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Tampines Central Community Club

Tampines Central Community Club entrance

About The Tampines Central Community Club @ Our Tampines Hub

In 1997, the Tampines Central Community Club had its first home in a Civil Defense shelter. The community club’s goal has remained the same throughout history, from its modest origins to the current building complex. The community club plays a crucial role in establishing a strong “Kampung Sprit” inside Tampines Central Community Club @ Our Tampines Hub, serving gathering place for locals.

Fun with English and Phonics

The development of your child’s verbal ability, visual discrimination, focus, and other skills can facilitated by phonics, which a process of combining sounds to form words. With the help of this course’s hands-on methodology, your kid analyses words by “sounding out” their component letters, build a solid vocabulary and communicates successfully. Vowel and phonics instruction, prepositional instruction, and vocabulary growth subjects covered in Tampines Central Community Club @ Our Tampines Hub.

Conditions and Notes:

  • $20 material fee
  • Children (6 and 7 years old) who lack a phonetic basis can learn the fundamentals of reading more quickly by enrolling in this accelerated session.
  • The curriculum will consist of 4 modules.

The first, second, and third courses will build the groundwork for understanding and decoding sounds, while the final module will introduce its application in language arts. As a result gives children ability easily comprehend simple sentences on their own. With this new set of abilities, the kid will better prepared to confront the difficulties of instructional learning that they will encounter in lower primary.

EQ PAWER Writing for Primary Students

This instructional drama (storytelling) programme by pawer skills CONSULTANCY uses theatre to teach, challenge, and get people to think about life. Students increase fundamental writing abilities like improving their language and organising content as they write on the issue or subject. 

Conditions and Notes:

  • A curriculum that enhances writing abilities while also encouraging and cultivating a positive attitude through motivational storytelling and engaging learning activities
  • Course Summary
  • Fun and engaging in nature, the programme uses inspiring themes, entertaining stories, and entertaining games.

English for P1 and P2 Creative Writing

The skills kids learn in this course will help them improve their grammar, punctuation, and spelling abilities. The youngsters will learn to organise their thoughts and convey them credible and understandable. They will acquire a broader vocabulary and understanding through a learning process, will inspire creativity. The exercises specifically designed to encourage kids to learn creatively by utilising themes that are personal to them.

Conditions and Notes:

In today’s social media and fast-paced world, poor word choice and phrase construction frequently result in misunderstandings and pointless arguments. They think more clearly when they write well. Writing demands consistency and practice. Because writing abilities go hand in hand with excellent presentation skills in later years, developing writing skills at the elementary level will assure a strong foundation.

Festive Mall Directory

More than 100 stores located in the 300,000-square-foot Festive Mall in Our Tampines Hub, which also offers F&B. For great choice and tourist convenience, the mall includes several brands. A supermarket and a few 24-hour stores serve as its anchors. Our Tampines Hub Passion Card holders receive up to 30% discounts* from participating retailers, and 30% of all the mall’s food and beverage tenants are Halal-certified.

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