St. Andrew’s Secondary School

by | Jun 26, 2022

St. Andrew's Secondary School

St. Andrews Secondary School parkway

Things To Know About St. Andrew’s Secondary School

St. Andrew’s Secondary School in Potong Pasir, Singapore, is a government-funded Anglican boys’ secondary school. It was founded in the nineteenth century and continues to run in a vintage British manner. Since then, the modest, semi-private institution has grown from strength to strength.

Our school has relocated five times to serve the expanding number of students that attend. The transfer to our current location in 2006, which combined all of the St Andrew’s schools under one roof at St Andrew’s Village, was the most momentous (SAV). We also offer an in-house physiotherapy clinic and gym to help our players grow. To serve the schools in the SAV, the school now has an Indoor Sports Hall with twice the capacity of a conventional hall.

St. Andrews Secondary library


After the Colonial Chaplain, Canon J. A. Beccles applied to the government for financial assistance. The school expanded from Upper Hokkien Street to Victoria Street, then to a four-acre property along Stamford Road in 1875.

The school’s enrollment had grown to 800 boys by the 1920s. A system of prefects got established in the 1930s. The school became noted for its prowess in boxing and rugby during this time. In 1940, a new, larger campus got established in Woodsville. In the 1950s, new facilities get constructed to house both the elementary and secondary school divisions.

After the Woodsville buildings were judged insufficient – for the operation of the primary and secondary schools, the secondary school moved to a site in Potong Pasir across the Kallang River in 1986.

St. Andrews Secondary School bldg

Enhanced Art Program

Level 3 students who want to pursue their passion for art and design after completing the core lower secondary art curriculum can participate in the EAP at St. Andrew’s Secondary School. Students in the EAP program are exposed to various art disciplines to help them develop a strong foundation for making and appreciating art. They will get given the necessary skills while also developing their creativity and technical abilities – in preparation for the future.

The EAP program expands on – students’ core best art practices of drawing and painting while exposing them to digital and fine art processes. Digital photography, design, and image are examples. Exposure to mark-making and art response and appreciation through visual arts study enhances mastery and appreciation in fine art disciplines (SOVA).

The Artist-in-Residence program enables students to meet with visual artists and designers, providing them with insights into real-world applications of their art education. Field tours to local and international art locations further broaden students’ learning beyond the classroom.

St. Andrews Secondary School

Military Band

In 1978, the Saint Andrew’s School Military Band, which had previously – been known as a brass band, was renamed SASMB.

The band has performed in front of the public at places like the Singapore Botanic Gardens, the Istana, and the World Trade Centre (Harbour Pavilion). In June 2008, the band visited Perth, Kuala Lumpur in March 2009 and March 2011, and Taiwan in December 2012.

St. Andrews Secondary School pool

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