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Manchester City has a booming property market being among of the fastest growing cities in the United Kingdom, its residential market is booming, and one property that is at the center of it all is Ancoats Garden is at the center of it all. In this article, I will be discussing a various range of issues about the property giving you an insight on what to expect about this fantastic development.

Details about the development

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Ancoats Garden is a residential development developed by Beech Holdings. The condominium project is located in the Northern Quarter area of the city center. The property will use eco-friendly low carbon technology making the apartment one of the most energy efficient development in the United Kingdom.

Ancoats Gardens has a site area of 24,000 square feet with a virtual freehold tenure (an 850-year leasehold) comprising of 155 high-specification residential units spanning over 14 floors. The apartment development will be a unit mix of 1-3 bedroomed apartment catering to a diverse individual.

The 1-bedroom unit is (498 square feet), 2-Bedrooms (773 square feet) and lastly, 3-bedrooms Penthouse will be (1,215 square feet). The property will also have 27 car parking spaces, a private garden and ground floor commercial space.

The developer has adopted the intelligent design for all apartment units utilizing the available space to create a comfortable living area. The condominium units come with a sales package of fully furnished units at an extra cost.

Ancoats Gardens condo will also have state-of-the-art facilities with unique features such as a shared lounge area, a coffee roastery that will create a social living experience at the heart of this magnificent city. The project is scheduled for completion in Q4 of 2020.

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Ancoats Gardens Manchester M1 7EA


Q4 2020

Site Area


No. of Units



Beech Holding

Project Location

The influx of working class and investments to Manchester there is a growing need among the population to live close to their workplaces for faster and efficient movement within the city.

Ancoats Gardens Google Map Location

Ancoats Gardens Google Street View

Ancoats Gardens google map

The properties convenient location right at the heart of the city center provides faster and easier access to various amenities. I will delve deeper and discuss the Ancoats Garden proximity to favorite spots within the city.

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Drive from Ancoats Gardens to Piccadilly station

According to Google Maps, it’s a 9-minute drive to Piccadilly station via Fairfield St a distance of 1.1 miles. If you are walking on foot, it will take you 17 minutes via Pollard St if weather conditions are good.

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Drive from Ancoats Gardens Apartment to Victoria Train Station.

If you are traveling towards Victoria Train Station, it’s a 13-minute drive via Ring Rd an estimated distance of 1.5 miles. The station is a 30-minute walk by foot if you are in the mood for some outdoor exercise.

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Drive and walking distance from Ancoats Gardens to New Islington Marina


If you are going to New Islington Marina to hang out with family or friends, it will take you approximated it’s a 4-minute drive by a car a distance of 0.5 miles according to Google Maps, if you are going by foot it will be an 11-minute walk.

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Drive from Ancoats Gardens to Cutting Room Square

For those who want to move towards Cutting Room Square for dining and shopping experience, it’s an 11-minute drive to cover a distance of 1.0 mile via Pollard Street and Great Ancoats Rd. However, if you decided to head over there on foot, it will take you approximately 16 minutes.

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Drive and Metro distance from Ancoats Garden to Old Trafford.

If you are a football lover, you cannot miss out on watching the great Manchester United at Old Trafford. It’s a 22-minute drive Via A5067 a distance of 3.2 miles according to google maps. It’s an estimate time during weekends it will take more time to reach the stadium due to traffic. If you are using Metro on New Islington, it will take you 37 minutes

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Drive and walking distance to Cathedral Gardens from Ancoats Gardens

For outdoor lovers traveling to Cathedral Gardens, it’s a 30-minute walk via Ring Road an estimated distance of 1.5 miles; if you are moving by car, it will be a 14-minute drive according to Google Maps.

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Main selling points about the development

The Ancoats area is projected to grow at a faster rate as a result of a high number of multinationals setting up base in Manchester and increased number of digital and professional services close to Northern Quarter of the city.

With lack of quality housing around Ancoats areas and an ever increasing working population looking for affordable housing, Ancoats garden is strategically located to take full advantage of this gap, significantly boosting the potential for high yields, occupancy rate and prospects for strong capital growth.

Another impressive feature of the property is its strategic locale next to the Northern Quarter area of the city center. The property is well-connected and highly accessible, there are well established public transport system coupled with its closeness to a wide variety of amenities and services, every needs or requirement will be fully taken care of. Ancoats Gardens is indeed a hub of lifestyle.

One feature that stand out for me is the property design and architecture; the developers designed the building with sustainability and community at the forefront offering a social and unique living experience at the heart of Urban city neighborhood.

Ancoats garden is one of the most energy efficient condominium development in the country using sustainable low carbon technologies. Eco-friendliness and environmental protection is at the core of this property that will resonate and attract future residents offering considerable benefits to both resident and investors boosting rental yields and future-proof investments.

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Possible negative points about the development

Ancoats Garden is situated in a busy location, moving around within the property can be difficult especially during peak hours in the morning and evening when people are heading to and from work. Traffic congestion can eat up a lot of your time.

The Surrounding area within the property has witnessed a residential boom although, at the time there are no tough competitors to rival Ancoats Gardens due to a shortage in condominium supply. However, in the coming years, that could change as more developers are entering the residential market giving Ancoats Gardens a run for its money.

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My thoughts about the development

The 850- year leasehold is the best deal that you cannot get elsewhere. The leasehold period will provide residents with a chance of being permanent owners of the property that can be passed down for generations. For residents, the virtual freehold status will also allow them to dispose of their property if and when they finally decide to sell it.

The location of Ancoats gardens is very prime; the main sticking point is its proximity to train stations that provide direct access to London and other cities. It’s right next to Northern Quarters popularly known as ‘Manchester’s Creative District.’

With Rental yields projected to be approximately 7% gross and a 4.2% per annum increase in rental rates for the next five years as predicted by analysts. This a sure and safe bet for investors looking to tap into the vibrant and resilient Manchester property market. Guarantee of returns is a vital advantage when investing in this property.

Average prices for residential properties as of December 2018 stood at £189,544. Ancoats gardens has a starting price of £230,000, to some it might be a bit pricey but in my opinion its worth it due to its excellent locale and connectivity.

Check the details price on Ancoats Gardens Pricing

  • Pricing – 65%

In my opinion, the starting price of Ancoats Gardens is slightly above the average market rate. For now, the price tag is thoroughly deserved due to lack of quality housing within Manchester. With excellent prospects for growth, you will not regret investing in this property in the long term.

Payments for Ancoats Gardens is simple and straightforward everything is simplified quickening the process of you becoming a proud homeowner.

  • Location – 90%

The score is well deserved; the property development is located right at the heart of Manchester city. Victoria and Piccadilly station is a short walking distance away providing direct access to London.

There are also massive investments in the surrounding area of such as NOMA regeneration project which increases the potential for further development and attracting more businesses bringing prosperity to the Ancoats area.

Ancoats Gardens convenient locations provide easy access to a variety of amenities. Everything that you need is just a walking distance away; it does not get any better than that.

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  • Quality – 80%

Ancoats Gardens is an architectural masterpiece; the developer incorporates high-quality finishes with low carbon technologies that is friendly to the environment. The sustainable new development is designed apartment units has been designed with comprehensive space management, and high specs features creating a unique space to call home.

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Every apartment unit will be fully furnished with top-range appliances, and furniture’s from renowned suppliers, once completed it will be ready to move in how cool is that!

Beech Holdings is a well-reputable and respected property developer in North West U.K; the firm has a strong record of developing residential properties that attract huge demands from investors and homeowners. The firm has also won many prestigious awards for its ecological approach in most of its projects aiding in the efforts to reduce CO2 emission and combat global warming.

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