Tiong Bahru Community Centre

Tiong Bahru Community Centre

Guide To know about the Tiong Bahru Community Centre

After the war, residents of Tiong Bahru began to discuss the notion of forming an organization to plan events for the neighborhood. Lau Yew Hock, a well-known resident of Tiong Bahru and Secretary of the Singapore Chinese Importers and Exporters Association, advocated the creation of a Tiong Bahru Community Centre in July 1948. Citizens of Tiong Bahru unanimously decided that “a community center is most desirable to enhance the moral, cultural, physical, and advancement of the residents of Tiong Bahru” during a meeting held at the Outram Road Church Hall, according to an article in the Singapore Free Press on July 26, 1948. A month after the Interim Working Committee get established, a proposal for “a system of local self-government for a mixed community” was ready for the Tiong Bahru SIT Estate residents’ approval.

 The Tiong Bahru Community Centre get intended to be built, among other things, to “train its members to be useful and responsible citizens by (a) promoting friendship among themselves, regardless of race or creed; (b) promoting the physical, intellectual, social, and moral development of its members; and (c) teaching or enticing its members in the pursuit of some vocation.”These plans, however, did not get off the ground until a few years later. A $20,000 community center structure get erected on Eu Chin Street in July 1951, and Duncan Robertson gave it the go-light. The community center quickly gained a large following; 13,000 new members had signed up within six weeks of its debut. The Center was active, hosting frequent movie screenings, weekend dances, and other events for its residents and members.

Tiong Bahru Community Health Centre:

Services provided:

  • Digital photography of diabetic retinopathy- Digital Diabetic Retinopathy Photography (DDRP) enables the early identification and treatment of diabetes-related eye issues.
  • Diabetic foot examination-The Diabetic Foot Screening (DFS) program aids patients in detecting early foot abnormalities, lowers diabetes-related morbidity, and lessens the chance of leg amputation.
  • Podiatry-Podiatry is a branch of medicine that deals with and manages minor foot conditions such as corns, calluses, thicker nails, and ingrown toenail cutting.

Nurse Education and Counseling:

The diabetes management strategy incorporates the following patient education components: 

  • Diet and lifestyle education
  • insulin therapy skills 
  • medication education.


The Tiong Bahru Community Center has been providing services to the neighborhood for more than 60 years and gets located in one of Singapore’s oldest housing estates.

Are you trying to find the station or stop closest to Tiong Bahru Community Center?

Check out this list of stations that are most convenient for your location: Singapore General Hospital Block 5 Lobby; Multi-Storey Car Park H; Outram Park (EW16|NE3); Singapore National Eye Centre; Chinatown (NE4|DT19); Read Bridge Jetty; Fort Canning Jetty; Tiong Bahru Rd – Blk 55 (06051); Link Hotel; Tiong Bahru Rd – Blk 18 (10141); Tiong Bahru Rd – Blk 1 (10149);

Tiong Bahru Community Center is accessible via bus or metro. The following lines and routes have nearby stops:

  • Bus: 123, 175, 33, 5, 63, 851
  • East West Line, North East Line, Metro

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