Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School

by | Jun 10, 2022

Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School

Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School Campus

Do You Know About Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School?

Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary began as an integrated school with English and Chinese as two mediums of instruction. The school adopted English as the medium of teaching in 1987, following national education policy. In 1986, the last group of Chinese-educated students graduated.

Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School found as an integrated school with the primary goal of bringing students from all language streams together to study under one roof. During the early years of nation-building, the school was tasked with playing a critical role in promoting racial cohesiveness. In today’s world, Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School is a must-have.

Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School Classroom

Meta Description

The Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School was established in 1963. It was named after the late Encik Ahmad Ibrahim, a former minister of health and labor

2021 Public Speaking Program

The English Department of Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School, in partnership with the Chong Pang Toastmasters Club, hosts Yishun’s Next Top Speaker, a speech competition for secondary schools in Yishun (CPTMC). The goals are to increase young awareness of the value of public speaking, give a platform for students to demonstrate their abilities, and allow kids to learn from their more eloquent classmates. The inaugural Yishun’s Next Top Speaker attracted a total of 82 pupils.

Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School Student


The Humanities Department at AISS aspires to improve students’ awareness of the past and changing environments by focusing on 21st-century skills that encourage self-directed study. Furthermore, the department’s purpose instructors to present a learner-centered curriculum that is both interesting and rigorous to inspire enthusiasm for Humanities learning.

We aim to foster critical thinking in our students as they get exposed to these subject disciplines: History, Geography, Social Studies, Principles of Accounts, and Elements of Business Studies, using a variety of pedagogies and evaluations. Students will be allowed to go on study excursions travels enrich their learning experiences and imbue them with a global outlook.

Using technology to develop spatial thinkers

Group-based Geographical Fieldwork has been hampered by the COVID-19 scenario. It did not prevent our students from participating in meaningful activities that assisted them in visualizing space. We brought the world into Geography classes using technology and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Students traversed multiple layers of information using iPads and interactive maps to learn about issues such as global water storage and the distribution of tropical rainforests around the world. Students were also allowed to do virtual field trips using Google Maps. Secondary two students used GIS and digital maps as part of their Geographical Investigation to find what makes Chong Pang City unique to its citizens. Students were able to use digital maps to find their way around.

Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School Activities 1

Physical Education is a part of a child.

The Physical Education Department at Admiralty Secondary School is expanding in strength teacher is energetic and always attempts to develop our pupils in many elements of Physical Education (PE). The department is better focused on building each Admirals’ entire well-being after adopting the Holistic Health Framework (HHF) for the school’s wellness program.

Teachers promote and enhance physical, mental, and social health. Students will learn to build skills and attitudes that will enable them to live a healthy lifestyle long after graduating from high school.

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