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by | May 20, 2022

Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)

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Guide to Know About Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)

ACS (Junior) is one of Singapore’s two Anglo-Chinese School primary schools. It moved to its current location at 25 Peck Hay Road in 1985 after being founded in 1951 on the former Coleman Street campus. It will move to a new building on Winstedt Road, where Monk’s Hill Secondary School was previously located, at the end of 2008. Ms. Kathryn Koh is the current principal of the Anglo-Chinese School (Junior).

Its students take the local PSLE in Primary 6 and then have the option of transferring to one of the ACS Secondary Schools with affiliation benefits.


There are 38 classrooms in Anglo-Chinese School (Junior). As new projects get built nearby, most of the 38 classrooms are air-conditioned. ACS (Junior) uses a classroom-based approach, with teachers moving from class to class. In addition, the school includes four computer labs where teachers can take their students as a complement to their classes. Just outside of the primary teaching block are two music rooms. There are rooms referred to as “Containers” by teachers and students adjacent to the music rooms. After school hours, they get utilized for supplemental or remedial education. A small space known as “The Den” gets placed near the music rooms for prayer meetings or other activities.

Programmes They Offered:

The Read Up! Program

It is a volunteer initiative in which boys keep track of the books they read on a Log Sheet. Reading Mentors are parent volunteers and teachers who “audit” the boys’ reading by asking simple questions about books they’ve read and discussing the topic with them. If the Mentors are satisfied that the boys have read the books, they will give them one or more credits, which will get entered on the log sheet. The guys get a Reward Card whenever they have accumulated a particular quantity of credits. The Reward Cards get organized into series, with an incentive to finish the series by reading more books. Unique cards are awarded at certain milestones to keep the motivation going.

Remedial Reading / Oral Enrichment Programme:

Few pockets of parent volunteers run weekly remedial reading lessons to help reluctant readers in lower elementary take their initial steps into books. It is in addition to any school-provided assistance. Furthermore, at the P6 level, we offer a PSLE EL Oral preparation program for students who have difficulty communicating orally. The courses over three terms leading up to the PSLE Oral Examination. Each year, roughly 20 students get supported by parent volunteers and instructors who serve as trainers. Parent volunteers and teachers expose students to library materials in addition to focusing on reading and language skills.

Weekly Programs:

There are various weekly programs, including FUN(find your niche) Friday, Talent Tuesday, and Record-Breaking Thursday. Before assembly, students can do whatever they want with their Talent in the school’s large auditorium on Talent Tuesday. (led by professors) Showcase Friday encourages kids to think beyond the box; anyone can busk for money in any way, anyhow. The programs are no longer functioning because the school’s assembly style has changed. Showcase Friday has been reduced to once a month.

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