Tampines Secondary School

by | Jun 28, 2022

Tampines Secondary School

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Do You Need To Know About Tampines Secondary School?

Tampines Secondary School, named after Tampines New Town, was founded in 1986. Tampines Secondary School was one of the first schools erected in the new neighbourhood. Mr Koh Sei Hian, our founding Principal, and 12 instructors welcomed our first 458 students on January 2, 1986. On the auspicious date of August 8, 1988, Mr Phua Bah Lee, then Senior Parliamentary Secretary (Defense) and Member of Parliament for Tampines, officially launched the school. Our founding educators envisioned TPSS as a place where young Tampinesians might learn character qualities and practical skills to help the community.


Tampines Secondary School Singapore

National Digital Learning Initiative (NDLI) 

The NDLP was launched in March 2020 to make digital learning more accessible to all students by providing them with the digital literacy skills they need to be future-ready in Tampines Secondary School. By the end of 2021, all secondary school pupils will have a school-recommended personal learning device (PLD). Students from Singapore can pay for the PLD with their Edusave account. 

Leaps 2.0 Recognition Scheme.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) launched an updated LEAPS framework, LEAPS 2.0, in 2014 as part of its attempts to give students a complete and well-rounded experience in the co-curriculum. The revised framework enables schools better align their co-curricular activities to promote students’ holistic development in terms of life skills, competencies, and values.

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The Tampinesian Arts Philosophy

Visual art, music, drama, and dance are examples of creative expressions that fall under the umbrella. Our human urge to reflect on our roles and acquire new ways of transmitting meaning is at the heart of this creative community. We can safely explore imaginary worlds, expand our viewpoints to include other people’s situations, and investigate our individuality and humanity through the arts. 

Our Learning for Life Programme (LLP) at Tampines Secondary School uses the arts as a vibrant learning area with new pedagogical opportunities to provide students with character and holistic growth discoveries. LEAPS 2.0 (Participation Achievement, Leadership, and Service) is a framework for recognising the overall development of secondary school students. Students will grade their performance in four areas: participation, achievement, leadership, and service.

Tampines Secondary School Classroom


Maker education’s approach to authentic and practice-oriented learning is known as Applied Learning. The Applied Learning Programme (ALP) is designed to assist students in appreciating the relevance and importance of what they are learning in the academic curriculum about the real world, developing a stronger desire and purpose to gain new skills and knowledge. Our Applied Learning Programme (ALP) at Tampines Secondary School uses an active learning philosophy to allow students to investigate and experiment with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). 

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It domain the various levels of representation and achievement in a student’s participation in school or other external organisations. Students can expose their skills to benchmark their degree of proficiency by representing the school or external in competitions, festivals, or other events. For the learner, the opportunity to go through the learning process, be disciplined and rigorous in preparation, and strive for greatness provides invaluable learning opportunities.

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