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Tanjong Pagar Community Club

Tanjong Pagar Community Club

Various Courses offered by Tanjong Pagar Community Club 

Tanjong Pagar CC, located in the CBD, is devoted to helping the locals. Everyone gets invited to participate in activities, including locals, people working in the CBD, and others! Tanjong Pagar CC specializes in ceramics and art classes taught in the center’s pottery Studio and art studios. The CC also has its kiln so participants can create and take their finished product home. It is also the sole CC to provide “finger-painting” lessons. Here is a list of the different courses at the Tanjong Pagar Community Club.

Ceramic art

Participants at Tanjong Pagar Community Club will enjoy using clay to create models that showcase their inventiveness. There will also be instruction in skills like throwing clay, glazing, and firing porcelain or vases.

Oil Painting

Because they are adaptable, expressive, and forgiving, oil paintings are a medium. Highly realistic paintings can get produced thanks to the slow drying. The participants will learn about the supplies used in oil painting. In addition, they will learn how to use this material to sketch on canvas.

Chinese Calligraphy

To help participants learn the proper brush handling and writing skills and get a Chinese calligraphy appreciation as an art form.

Cartoon Clay Art

This course will undoubtedly be enjoyable for kids. They will learn how to shape clay slabs into their favorite cartoon characters by molding, sculpting, remolding, and joining them together. They will be permitted to paint their designs as well. Additionally, they will display this masterpiece on a little piece of wood and take their favorite creation home.

Fun with Art

Youngsters may enjoy a beautiful hobby in painting, and Fun with Art offers a venue for kids to get together and fully develop their artistic abilities. Students get instructed on how to comprehend and perfect their painting techniques through the stories, animals, flowers, landscapes, and people. Students will learn something new in each of the four chapters of this course.

Guzheng (Adult)

The Japanese koto’s predecessor, the Guzheng, is a traditional Plucked strung Chinese musical instrument with adjustable bridges. In a small group setting, participants pick up the necessary playing techniques. As soon as they have accumulated the knowledge and expertise, they could be able join an existing Chinese orchestra at a club or community center.

The Art of Finger Painting

This intensive session teaches participants how to become proficient in the fundamentals of finger painting on paper. The topics covered include the fundamentals of finger drawing, how to paint with different sections of your palm, how to mix ink, and how to color in various tones.


The global harmony principles are the foundation of the Japanese martial art known as aikido, created by Morihei Ueshiba. The goal is to remove the negative features that dwell inside one’s head and keep it from functioning smoothly. Sword and spear combat, jujitsu, aikjutsu, and other conventional martial arts are all used as well as excellent self-defense methods. It emphasizes strengthening one’s ability to focus on their ideas and actions and increasing their mental capacity (qi). Participants will learn meditation, qi exercises, breathing techniques, and aikido with a connected mind and body.

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