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The Frontier Community Club

The Frontier Community Club view

Do You Want To Know About The Frontier Community Club?

The Frontier CC, a contemporary CC with four floors and air conditioning, also houses the Jurong West Public Library and the Jurong Medical Centre. The CC features an open space on its fourth floor that is perfect for events, and it is close to Jurong Point shopping centre and Boon Lay MRT station. For a sit-down reception, there can be up to 50 tables available.

The The Frontier Community Club offers several kid-friendly seminars and performances throughout the year. The four-story building’s Jurong West Public Library may be more well-known to locals. This library offers a variety of books and media options for kids.

Health Qigong

Traditional keep-fit activities known as “Health Qigong” integrate changes body, breath, and mind. The  Frontier Community Club of four sets of Health Qigong via Yi Jin Qing, Wu Qin Xi, Liu Zi Jue, and Ba Duan Jin put together experts from the Chinese Health Qigong.  Association using scientifically validated methods and research on conventional qigong techniques, contemporary medicine, Psychology, Physiology, Immunology, and related topics. The practice of Health Qigong recommended for participants who want to experience better physical and mental health.

Pop singing at karaoke parlours (Mandarin)

The foundations of singing, breathing methods, and diaphragm exercises will taught to participants. They will also study musical pace and pronunciation. It also emphasises reading simple musical notation.

Conditions and Notes:

On Thursday, at Level 3 of The Frontier CC Karaoke Room.

Course content: Three karaoke sessions; food and beverages are not permitted. All SMM’s rules must follow all students.

On Thursday, at Level 3 of The Frontier CC Karaoke Room.

Course content: Three karaoke sessions; food and beverages are not permitted. All SMM’s rules must followed by all students.

Children’s Art

Children learn colours, forms, and lines early on in the course and have a chance to interact with their peers and exercise their creative faculties. Kids will be encouraged to discuss their daily experiences to help them come up more ideas for their drawings. In addition to drawing and colouring, they may also experiment with various creative mediums.

Conditions and Notes:

 Children must bring their rug, plastic mug, drawing block, pencil, and eraser. You can buy additional supplies (oil pastels, watercolours, paintbrushes, and outliners) on your own or from the instructor.

Piloxing ® KNOCKOUT

The latest product from the well-known fitness brand, PILOXING® KNOCKOUT, is the ultimate test of athleticism and raises the bar for fitness. You’ll put your physical capabilities to the limit throughout this intense workout, which will also put the final test your endurance. This plyometric, functional, core-focused workout with high intensity will overcome challenges and raise your fitness level to levels you didn’t know your body capable.

Writing in English for Primary Students at Level 5

  • Students in grades 5 and 6 can enrol in this English Creative Writing course.
  • Registering at a level LOWER (level 4) is advised if:
  • Your child’s command of the English language is lacking.
  • You are just now joining us.

Learners will gain:

  • Time-tested methods and instruments for creative thinking
  • Making complex writing approaches simple enough for beginning authors to grasp and use
  • Speak clearly and express your emotions for compelling storytelling
  • The capacity to express themselves verbally in writing
  • Exercise through entertaining and engaging games

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