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Toa Payoh South Community Club

Toa Payoh South Community Club

What functions do community facilities and services serve?

Previously known as Kim Keat CC, Toa Payoh South CC get situated on the outskirts of the Kim Keat estate in Toa Payoh’s eastern section. It is one of the few CCs with an indoor squash court, and it is also where the Kim Keat Community Centre Lion & Dragon Dance Troupe get created in 1978. The organization has consistently taken part in numerous performances at home and abroad. The Toa Payoh South Community Club also offers children’s Yamaha Music School classes. The Commonwealth School of Teachers of Dancing [Australia] dance syllabi are available for young and senior dance enthusiasts interested in ballet and modern jazz, thanks to the collaboration between the CC and Kavanagh Dance School.

Role of Community Services:

Activities and community centers:

Find out how you may participate in the bustling community centers came across the country. The Toa Payoh South Community Club fund across the country offers a variety of activities, organizations, social events, and more. They’re also a terrific way to get to know your neighbors, meet new people, and pick up new interests.

Our facilities can be used or rented for a variety of activities, including:

Social gatherings like youth clubs, coffee mornings, gardening clubs, parties, exercise programs, training sessions, nurseries, or clubs help kids with academics. There are also counseling and support services available.

Building social networks can aid by infrastructure:

Infrastructure can profoundly impact the expansion of social networks and the resulting values of civic engagement and community centres involvement. Libraries, parks, and community centers are a few examples of shared places where neighbors can interact that might support the growth of social networks.

Equity can come from infrastructure:

In addition to providing essential resources, infrastructure supports the growth of social networks, which allow community members to exchange opportunities and expertise. The efforts made by a community to ensure equitable access to these resources improve the well-being of individuals and the community as a whole.

Buildings can encourage healthy habits:

Healthy behavior barriers can also eliminate through infrastructure. Residents will walk more in an area of sidewalks on busy streets, illumination, or a neighborhood watch program. If there are lovely green spaces, they will also enjoy walking more.

Organizing a program or event:

We can give you the space and support you need to carry out your concept if you have an idea for an activity or event that would be advantageous to our neighborhood’s residents and the surrounding area. We might even be able to contribute to the cost through one of our community grants.If you want to organize community events, have specialized knowledge to impart, such as social media, finance, or youth work, and require a venue, assistance, and guidance when planning an event.

Volunteering opportunities :

Many volunteer possibilities, such as assisting with event promotion, carrying out daily duties, or joining the management committee, are available if you wish to get involved with your neighborhood community center and have some free time.

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