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Siglap Community Centre

Siglap Community Club

Learn About the Courses Offered at Siglap Community Center

Community centers or community clubs are open spaces where locals frequently congregate for group activities, social support, public education, and other objectives. Community centers get widely found in Singapore. One of Singapore’s community clubs with the most recent events and activities is the Siglap Community Centre.

Here are some of the few courses offered at the Siglap Community Center.

Creating mooncakes

They get typically consumed with Chinese tea during the Mid-Autumn Festival tradition. Siglap Community Centre will teach participants how to make mooncakes with mixed nuts, durian paste, yam paste, and other fillings in addition to the conventional red bean paste, lotus seed, and egg york fillings.

Message in a Candle

They created this since they realized that not everyone finds it easy to express their emotions. You can incorporate a hidden, customizable message within the candle as you make it using the melt and pour method. It’s a fantastic gift for someone you care about because it won’t get revealed until it’s burned.

Personal Care

The fundamentals of grooming, including attire and color sense, skincare and makeup, hair care and style, communication skills, and social graces, are covered in this course.

K-Squad Workout

Dance fitness that is highly energizing and enjoyable is called K-Squad Fitness. The result of many years of toil and dedication is K-Squad Fitness. This hour-long dancing fitness routine with Korean music is appropriate for anyone aiming to reach their fitness goals. 

Participants will dance to the music for the duration of the hour-long event, which will include a mix of contemporary Korean music. They will burn calories, tone their lower body and torso, strengthen their core muscles, and create a leaner, more fit body. K-Squad has many benefits, including body conditioning, weight control, body strengthening, and an exciting workout.


The most popular sport in the world is soccer, played in almost every nation. The benefits of playing soccer, including fitness and enjoyment, are among its most significant features. The game will become more fun and hard as one develops their abilities and understanding. The participants will know how to juggle the ball with their foot and head, dribble, swerve, low drive lofted pass, volley, shot, receive the ball, and face attack and defense. Among team members, soccer is a great pastime to help promote cooperation. A soccer places a strong emphasis on teamwork, and success requires a team’s ability to function as a unit despite its members’ differences. 

Variety Baking Workshop For Adults

People who prefer the hands-on aspect of baking should take this session. With the trainer’s assistance, learn how to prepare a variety of delectable cakes, cookies, pastries, pies, puffs, and more. This practical session aims to inspire participants to learn more about baking, share fresh ideas, and strengthen their relationships with one another. The treats you produce can be taken home and enjoyed by your loved ones.

Decorative Candle Wax

You may impress your family and friends by spicing up your space with a distinctive hanging ornament! By melting and pouring them, you may create a lovely candle decoration! You can customize your ornament with a flower arrangement of your choice due to the variety of flower selections available.

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