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Shaws Preschool has been providing quality early childhood education since 1989 when it opened its first campus in Mountbatten. Over the last 30 years, this campus alone has served more than 1200 families. Shaws is well known for its play-based and sports-oriented curriculum, which focuses on nurturing resilient and confident children who are passionate about learning. The bilingual environment at Shaws is an added bonus, as it allows children to become fluent in both English and Chinese. In addition, the House on the Hill Montessori Method provides a unique, personalized learning experience for all students. With multiple campuses throughout Singapore, including the original Mountbatten campus, Shaws is able to reach hundreds of families and provide a high-quality education to their children. Founded by visionary Lucy Shaw, this preschool group strives to provide an inspiring education that will propel students into successful futures.

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The Benefits of Play-Based Learning

At Shaws Campuses Preschool, play-based learning is an essential part of the curriculum. Through interactive activities and projects, children learn essential skills that help them in their cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development. Teachers carefully select age-appropriate materials for young children and focus on fostering individual growth through communicative pedagogical contexts. Playtime also helps children to practice regulating their emotions and further develop their social and cognitive skills. Parents at Shaws can be reassured that their children will be given the time and space they need to grow and develop in a safe and nurturing environment.

The Bilingual Environment at Shaws

The Shaws Campuses preschool offers a unique bilingual environment, allowing children to become fluent in two languages. With the guidance of renowned Singaporean Education Ambassador, Patricia Koh, the preschool has refined its educational practices for local schools. The bilingual environment allows children to gain valuable linguistic and cognitive skills as they learn about the world around them. Additionally, the preschool provides opportunities for activities such as inquiry-based learning, helping children develop a deep understanding of their surroundings. The bilingual environment at Shaws Preschools provides a strong foundation for future learning and development.

Multiple Locations in Singapore

Shaws Preschool is proud to have campuses located throughout Singapore. With locations in the city, Mountbatten, and beyond, families have the opportunity to find a location that suits their needs. With multiple campuses, the preschool is able to provide a bilingual environment for its students, where both English and Mandarin are spoken. At each of these campuses, children are able to benefit from play-based learning, the House on the Hill Montessori Method, and all of the other benefits that Shaws has to offer. Lucy Shaw’s vision of providing quality education to families in Singapore is being realized through the multiple locations she has opened up.

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The Benefits of Attending Shaws Preschools

At Shaws Preschools, parents can rest assured that their children will receive the best care and education. The preschools offer a safe and nurturing environment where children can learn through play-based activities such as art, science, math, music, and literature. Moreover, the bilingual environment provides a great opportunity for children to become proficient in both English and Mandarin. Additionally, the House on the Hill Montessori Method is used to teach children in an individualized and personalized manner. With multiple locations across Singapore, parents can choose the most convenient campus for their children. Furthermore, Shaws is led by visionary Lucy Shaw who has been providing quality education for over 400 families in Singapore for more than 25 years. With so many benefits, attending Shaws Preschools provides a great foundation for your child’s future success.

Shaws Preschool Campuses

Shaws Preschool Campuses are located in multiple locations across Singapore. The first of these campuses were the Mountbatten Campus, which has served over 1200 families since its establishment in 1989. At each of the five campuses, children are encouraged to explore and enjoy a play-based learning environment, which is bilingual and based on the House on the Hill Montessori Method. Kids have plenty of space both indoors and outdoors to play, learn and explore, thanks to the vision of founder Lucy Shaw. With over 30 years of experience in early childhood education, Shaws Preschools are trusted leaders in the field, providing a safe and nurturing environment for over 400 families in Singapore.

Mountbatten Campus

The Mountbatten Campus is the original location of Shaws Preschool and has served over 1200 families since its opening in 1989. The campus provides a play and activity-based learning environment, giving children from 18 months to six years the chance to learn and explore. It is also home to the House on the Hill Montessori Method, which focuses on the holistic development of each child and teaching them life skills. The campus is located at 855 Mountbatten Road, East Coast, and is one of 5 preschools operated by Shaws in Singapore. It has been a cornerstone of their success over the past 30 years, providing quality education to 400 families in the country.

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Shaws Preschools – Looking After 400 Families in Singapore

Shaws Preschools has been caring for families and providing quality preschool education for over 30 years. The first campus, Shaws @ Mountbatten, opened its doors in 1989 and has since served more than 1200 families. Today, five locations across the island offer a unique inquiry- and play-based learning experience to over 400 families in Singapore. The school is based on the Montessori method, which encourages children to discover their own learning through exploration and play. It is also bilingual, allowing students to become fluent in both English and Mandarin. Under the vision of its founder, Mdm Lucy Shaw, Shaws Preschools continues to provide a safe and nurturing environment for students as they embark on their early childhood journey.


In conclusion, Shaws Preschools have shown that they are an ideal choice for parents looking to give their children the best start in life. Their play-based learning approach encourages children to explore and develop their skills at their own pace. The bilingual environment gives children the opportunity to learn two languages in a stimulating and supportive environment. The House on the Hill Montessori Method provides children with an engaging learning experience that helps them to develop confidence and independence. With four locations in Singapore, Shaws Preschools are easily accessible to families across the island. Thanks to the vision of Lucy Shaw, Shaws Preschools have been able to provide quality education for more than 400 families in Singapore.

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