Beacon Primary School

by | May 21, 2022

Beacon Primary School

Beacon Primary School Logo

Know About Beacon Primary School and Its Program

In Singapore, primary schools have two categories: government and government-aided. Although there are a few single-gender schools, most primary schools are mixed-gender. Some primary schools are associated with a secondary school, and pupils from the Primary section may be eligible to enroll in the affiliated secondary school with minimal requirements. Students take the PSLE examination at the end of their six years in elementary school. Beacon Primary School is one of the co-educational institutions in Singapore founded in 2008. Its mission is to develop and encourage our students to reach their full potential by using creative ways in an engaging atmosphere and utilizing technology and research.

About Beacon Primary School:

Beacon Primary School is the first new primary school to be established as part of the FutureSchools at Singapore initiative, a joint endeavor between the Ministry of Education and the Infocomm Development Authority. Students are encouraged to become active learners while also learning to use new technology. It has no affiliation with a secondary school.


On May 21, 2007, as part of the official introduction of the FS@SG program, the moniker ‘Beacon’ was first made public. It represents the school’s vital position as a forerunner in charting new paths and demonstrating possible methods for engaging students in learning through technology, thus preparing them for a complex and ever-changing global context.

The school’s conceptualization and planning began in early December 2006, with the appointment of then-Principal, Miss Lim Boon Cheng and the hiring of the first wave of pioneer teachers. The school staff collaborated with MOE HQ officers to create programs that would address the holistic development of pupils working in the future that requires abilities across multiple areas. During the 2007 Primary One Registration Exercise, Beacon registered its first group of students. There were 240 spots available in eight P1 classes, all filled. Beacon Primary School formally opened on July 23, 2010, after starting operations in its fresh new facilities on January 2, 2008.

Unique Programs & Services:

The Beacon Initiation Ceremony

Beacon Primary School’s technique of greeting new students is through this ceremonial program. It also acts as a welcome to the school and to being a member of the student body.

B121 Computing Ownership

This initiative provides students with technologies that can aid in their learning. This learning program promotes and empowers the use of digital learning materials.

Beacon Future Ready Programme

The Beacon Future Ready Program educates and prepares kids to be life-ready. The children develop skills and knowledge that will assist them in solving real-life challenges.

Engaging Environment:

Their learning environment consists of physical and virtual areas planned and built to complement the school’s ICT-enhanced curriculum. The physical spaces’ flexibility and interconnection enable pedagogical change by facilitating collaborative and independent learning.

The Zhenghua Park, situated next to the school, has significantly increased and improved their physical learning area. The park serves as a natural and authentic outdoor classroom for the school’s Outdoor Education program, part of the Active Learning Program (PAL).

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