Anglican High School

by | Jun 13, 2022

Anglican High School

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Anglican High School, under the direction of Reverend Huang Yang Yin, was introduced on January 9, 1956. Three Chinese teachers and three English teachers were hired, and 123 male students began attending classes at Saint Andrew’s Secondary Institution, an  Anglican High School. Later on, the institution welcomed female pupils.

Anglican High School Campus

Thinking Critically

AHS Students have exceptional abilities and lofty ambitions. The school aspires to create a curriculum tailored to students’ abilities, interests, talents, and goals to prepare them for the future. We want each kid table to think critically so that they can become honourable leaders who can study for a lifetime and add value to others. The art of critical thinking is a process of analysing and evaluating one to improve one. We think for a reason and a point of view based on assumptions, which leads to implications and consequences. 

Anglican High School Students

Using Technology to Teach

In 2018, Anglican High School began a trial programme to use Chromebooks as our learning technology, starting with one class and expanding to eight by 2020. Under the MOE’s Personalised Digital Learning Programme (PDLP) of the National Digital Literacy Programme Secondary, Three pupils will have their learning gadgets starting in 2021.

The PDP’s objectives include the following:

  •  Improving teaching and learning by utilising technology
  • Enabling self-directed and collaborative learning at any time and in any location
  • Assisting in the development of digital literacies so that people can thrive in a digital world

Anglican High School Classroom

Leadership among students

Every student at Anglican High School is a leader – a servant leader. We hope to inspire AHS students to care about the community and influence those around them to do the same. Students were exposed to the notion of Self-Efficacy after a school-wide emphasis on Responsible Decision-Making, Self-Management, and Self-Awareness. Secondary Two students are selected to reinforce the traits of a Leader in preparation for their leadership duties in Secondary 3 in their courses, student council, and CCAs, as part of the Student Leaders’ Preparation Programme.

Anglican High School Arts

Program of Applied Learning

The Applied Learning Programme (ALP) at Ang Mo Kio Secondary School (AMKSS) strives to provide students with hands-on and mind-on chances to apply what they have learnt in class in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects. Students will gain 21st Century Competencies result of this, allowing them to develop into innovative and future-ready individuals. With its focus on environmental sustainability through STEM, AMKSS was one of the first schools to introduce ALP. Through our cooperation with Siloso Beach Resort and NParks, the programme has sparked interest and raised awareness in topics connected to STEM among our children since its inception in 2014. Students are allowed to put what they learned into practice.

Anglican High School Canteen

Environmental Education

We view our students at Anglican High School as leaders who lead honourably, study for life, and add value to others. Our kids not only learn about sustainability and the environment through our environmental education programme, but they also put into practice good environmental habits and advocate for causes that will improve our living environment. The school collaborates with government agencies (e.g. PUB and NEA), industrial partners (e.g. ASTAR), and community partners to reinforce the ideals of environmental responsibility and respect (e.g. South East CDC and Fengshan CC).

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