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Stirling Residence Waiting Lounge, superb design with great lightning, a great view even at the beginning if the building.

Stirling Residences Aroma Garden, if the other facilities were not enough to relax you, this certainly will as it’s a garden featuring aromatic plants and trees planted to give you a pleasant experience.

Stirling Residences condo View, three giant mirror-like towers raise up from the floor looking incredible and providing you with an amazing view.

Stirling Residences Entrance, you can see how luxurious the Stirling Residences are even from the entrance, it is certainly quite a view, and a lot of people will enjoy it once it’s finished

Stirling Residences Swimming Pool, one of the 7 pools this facility houses, this is an infinity pool with a great view where you are surrounded by nature in a calm environment.

Stirling Residences condo Massage Pavilion, this is a facility not many developments offer, an extra step taken by the developer to cater to your desire of relaxing at home.

Stirling Residences Rainforest Trail, certainly one of the best and most unique features this development has, it lets you enjoy the vastness of the jungle in the safe environment of your home.

Stirling Residences Grill Pavilion, a place where you and your family and/or friends can enjoy a BBQ together at the weekend.

Stirling Residences Hammock Lawn, here at Stirling Residences you have much more than one option to relax, including this beautiful Hammock lawn.

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