in their basic options and their premium presentation:

1 Bedroom, basic option

The most basic option comes presented with 1 master bedroom a master bathroom a studio and a balcony or PES area. This unit is currently being offered by $575,000.

1-Bedroom, premium option:

This option comes presented with the inclusion of the previous features plus a living room and a studio.

2-Bedrooms, basic option:

The Clement Canopy 3 BR Guest Floor Plan. Here on this brochure we can observe the space distribution of the 3 Bedroom apartments, we can also see the commodities featured inside each of the apartment of this type. It is marvelous how architecture has advanced so much that they can fit so many features inside a reasonable space.

2-Bedrooms, premium option:

Presented with the same features as the previous option, plus additional living room space.

3-Bedrooms, basic option:

Presented with two basic bedrooms, a master bedroom, and an additional bathroom it’s the ideal option for families of 4 members.

3-Bedrooms, premium option:

This option comes presented with the same features as the previous one, but it has an additional balcony or PES space.

4-Bedrooms, basic option:

Featuring additional space for an entering hall, one master bedroom, 3 additional bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

4-Bedrooms, premium option:

Includes almost all the same features as the previous option but this one changes hall access for personalized lift access and additional balcony/PES space.

5-Bedrooms, premium option:

The most luxurious offering in the apartment buildings comes with 5 bedrooms, a walk-in closet and it can only be accessed through a private lift. Is also one of the most expensive options on these offerings with a cost of nearly $2 million.
We can also get a glimpse of the planning for the Strata Terrace household offered inside the residences, let’s take a look:

Strata Terrace, 1st floor, and basement:

Strata Terrace, 2nd floor, and roof

Their compact designs make it ideal for a small family, with enough space to house them as well as additional front space to be used as a porch or as a driveway for your vehicle.

Choosing one of these options comes down to two factors: money and preferences. The budget is clearly the most important part, but the unit should fit your lifestyle like a glove if you are planning to live on it.

If you are a real estate investor, then there will be other implications affecting your decision such as the location of the unit and how quickly you can manage the return on your investment.

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Oxley-Lian Being Venture is a joint business venture that was created to manage real estate operations on a large scale. The partners included are KSH development, Oxley Holdings, the Lian Beng Group and Apricot capital.

They came together to take on the Rio Casas development and transform it into something more profitable. Since Rio Casa was a privatized HUDC estate, they joined forces to make a bid for $575 million for the property which was accepted by the estate holders.

The venture had to pay upfront $208 million on differential premium to the estate for leasing rights and to begin the development of the Riverfront Residence project by expanding on the original Rio Casa plan from seven blocks and 286 apartments and mansionettes to the current plan of 1400 apartments of different sizes.

The current distribution of the venture that was made public goes as it follows:

  • KSH Holdings has a 35% of the stakes in the project, and it’s also handling all the logistics related to covering constructions costs with additional financing through private banks.
  • Oxley Holdings also has a 35% stake on the project, but they are acting as capital partners.
  • Lian Beng Group holds 20% of the stakes on the project but is also acting as a capital partner.
  • Apricot Capital holds just 10% of the business and is a capital partner as well.

Each one of these players saw an opening in the real estate market resurgence that has been happening since 2016, but they decided to join forces to go for big business instead of trying on little projects separately.

The Riverfront Residences Pricing and Payment Schedule

The current prices being offered by the Riverfront Residences sales team have a range that begins at $575,000 for a single bedroom unit to $2,000,000 for a 5-Bedroom apartment.

The current calculated cost of each square feet of construction is placed at $1,700, subject to increase due to demand. Vacant possession for the project will be declared in December of 2024, legal completion of it will be on December of 2027.

For a complete rundown on the information on the pricing of each unit, you can reach them through their sales hotline phone number: 9792-1567 where you can book an appointment to view their show flat at your convenience.

The Riverfront Residence Gallery

Here are some of the most stunning images of what it has been completed of the project so far and the planning stages that will be coming over the next few months.
The business area was commercial shopping locals would be located.
The backyard garden for the Strata Housing solutions

The proposed look on the Riverfront Residences project for the two-story, high-end households

The proposed concept for the shared swimming pool area that will be available on Riverfront Residences.
The final look of the Riverfront Residences with the finished building units and the Serangoon River in the background

Closing Thoughts

The Riverfront Residences are closer to Hougang MRT than any other development being built right now; this sole feature gives the project accessibility like no other residences in the area. The property is set to command a premium over nearby projects just based on its location.

The current low-interest rate positioned at 1.3% and 1.4% makes the project an inviting investment option. This is based on the fact that other constructions are being developed in the area and they are currently experiencing an interest rate of 3.7% each month.

If you wish to secure one of the hottest properties in one of the best locations in Singapore, the time to pour some on it is now.

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